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Dire Fates Chapter 6 (Danger)

Thursday 4:40 a.m
  Jake told Nari he would only discuss things further in a safer location. He claimed it was a sensitive matter and he didn't want to take any chances of eavesdroppers or anything similar. They drove out to the outskirts of town, pretty much to an isolated house. It was a very modern home, not the location she expected,but then again she didn't know what to expect in the first place.

  "Here we are..." Jake said as they both approached the glass doors. It was also the first thing Jake said since they left from Darrell's place. Nari didn't have much to say to him either. She spent too much time worrying about what she may be getting into.

  She remained silent even as he opened the door and held it for her and invited her inside. She just had a odd feeling about all of this. Not that it was particularly dangerous, she did believe he wanted her help but..
  "Please, have a seat make yourself comfortable." Jake said warmly as she nodded and moved over to the small dining table across the room. "I'm going to let the others explain it to you." Jake said before disappearing instantly giving Nari no chance at rebuttal.

  Nari stared off into space as she sunk into the chair. She had so many questions that needed to be answered, hopefully this trip would answer some. She released a heavy sigh as her foot tapped quietly against the smooth wooden floor. Soon her foot wasn't the only one tapping against the wooden surface, she could hear someone from behind her approaching. She straightened her posture and let out another sigh, she took a glimpse back to see who it was...

  Nari stiffened. Not because she knew this vampire, but because of her appearance. The unnatural pale skin, the glowing eyes, this was usually the look of a Vampire that has not fed for long. Unable to blend in with society, making it even more difficult to hunt. A few more weeks...a month even before completely freezing, dying a cruel second death.
  "I've heard a lot about you!" The woman's sultry smooth voice purred out as she took her seat next to Nari's.

  Nari was left speechless for nearly a minute as she watched the woman take a seat. "Ummm...are you....OK?" she asked carefully, trying her best not to seem rude or even a bit frightened. Vampires in this state were usually very unstable.

  "Ah! That is usually the case. I don't do the whole disguise thing unless I need to." she explained comforting Nari only for a bit. It really didn't make sense, the disguise thing wasn't really a choice. It meant you were well fed, it meant you were strong. It wasn't something you just turned on and off.
  "Explain." Nari said a bit demanding, although she didn't want to seem demanding. She was genuinely curious.
  "It will all be explained to you, should you accept our offer of course." the woman smirked.

  "Okay, just tell me what's going on. Either way I will find out your secret one way or another. You know that, Jake knows that. That is why I'm here." Nari said with moxie, she had guessed that is why anyone ever needed her. She was the perfect example of the saying 'Knowledge is Power'
 "Alright." the woman responded, disregarding Nari's boasting "My name is Lilian, last name is unimportant. None of us in Mongoose have a last name." Nari nodded, this was information she knew. Although it was never confirmed, she also guessed they changed their names often although that was truly a guess.
  "Go on."
  "Of course." Lilian smiled.

  "We are not a large group, everyone thinks that. There is five of us." This information shocked Nari, although her body language did not show it. She always thought of it as almost an army of Vampires created by the Elders. "We are just, I do not mean to brag-actually I intend to." Lilian laughed before continuing. "We are all very skilled at what we do. We are predators of the predators. Each of us." she said this grimly, the real meaning of what she said went over Nari's head. "Which is the reason we are known as Mongoose."
  "I'm not looking for a history lesson...Lilian." Nari said a bit impatiently as Lilian chuckled in response.
  "Oh of course not. You, like many others may think we only exist to do the Elders bidding. That's not true, well it sorta is. That's another story for another day, the point is, they want us dead. All of them."
  "The Elders?" Nari asked, not really surprised. The Elders were all about power, and if there was a threat to that power it had to be eliminated. Even if it was something they created, even if it was themselves. The Elders were always squabbling behind each others backs, trying to get rid of each other secretly.
  "Yes." Lilian said simply and stared at Nari.

  "No." Nari said understanding what was being asked of her. To go against the Elders? To kill them? "I can suggest what you should do." Nari said sternly. The best way to deal with the Elders were to not deal with them at all.
  "Really?" Lilian asked interested in any advice she would give.
  "Disband your group and go solo, therefore you are no longer a threat to their power. They are worried of you collecting stronger Vampires and rebelling against them, adding me to your group only makes things worse." 
  "You've went against them before and won." Lilian stated and Nari just shook her head.
  "I did not win, I gave them a good reason why I should continue living and they accepted that reason."
  "Yes but still-"

  Nari didn't want to hear it, as far as she was concerned this was a suicide mission. "Don't waste your time, my goal is to live another one hundred years." she hopped out of her seat and pushed the chair in. Lilian didn't say anything as Nari head towards the door.

  Before she could get too close to the exit another Vampire was blocking her escape. Another pale one, another 'wild' one. 'Something isn't right.' Nari thought. She was willing to accept a rare case of one of them but another? Also they both were calm, cool, and seemed to enjoy their current state. This was something they did by choice she guessed,
  "Ain't goin' anywhere honey." this one had a heavy southern accent and a rough voice. His attire screamed 'Biker' but he had no tattoos she could see "You either gonna help or you gonna die. That'd a really be ashamed if you choosin the latter."

 Wednesday 7:05 a.m
  Hollie stood awkwardly on the kitchen floor, not sure of what to say or how to say it. She was able to call Carolyn's mother and talked to her briefly over the phone about her daughters sudden disappearance. Everyone else thought she was being paranoid, but something was terribly wrong she knew it! The police even said they would have to wait a bit longer to file a missing person, even if she happened to be famous.

  "I'm sorry Mrs.Winters, if I could have prevent-" Hollie said in gloom.

  "It's okay dear, I'm sure Carolyn is just fine!" she said convinced. Although it did not make things better for Hollie, sometimes she felt like she was psychic...and sometimes she felt like she just knew things were going wrong. Mrs Winters turned to her with freshly made pancakes, Hollie just shook her head. She was not in the mood for eating. "How can you find anyone on a hungry stomach?" she asked with a sweet smile that almost swayed Hollie's mind but Hollie shook her head again and sighed. Mrs.Winters walked over to the kitchen counter and placed the fresh meal on a vacant spot. "If you change your mind, it is there for you." she said as she head out of the house.

  "Mrs.Winters!" Hollie followed. "Bu...You don't seem too worried about Carolyn." Hollie only imagined what her parents would do if she herself went missing. She knew though that Carolyn and her mother had lost so much, it almost seemed like their family were cursed, only Carolyn and her mother remained. Every one else passed away at a early age, Carolyn never talked to her about it. Honestly Hollie didn't want to bring it up, it all sounded so tragic.

  Jamie Winters just casually moved over to her garden, she gently took a bright red apple in her palm and observed it. "I do care deeply about's just that there is nothing we can do." she said this grimly, almost as if accepting the worst.
  "You can't say that!"
  "If anyone has seen her you will hear about it." The older woman shrugged as she tugged on the apple she held and plucked it from it's branch. "You just have to be patient." Mrs.Winters wiped the apple on her shirt. "Can you help me with that one since you are here?" she pointed to the bush left of her and Hollie took a step closer to it and reluctantly began to help.

  "You're daughter-my friend is in deep trouble." Hollie mumbled as she held a batch of grapes and gently tugged on them.
  "Why do you say that?" Mrs.Winters at least now sounded a bit concerned.
  "Because!" Hollie rushed out, without even having a reason. "Because..." she said quietly again as she began to think. 'Because she just is!' she screamed to herself. It was just a premonition she had.

  She paused as she looked at a blank area. The soil was moist as the sunlight beamed on the spot her eyes focused on. She just stared at the spot as if she were expecting something to happen.
  "Something wrong dear?" Mrs.Winters asked and Hollie nodded her head.
  "Yeah, be careful there is a spider.." right at that moment she finally found it. It was a small spider, the sunlight revealed it to be black with a-

  "Mrs.Winters watch out! It's a black widow!" Hollie shouted as she jumped up and reflexively blindly brushed herself off.

  Hollie gasped as she realized her warning was too late, the little being had crawled its way off of a leaf and now it was on Carolyn's mother bare finger. Hollie remained still, not sure what to do or what to say. She was aware of how venomous a black widow spider was, and she didn't want to scare Mrs.Winters by making some careless gesture which would then scare the spider. Much of her fear was was washed away though because when Mrs.Winters realized she had the small animal on her she jumped and brushed it off instantly and it now scampered around on the soil.

  "It's alright." Mrs.Winters said calmly, it didn't affect her as much as it did Hollie who still looked shaken from the close call. "They are more afraid of you than you are of them." She gave Hollie a reassuring wink and a bright smile to which Hollie just shook her head again.

 Wednesday 7:00 p.m
  Carolyn rolled and shuffled her position on the filthy floor, she moaned in pain while she lay in the darkness. Confused. That was the word that best described her situation. Where am I? How did I get here? What is going on? Why? were questions she asked herself countless times in a unconscious state. She was dreaming...more like having nightmares. Yet she could feel everything, it all felt so real. She could have sworn she took a trip to hell.

  Her eyes burst open. She looked around frantically, just happy to be awake, happy to escape from the nightmare world she was just in. "It was just a dream..." she said to herself as she begin to stand up.

  "Uuuughhh..." she groaned as she pulled herself up, knocking some things over in the process as she found herself in a cramp dark space. That wasn't the worst part about it, the worst part about it was the pain her body was in. Every vein twitched with a aching sensation, which meant every millimeter of her body was prisoner to this new pain. That wasn't even the worst part about it, it was the pain in the middle of her chest. She could only guess it was heart pain, but it felt more like someone had impaled her. This all added to her confusion, it made it impossible for her to do any critical thinking. "Gotta, get outta here..." she said simply. Maybe it was the room? Maybe she was still dreaming?

   Carolyn put one foot forward and could feel the weight of each step she took after that. Her body felt like stone, it felt like she weighed tons now and she could barely wiggle her toes or fingers. Everything was stiff. She managed to escape the attic-esque room and lagged her way down a old creaky staircase. The question of whose place is this did not cross her mind, she just felt....thirsty. Maybe it was the fact that her mouth was dry, and it hurt to even move he jaw. Her tongue had no moisture to it, and it became difficult to move also. Even more so than her fingers and toes. It felt like a rock was stuck in her mouth, and she wasn't even sure she was breathing...was she choking? Gasping for air? She did not know exactly but it was a horrible feeling.

  "Yes a drink..." she said to herself as she made her way to an old rusty refrigerator. Every object in the house was dirty, mangy, and looked like it hadn't been touched in years. Yet here was the fridge, lighting up the dim room as she opened it and her eyes centered on the drink briefly before she snatched it and ran to take a seat at the table behind her.

  She wrapped her cracked lips around the straw and took a sip...took another sip...and she discovered this was not helping her situation. As the liquid filled her mouth it would uselessly wash down her throat, and her mouth would remain dry. Almost like it was water proof or something. She grunted as she jumped out of her chair and attempted to toss the full cup across the room in frustration. She was surprised that it did not make it far, it landed only a few feet from her. She never was strong but she didn't remember being this weak either.

  She instantly looked back to the fridge, confident it was hiding the treasure she needed. She could almost sense it now. She was thirsty, but it was the wrong drink. The door swung open and she grabbed the red cup swiftly and scurried back to the seat.

  It took no time before she took her first sip. She watched as the red liquid filled the transparent straw and trickled onto her tongue. The moment it teased her taste buds, they sprung to life. The liquid had the taste of pure bliss, it relaxed her. It would flow down her throat and share it's glory throughout her body. This was more than satisfying her thirst, it filled every need and washed away her pain. Not only did she feel better, but she felt better than she could ever remember. She needed more. The cup emptied quick to her frustration and she instantly was getting back up and heading to the fridge again.

  She noticed she had a visitor, she took a quick glance at her before opening the fridge again to get another drink.

  Alice looked down at her as she indulged herself on her emergency drinks. "Ummm..." she said standing behind her, but she could vaguely remember the feeling of being new. "You do know what you are drinking right?" she asked and Carolyn shrugged. It didn't matter to her, whatever it was it was all she needed. It didn't really matter. "You should at least know." Alice reminded her, but she knew at this state Carolyn probably didn't even remember who she was herself. She was......transitioning.
  "What." Carolyn said bluntly, her anger was poured into that one word. She didn't want to be interrupted from her drink.

  "Blood." Alice answered simply and at that moment Carolyn stopped drinking. This was the moment. Alice knew this was the very moment where a Vampire had to make the decision. There was no in between, You either enjoy being a predator or you hate it.  Alice couldn't tell what Carolyn had thought of it, the young woman just paused, swirling the cup in her hand casually. Finally she placed the straw back between her lips and finished off the drink.

  " wasn't that bad."Alice smiled at her, realizing that she couldn't even remember that she had a hole in her neck about a day ago.

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Dire Fates Chapter 5 (Termination)

A little after Midnight
  "I think she is fine going home alone." Alice mentioned suddenly, finishing off Carolyn's thoughts and sending a callous glare towards Sebastian. Carolyn stood in the middle of each of them now, she was scared stiff and she looked at each of them unsure. She had a feeling one of them wanted to protect her but which she had no idea.

  "Really?" Sebastian answered back with sarcasm spilling from his tone. "I didn't hear her say that, did you say that?" His attention was completely on Alice now and he looked right past Carolyn as if she wasn't there. He blinked and when he opened his eyes Alice was no longer in front of him.

  She was behind him, ready to land a critical and fatal blow. "You really think it would be that easy?" he asked not even turning around. Right at that moment Carolyn ran, she hoped both of them would be too occupied with each other to chase and she was right.

  Alice attempted to strike any ways, right towards his neck like she did to Carolyn but instead Sebastian quickly parried it away. He scoffed at the attempt. "I don't know who you are, but I know I am much older than you." He threatened but it did not seem to phase Alice as she struck with her other hand and that too was easily blocked by Sebastian. "Let me show you young one how to fight!" he shouted triumphantly.

  Sebastian threw a powerful kick aimed at her ribbed cage and she easily denied it. Sebastian quickly realized then that he had underestimated her. That kick should have sent her flying and instead she easily handled it. He growled discouraged, but not discouraged enough to send another powerful kick this time aimed to knock her head straight off! Normal eyes could not see the kick, most Vampires would not see the speed at which he delivered it!

  Alice moved right under it with ease again, his foot caught nothing but air as it made a swooshing sound. His attack left him wide open!

  Alice sent her fist crashing straight into his chest but to lessen the possible impact Sebastian nimbly jumped back. He sent is body flying backwards and landed softly on his feet displaying his skill.

  But he found no time to breathe as Alice had leaped into the air after him and threw her body in his new direction. He could see it in her eyes that she enjoyed confrontation. He didn't have long to think of her intentions as her boot was flying towards his face.

  He blocked the attack but he could feel it this time. That would have broken a lesser Vampires arm! He couldn't help but to admire her strength and power, and her resilience! He thought suddenly as she sent her fist flying towards his face in a furious furry! He dodged each instead of blocking them. He realized that just blocking attack after attack would break him, and although his bones would heal in minutes it would not be enough time before she would deal a fatal blow. "You cannot win!" he grunted as he was forced to block another punch aimed for his head. She was always on offense and he always on defense, her next attack she grabbed him by the coat and quickly tossed him!

  With that he flew through the air, this time with no control over his body as she tossed him with too much force. His body crashed into the ground, it bounced once off of the dirt and he rolled into a stand.

  He hissed after he dust himself off. She was walking towards him now with a smug look on her face. Alice clearly thought she was much better than him, stronger than him. He put up his hands defensively ready for her next assault. "I've fought better..." he spit and then poof...she was no longer walking towards him.

  She was behind him again, which didn't fool him for even a second. He grabbed hold of her head and tried to flip her over but instead...

  She flipped out of it and landed again gracefully.

  Once she landed though she just paused and observed the man for once. She knew before hand he had to be the ancient one that was awoken, for that reason alone she couldn't play with him for much longer. She had to take the fight a bit more seriously than she currently was, and plus she couldn't let her prey get too far.

 Wednesday, A little after midnight
  Jake explored aimlessly throughout Darrell's lounge. Making pointless observations over any little object, merely stalling time. "Oh wow, what century is this one from?" he said feigning interest in a simple vase.
  Darrell just shrugged and mumbled "I don't know."
  "You really should learn about these precious artifacts...Darrell? You did say that was your name correct?" Jake asked although he knew his name by now, Darrell at least told him it twice.
  "Yea...I'm Darrell." He replied with a frustrated sigh as Jake began to move over to another object.

  "Ooh now this one!" Jake exclaimed as he paused before another vase. "This one is extraordinary! This one must be valuable." he said in awe,
  "Umm...yea sure." he responded scratching the back of his head as Jake just stood there looking at what was just an ordinary vase.
  "I'm not very old, but I can appreciate the old things." Jake said turning to Darrell now.

  "The old things get better with age as they say!" Jake said laughing at his own attempt of an joke. "That is true in every case isn't it Darrell?" he asked and Darrell just nodded lazily, not really listening. "Things like that timeless vase you have there." Jake nodded his head in that direction.
  "Yea but-"
  "Never mind that, where is our guest? She is beyond late isn't she Darrell? You should do something about that."

  "Umm, well you saw me call her right? It's not my fault if she doesn't show up." Darrell said uncomfortably. Something about this man did not sit right with him, nothing about this man sat right with him. He had a bad aura around him, even for a Vampire.

  A pair of soft footsteps broke up his thoughts as he sighed. Happy she decided to come as he had no idea what would have happened if she did not.

   "There she goes." Darrell said with no enthusiasm, he did not know what he was getting her into either. It seemed like everyone was after her for some reason or another. He usually just stood out of others business but they were now bringing it to him.

  Nari approached the two cautiously and when she finally did arrive she looked at each of them curiously. Darrell looked a bit worried to her and the other, well she couldn't make out any expression from him. "What is this about?" she asked Darrell and he gave her a messy shrug in return.

  "Should I know you?" she asked a bit annoyed, she had better things to do this night so she needed a good reason to be here.

  "Please Darrell you can leave us now." Jake said now addressing the other man in the room.

  "Alright...umm...see you later Nari." Darrell sounded unsure of himself as he walked away and left the two of them alone.
  "Good, now we can finally talk." Jake said giving Nari a smirk. Although Nari seemed focused on something else, her nose twitched as she looked around.

  "Is that blood I smell?" the scent had a her full attention now as she tried to sniff out what direction it was coming from. "Vampire blood?" she raised an eyebrow curiously. That usually meant one thing, there was a fight between two vampires that happened here recently.
  "Yes." Jake jumped in with a toothy grin on his face. "There was a small incident a little while ago."

  "OK, what do you want?" she asked trying to ignore the smell altogether. Besides Vampires blood was always terrible, and she heard bad things about what happens when one decides to make it a daily meal. It was also too difficult to acquire, having to make prey out of predator was never easy.
  "I will not hold you for long Nari, I can tell you are a bit impatient."
  "How do you know my name?" she returned pointedly.

   "Oh come on Nari." he chuckled. "You are too humble, you may not be an ancient one but you have lived a long time now. It takes a lot to live as long as you have in our world."
  "How do you know my name?" she asked again.
  "It's simple, I have ears and hear others tell stories. There aren't a lot of us Nari, so for ones like you the word passes around."

  "What do you want?" Nari asked harshly now.
  "The better question is what do you want? Hmm?" Jake smiled wryly as he asked that question. "I know what you've been up to. Why would you awaken him?"
   "And? Are you the one who is going to do something about it?"

  "I like you Nari." he said out of nowhere and Nari huffed growing tired of this seemingly pointless discussion. "Don't get frustrated. I will tell you why I wanted to talk to you. You are mistaken."
  "Mongoose is not after you, at least not after your head. I wanted Alice to break the news to you but she has a difficult time speaking to others and she's been busy it seems, I'm not sure with what. Some personal thing."

  "What does all this mean?" she asked intrigued now.
  "We need your help."

   Sebastian was panting heavily as he struggled to get up. This time the heel of her shoe crashed into his chest, he felt his entire rib cage collapse. "'re good." he said through a grunt as his injuries began to quickly heal.

  She had changed since the fight started. The longer the fight lasted the harder she hit, the quicker she became. She was...different. Sebastian couldn't explain it, although her disguise had wore off. Her skin turned an unearthly pale and her eyes had a now eerie glow to them. This was normal though, as a Vampire weakens they return to a unnatural state, unable to put out the mirage of looking normal and blending in. Yet she was not weakening. At first he thought he was wearing her down but it was the other way around.

  "Although you are strong, you are not strong enough to defeat an ancient like me. It just isn't the order of things." Sebastian said with pride as he wobbled onto his feet exhausted. He couldn't stand this much longer, he had to deal a finishing blow or else...

  She was right in front of him! She threw a stiff right punch aimed for his chest!

  Sebastian instinctively parried the attack away, but he was blocking air! 'Where did she go!?!?' he thought in a rush, she was moving entirely too fast for even his eyes to see now! 'Behind! Duck!'

  She threw two attacks at the same time, and in different directions! Once he attempted to parry her fist, she was instantly behind him trying to kick his head off, it was a complete guess that he should duck. 

  Sebastian displayed his skill now as he turned around to throw away another precise punch that was aimed for his jaw. Unfortunately for him that was it. His forearm shattered by the sheer force of her strike. He could see her smirk before she leaped into the air and...

  Swirled her foot directly into his face! Sebastian howled in defeat and his body dropped to the ground.

  Alice giggled as the ancient one lay defeated. He would get up in maybe 50 seconds or so and she had a decision to make. She could go for the finishing blow, impale a wooden object into his heart rid of him forever...or she could go look for Carolyn who seemed to get further and further away. She did not want to lose her, and since she was now aware. She would likely pack her bags and move far far away. Not even Alice could locate her then.

  "I can still smell her." Alice whispered to herself, although her scent was faint. Alice confirmed the direction and darted off. She would deal with Sebastian another time, in fact she was betting he would come looking for her.

  Carolyn took several deep breaths as she paused exhausted. She had sprinted from the graveyard, she didn't even know in what direction as long as she moved far far away from there. Her legs didn't carry her too far though, but still it had to be far enough from those two. 
  "Hello dear." Carolyn jumped when she heard the voice, it seemed she did not make it far enough.

  "B-b-b-but." Carolyn stammered, unable to find the words. This was Alice, the one who claimed to be a long lost relative of hers, but she seemed more like a ghost now. Which would make more sense to Carolyn, she had to be something similar to a ghost

    Before Carolyn could say another word Alice was in front of her. Her cold lifeless hand brushing on her warm cheeks in a gesture of admiration. "You are not supposed to be alive." Alice said grimly and Carolyn was frozen. "Do you have siblings?" Alice asked curiously but Carolyn didn't respond. She was frightened, nearly frozen in fear as she began to realize this woman Alice was not human at all. "I hope not." Alice said giggling. Alice grinned brilliantly, and Carolyn caught a glimpse of her teeth...

  Carolyn gasped as she realized that those teeth were not for vegetables, and then she shrieked as Alice teeth cut into her neck.

  Carolyn twitched and struggled at first to break free but Alice held onto her tightly. The worst part about it was that Alice was not precise in her bite, she just randomly chose a spot on her neck and bit. She did so several times and it resembled chewing more than biting.  Her incisors chomping down into her flesh as Carolyn's blood gushed out. Carolyn didn't know if anyone could hear her ear piercing screams, she didn't care. Her life flashed in her mind, the good times, the bad times, even the seemingly irrelevant times...

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