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Hey folks I'm still alive, and to prove it (kinda) here is another post with links to things you see in this story and say "Oh? I wonder where he got that from?" because I know...yes I do know how it feels to see something and wonder. I remember this one ti- ah nevermind, here they are!

~In one of the pictures from Chapter 8 I think Carolyn is seen with a small amount of blood dripping from her mouth. That's from Here and there are many other great styles you may see in future chapters ;)

~Marius hairstyle is here.

~The top worn by Alice's dad in her flashback special is here.

~Hair worn by Maria is right here.

~Last but not least is the massive...humongous mansion that Marius and Maria take residence in. That can be found here.

Oh yeah and the next chapter will be chapter 10 of course lol, but after that I'm pretty sure we'll be taking a look back at the past of Alice again.

Jan 24, 2011

Dire Fates Chapter 9 (Ambitions)

Thursday 8:05 p.m
   Maria stepped up to the challenge first with a inviting grin on her face. "Well first you may be wondering. How did this happen?" Carolyn nodded not wanting to interrupt. "Simple, I'm guessing Alice gave you some of her blood before you died. Sort of preventing you from a final death and giving you this gift."

  "Gift?" Carolyn asked bemused as she always thought being a Vampire was some sort of curse. Well she never thought it was real but in all the stories, shows, movies, the Vampires always thought of it as a curse.

  "Yes dear of course. It is a gift, you should thank Alice next time you see her." Maria suggested sweetly but a chuckle from Marius made it seem like it was a joke. "I'm sure she will appreciate the thanks." Carolyn rolled her eyes. An expression they both ignored. Carolyn didn't plan on thanking Alice any time soon.

  "Okay okay, but the first time I saw Alice she was wearing a police outfit during the day. I thought sun was like poisonous to Vampire's or something?" Carolyn laughed at herself. She couldn't help but find this all a little bit odd. Although it was very real. The lasting taste of blood on her tongue was proof of that, everything up to this point was proof of that. 

  It was time for Marius to speak now as he stepped forward and his smile almost mirrored Maria's from earlier. They were so much alike yet but at first glance carried themselves differently. "Carolyn there are some things you should know for your own safety. First wooden stakes are fatal. This is only a problem when you are facing another Vampire who plans to take your life away. Otherwise you should easily be able to dodge or disarm the opponent. Decapitation is also fatal. Fire...Fatal. Sunlight is tricky,  it is never fatal but be aware you are very weak in the day time, even weaker than humans. Do not pick a fight with a human while the sun is up." Carolyn thought back to the time she first met Alice, it was almost like she came only to confirm something and then came later that night.
  "Marius do not forget to tell her about invitations." Maria reminded him softly.
  "Right.  You cannot enter a persons home without invitation. Once invited inside that person cannot retract their invitation." Now Carolyn knew what the 'police visit' was for. Alice only wanted to be invited inside so she could come back anytime. Although that did not explain the other person she thought was in her house before Alice. 'Was that even a Vampire?' she thought. Now that she knew Vampires were real it opened a realm of possibilities. "There are certain Vampires who have been around so long that they can break some of the rules..." Marius started and then paused wishing he had not said anything about it. "We'll talk about that some other time maybe."

  "Okay, No stakes. Keep my head on my shoulders. Stay away from fire. This is all stuff I'd normally do any ways." Carolyn numbered the risks using her fingers. "So I guess Garlic, crosses, stuff like that has no affect at all?"
  "Nope." Maria answered simply and Marius nodded his head to confirm.
  "Well what about my family? My friends? My career?" Carolyn asked concerned. If she had to change everything that made her...her...

  "Do not worry Carolyn, the only thing that will change is your diet." Marius assured her with a sly grin that made her feel uncomfortable. "How do you feel about your new diet?" Carolyn shrugged.

  "I guess it's not as bad with how I've been drinking it. I don't think I could ever drink it right from another person." Maria and Marius both understood. It was easy to tell that Carolyn wasn't proud of consuming blood. It was a difficult transition, but the fact that she had no problem drinking it in the first place was a good first step for Marius and Maria.

  Carolyn suddenly giggled which caught both of their attention. "What's so funny?" both of them asked almost at the same time.
  "Oh nothing, I'm just imagining my boyfriends face when I tell him I'm a vampire. I wonder if he'd accep-" 

  "You don't tell anyone what you are!" Marius didn't shout, but he didn't need to either. When he raised his voice even slightly it projected power. Those words were implanted into her mind as she couldn't imagine what would happen should she disobey. Carolyn only nodded which was enough to bring Marius back down. "Every rule we have pretty much is based on that. What you are is a secret. Besides I'm sure he'd never accept it." 
  "Shh, there is a lot to show you." and he wrapped an arm around Carolyn and guided her out of the room.

Friday 6:00 am
  Sebastian heard the chime of the doorbell and prepared himself mentally for the visitor. He told her to come in the morning, that way she wouldn't be able to pull anything and he wouldn't either. It was customary for Vampires to do tricky dealings in the morning with others they did not trust. Since they were universally weak with the sun out...still though that didn't stop others from trying with the use of weapons such as guns.

  "It's nice to see you came." Sebastian said hiding his disgust behind a grin as he looked down at the smaller woman. He did truly despise her, but that was the case for every of the seven elders on the council. Unlike most of the others though, she didn't have problems helping Sebastian out when he needed it.

  The small woman just giggled as she strolled right past Sebastian and into the house. She looked around curiously. "Ah so this is where the infamous Nari lives." She said with a loud joyful voice. "As expected, you know Nari has lived long enough to be considered as one of the consorts for an Elder." 
  "So?" Sebastian said not really caring. "Are you considering taking her under your wing Nour?" a loud obnoxious giggle burst from her as she turned back around to face Sebastian.

  "Remember Sebastian to call me Nourbese." she said tipping on her toes to tap him on the nose. He growled when she did but she twirled around not caring much for his attitude. "No, I'm no longer considered an Elder." Sebastian's frustration with the brat changed to confusion. He waited a while longer for her to explain. "I was kicked out! It grew boring any ways and after all these years they still have yet to find a suitable replacement." she giggled again and then twirled back around more interested in the environment than him.
  "Why did they kick you out? Usually the only way someone loses their spot is by death." Sebastian had gone through possible reasons but still just couldn't think of any reason they would kick any one out.

  "Don't know don't care!" she said plopping down on the couch and taking a deep breath. Sebastian would like to know but he knew he wasn't going to get that bit of information out of her. He followed her to the couch and took a seat right next to her."So...why'd you bring me here?"
  Sebastian nodded and remembered she was here for a reason. Otherwise he couldn't have put up with her childish attitude. Although she was only fifteen when she was turned, she should act more mature than a ten year old with how long she has been around. "It's about mongoose-"

  "Oooooooooh!" she said jumping back off the couch. "You did something wrong and they are after you? Tsk tsk tsk, it was nice knowing you Sebastian and to think you have lived for soooo lon-"

  "NO!" Sebastian bounced out of his seat as well and raised his voice so loud he could swear he rattled the windows, yet she stood still absolutely fearless of him. "No..." he said again this time softer regaining his composure. "I remember Nari talked about them, she's sort of gone missing. She usually comes back here no matter what late in the night. I have a feeling it has something to do with them."
  "Well I don't know much about them." she shrugged "They serve as a police force, I believe Marius-"
  "Marius Bonnet?" Sebastian interruption annoyed Nourbese.

  "I am never going to finish if you keep doing that Sebastian." She said in a mocking scolding tone and Sebastian sighed pursing his lips as she continued. "You see a lot have changed since you've been in the ground. Marius is now a Elder, and they even awarded his sister a spot. As you can imagine she favors whatever he does and vice versa, controlling two spots on the council is a lot of power. Any ways Marius is the one that formed the group I believe. The others agreed that it would be a good idea to have a police force as long as it didn't grow too large and that Marius was a good person to lead the effort. As the years passed it has pretty much been passed over to Marius, and personally I think he wanted to use them to get rid of the other Elders." Sebastian just shook his head as he listened. A lot has changed since last, but he definitely couldn't see how they could give someone like Marius and Maria power. Marius was the type of guy who always wanted more no matter what he had.

  "How did Marius get a spot? His sister too?" Nourbese just shrugged as her only response. Marius was the puppet-master and they were just giving him more strings to work with. Sebastian had to admit he was brilliant in how he manipulated others, but he also twisted them and changed them. "Of course he slithered his way to more power. That's all he wants."

  "We all want something." Nourbese said cheerfully as she began to stroll around the room. She stopped at a magazine rack and began to investigate it. "Chaos is my thing." she winked back at him and he smiled in return. "There is something else on your mind Sebastian boy?" she said teasing him again but this time he didn't bite. He realized that she enjoyed this type of thing.
  "Yes, there was a woman I was interested in."
  "For love? For lust? For what?"

  "I'm not sure, perhaps both. Any ways she's gone missing too. I know who took her, I don't know her name. She had blood red hair and she fought me in a weakened state-"

  "Hmm, sounds like she was also a Mongoose member." she said sounding sure of it. "I'm not even sure how they are able to do that...but it's almost like they are past being Vampire and something stronger. I'm sure Marius knows what it is about, otherwise he would have never let them get away with it." suddenly a creepy smile appeared on her face. "Sounds like you need to find Mongoose and find some answers."
  "Yes bu-"

  "As a former member of the council I do know where they are located. We all do just in case. But it would be suicide going there by yourself...I mean you couldn't even beat one member." She said holding back a laugh. "But there is a way to get answers without blood...unfortunately." She giggled and right before Sebastian could say 'Lets go!' she held up her finger to stop him. "Buuuuuut! You are going to owe me!"

Friday 7:00 pm
  Ever since Marius gave Carolyn a small tour of the estate, Maria has not been happy about it. She spent most of the time pouting about it and reading an old novel to get her mind off of it.. It wasn't that she was jealous of all the attention Marius was giving Carolyn...or perhaps it was? Either way the object of her frustration just approached and Maria had no problem with telling others how she felt.
  "So, how did she like the place." Maria asked casually, folding the book she was read and placing it to the side.

  "It went well, she really is impressed with all that we have. Which is saying something since she herself has a lot of disposable income. She really liked the tombs underground-"

  "You showed her that?" Maria didn't sound too pleased about that. "That is where we rest occasionally, if she were to betray us."

  "Do not worry sister!" Marius exclaimed with a boisterous laugh. "She will not betray us." his voice displayed extreme confidence, Maria was not convinced though. She was always more cautious than her brother.
  "You do not fool me, I have known you for too long." she said glaring at him now. "I know why you've been giving her so much attention, making sure every single thing is just right for her."
  "And whys that Maria?"

  "You like her. Not just as a person or a potential ally. You like her physically." Marius grinned at her accusation and then shrugged thinking it wasn't that big of a a deal.

  "Of course Maria, she is a model so it goes without saying she's an attractive girl."
  His sister scoffed. "Of course, but it's more than that. You want her."
  Marius nodded casually as if this revelation was nothing to him. "Yes Maria, I do. I don't understand why it matters to you though. You've never cared about my previous partners. You are my sister after all, no need to be envious-"

  Her sudden cackle cut him off. "You think I am jealous? Don't worry brother, I am not jealous. In fact I would ordinarily be happy for you that you've found someone else to play with but usually it is a human woman who the world could do without. This time you are dealing with the relative of Alice, I know your ego is much too large to care. I'm sure you have completely underestimated what you have created." Marius only observed her while she explained herself and before he could open his mouth to retort she stopped him. "Shush. Not only that but a lot of people care for this woman. She has fans, friends, family members. She is not a toy to be played with, you are breaking our own rules! Do you remember your last romantic relationship with another Vampire? It almost caused both of our lives!" she threw up her arms and jumped out of her seat. Hoping that he would at least rethink the type of relationship he wanted to have Carolyn.

Jan 16, 2011

Chapter 8 (Aware)

Thursday 5:28 pm
"Man what a game!" the man sitting to the left of Craig howled, congratulating his friend and teammate. "Sometimes you have to amaze even yourself." he said now in a hushed voice as he could feel eyes from around the room lock onto them. Although this place was usually empty because of it's exclusivity.

  Craig took a large gulp of his drink and nearly downed it all in one shot. "Nah not really." he said making himself and his buddy laugh in unison. "It's natural to me you know." he made eye contact with the bartender and pointed to his now empty glass. The bartender walked over and filled his cup again. "The important thing is, we won." his friend nodded and they shared a quick toast together. Craig  wiped out his drink again quickly emptying the glass.

  "Nice game!" a unknown feminine voice from behind called out, when Craig turned around to see who it was he saw it belonged to a young woman. She approached the bar with confidence, he could tell just by how she presented herself she thought she was the most attractive woman in the lounge tonight. "Or so I heard." her lips creased into a sweet smile as she took the stool on the other side of him.
  "Hello umm..." his friend said from across Craig, waving his hand to get her attention. He was a bit annoyed at how she ignored him.

  "Oh I'm Christina. Christina Gomez." she says as her eyes only focused on Craig. Never straying from her target even as the other tried to get her attention. Craig went to open his mouth to introduce himself but she placed a finger on his lips to quiet him. "I know who you are, I believe I saw you on television last night." Something else grabs her attention, it's a tune coming from her purse. "I'm going to take this call, don't worry I'll be right back." She winked before leaving her seat and walking off towards the restrooms.

  "Well." his friend said but Craig didn't seem to be with him initially. "Well..." he said again hoping the second time would catch his attention.
  "Well what?"
  "Are you going to tell that girl you're not single? That chick obviously was flirting with you." Craig just shrugged carelessly "Carolyn is probably over you any ways I guess. Have you even talked to her recently?"
  "Nope." he said shaking his head. "Y'know what? She probably has tried to call but I have a new cell phone now with a new number as well."

  "I'm sure she will be happy to know you haven't called her on your new phone then." his friend response leaked of sarcasm.

  "It's not like she is going to break up with me or anything." he responding laughing off the idea, he guessed that she would be disappointed with it. In the end though things would be alright and that's all that matters.
  "Alright man, I'm gonna get on out of here." his friend said getting up and patting him on the shoulder. "Hope you catch the flight next morning. Gotta go cross country you know." they exchanged farewells and almost as soon as his friend left Christina replaced him. She quietly slipped her arms around his waist in a light embrace. 
  "I'm back!"

  Craig smiled up at her and called the bartender back over. "Hey, how about some drinks to go?" The bartender nodded as he looked over to the woman and back at Craig. He vanished behind the counter and reappeared with a two large wine bottles in each hand. Craig reached into his pocket and pulled out the money to pay for them. He looked back over to his new friend "How about we go somewhere more private?"
Thursday 7:40 p.m

  Marius shifted through the old books, having read most of them already. Mainly going over in his head how he can make the transition for Carolyn. He had experience with newly turned Vampires and he knew her emotions would swing back and fourth wildly. It was usually best to control these emotions as best he could.

  "Oh Marius!" his sister called from behind. It always surprised him how quiet she could be at times. He turned around and greeted her with a smile.
  "How is Carolyn doing?" was the first question and only thing on his mind at the moment. Carolyn was in her room. It was a large house and he thought it would be a kind gesture to give her one. He wanted her to know that anything she needed, he had. That started off by giving one comfort and shelter.

  "She is doing great." Maria said. Her tone displayed a bit of surprise. "I've been giving her the blood you received from the donors, so it is fresh stuff basically. Seems like she - well loves it." 

  "Good good." her brother said blankly. Thinking it was more than good, it was great. Vampires who hated themselves for drinking blood never lasted long. He had hoped for Carolyn it would be different though. Although he was a bit surprised at how well she took it, even in her previous state of confusion. "How is her memory?"

  "Seems to be good." Maria shrugged. "In fact I'm sure by now she has fully recovered the important stuff. She may be in perfect condition by now with all the drinking she has done."

  "I doubt such an appetite will continue once she is back to being herself. She will be more reluctant to drink, but we have to teach her there is nothing wrong with indulging in pleasure. I'm excited about this one, she is alluring as well" Maria agreed with a slight nod of her head and a cautious look, she hoped that last comment was a simple observation. Romantic relationships with Marius never ended well and she herself in the short time she spent with Carolyn began to find they had a lot in common. "Here she comes." Marius said quietly. He could smell her scent getting stronger. He guessed she was searching the house for them. "It could be a while before she finds us. Make sure she doesn't-never mind here she comes."

  A little time passed before she walked into the room. She was wearing something Maria let her wear and her skin was back to being normal. She had a little blood trickling from the corner of her mouth.

  "Please dear, you have something on your mouth." Maria used her finger to show Carolyn where it was at, then Carolyn used the back of her hand to smear it away. Then she realized it was still on the back of her hand and she went to wipe it on her clothes. "Ah ah! Not on my clothes!" she demanded in a loud shrill that took Carolyn by surprise. "Just lick it off silly." Maria said laughing.
  Carolyn stared at the back of her hand for a moment, she held it up below her chin a bit hesitant. But that reluctance wore off as the rich scent of it teased her nostrils. Her tongue slipped from between her lips and slid across her skin eliminating the remaining blood. She sighed lightly as she looked back up to the now proudly smiling pair.

  "There." Carolyn mumbled lightly. Although she knew the woman some what. She was with her most of the time and her name was Maria. She encouraged the drinking, making sure there were not many breaks. Carolyn had guessed she didn't want her to think about it, just to drink up. Carolyn didn't make a fuss about it, after all the taste and feeling of it was something else. But she knew she was no longer human. She had a pretty good idea of what she was turned into, it all made sense as the memories of her recent meetings with Alice began to come back to her. Not only those memories but the ones she had back at a old shack and also Alice taking her here in the middle of the night by foot. Now though, now she needed explanations to be sure. "So, is anyone going to explain some things to me?"

Thursday 8:01 pm
  Nari groaned as she tried to get up again. This time she was able to although her body...it was beyond aching. She wasn't healing as fast either, it was almost as if they did something to weaken her although she knew they were stronger physically than her. She tried to escape from the house but they were too fast, next thing she knew she was locked up in what she presumed to be a basement turned into a makeshift dungeon. She could tell that she has not been the only Vampire in here either. The steel cage door preventing her escape was not ordinary steel. In fact she had no idea what it was.
  "What do you want!" she moaned out hearing footsteps down the hall. She had guessed they belonged to Jake, who seemed to be the leader of their group. When the figure walked into her view she guessed right.

  "What a sad condition you are in Nari." he started but she noticed he did look a little different. "Oh! I've shaved off my stubble, what do you think?"

  All Nari could think of was what to do, what could she do to escape. She wasn't going to entertain him with trivial answers to trivial questions. Her only hope of leaving was dependent on how much they planned to keep her alive. If she could stall then perhaps she could live in here long enough for the Elders to realize that Mongoose was plotting against them, overthrow them even and eliminate them. She would be a victim and spared by the Elders...hopefully.

  "The Elders are old in their ways....archaic." He started to speak almost randomly, pacing back and fourth as he did so. "They are holding us back, all of us. Now they are moving against us. Trying to eliminate any one who gains a little power and respect before it becomes too much of a threat to them." Nari simply rolled her eyes, she knew this already of course. "They rule by fear."

  "There is no real power to their throne." Nari grunted, it hurt to even talk but she thought it was worth a try. There was no such thing as power in the Vampire world. At the end of the day you were still just a Vampire ruling over Vampires. Yet she always found herself in the middle of these power struggles throughout all her years.

  "That, is where you are wrong." he smiled and walked up closer to the cage. "You don't know everything Nari, neither do I. They have power among the humans also. I have seen it. They are pulling the strings among them. Yet they keep giving us these rules." He could tell he had Nari's attention now. "No interaction with famous people!" he said in a mocking tone "Don't stay in a place for too long! These non-sense rules we don't really have to live by but we do. Because if we don't we are hunted down and rid of like vermin." his voice was almost fanatical. He spoke with true passion but it did not impress Nari.

  "Really?" Nari began to laugh, but it was a painful attempt at showing she was amused. "You are the ones who do the hunting. Why are you complaining about it?"

  "I am thinking on a larger scale Nari. Vampires don't have to live beyond shadows anymore, Humans don't have the power to enforce us to do anything. It should be the other way around and the Elders are preventing it because they have a deal with the Humans in power...and they have had that deal for a long time." His tone and movements bordered insanity now. Nari was wrong that they wanted to just overthrow the Elders, they wanted to change the world.

  "So?" Nari replied weakly. "There is nothing you can do about it. They are always a step ahead, in fact I'm sure one of your members reports to one of them. You think you are the only ones who have tried to unseat them from power?"

  "Enough from you!" Jake shouted, "That was a nice attempt at trying to plant doubt into my mind about the others. I trust each of them with my life. You will be helping me Nari, either that or die your second and final death. Those are your options." and with that he was gone.

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