Apr 13, 2011

Chapter 12 (Escape 3)

Sunday 10:03 am
  Hollie straightened her back and smiled for the camera. Then seamlessly transitioned to another pose and rewarded the camera with another grin. A casual applause could be heard as the photographer moved from behind his camera and congratulated the young woman. 
  "Great job! Great job Hollie!" the photographer said as Hollie moved from her spot and walked over to the computer to see the early results. "Oooh they are going to love these pictures!" he said, making no attempt at hiding is excitement.
  As the technical assistant showed Hollie her pictures, she had to admit they were probably the best ones she had ever taken. She expected no less from Kenny Kline. He was known as a great photographer and perhaps the best. Also it was her first time working with him, a huge step up in her career.

  "I can't wait to see these pictures when they are done!" he exclaimed as Hollie took a deep breath. She was a little fatigued, She had taken tons of pictures. She thought Carolyn was joking when she warned her that he took a lot of pictures. He wasn't a big fan of breaks either as he always claimed he had other things to do and didn't have time to take pictures all day...instead he had time to take pictures for half the day. "Is something wrong? Cheer up, you have a bright future ahead of you!" Kenny said finally realizing that she didn't seem to be as happy about this as he was.

  "It's just..." she paused wondering if she should bring up what was on her mind, but she continued any ways. "Carolyn, have you heard from her?" she blurted out.
  "No." Kenny said taken aback slightly. "I've talked to her manager though. She seemed determined to notify me that she was available for work. What's wrong? Are you two still friends?" he asked and Hollie nodded.
  "Yeah sure. It's.....never mind." her response clearly confused Kenny and the assistant who overheard the brief conversation.  "These are pretty amazing." she said changing her demeanor to a more cheerful one and also changing the subject "I really love this one!" she reached out and pointed to the screen and they both agreed.

  As Kenny started to discuss to the editor what could be changed, Carolyn drifted back into her own mind. She would go see Carolyn, if Carolyn's manager said she was available to work that meant she was at home. Either way she was going to get to the bottom of this. She didn't like how Carolyn disappeared on her and said nothing about it. Besides, the voice in her mind told her something bad happened and that voice was never wrong...

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Apr 9, 2011

Chapter 12 (Escape 2)

Sunday 5:51 am
   Carolyn approached her home early in the morning. The sun had not yet made its appearance, which meant that she could still use her various powers. She didn't have her keys so she had to break into her own house, even if a neighbor saw her though they all knew who lived here and wouldn't report anything or at least she hoped. She walked up casually to the front door and looked around a bit cautiously. While they may not call in about her breaking into her own house, they could grow curious if they saw her destroy the doorknob on her front door with brute strength. So she made sure no one was around before doing just that. She simply wrapped her fingers around cold metal knob and flicked it off with ease.
  Carolyn couldn't help but grin at her new found strength, it was certainly welcomed. As she walked into her home she found it was exactly as she left it. Which was good, that meant no one had been here while she was away. She had come back in hopes that she would find Craig coming here, she wanted to be here if he decided to stop by. She had nothing that told her he would do that, but she also had no idea of where he was at currently. So she would wait here and get her previous life back in order.

  As Carolyn ventured further into her own house she heard a patch of grass crunch underneath a light footstep from outside. Someone was following her! She grinned again marveling at her new powers.She heard that from inside, something she wouldn't even hear previously if she was outside.
  "I could get used to this." she said to herself, but she wasn't expecting a response.

  "Good." the voice was immediately familiar to Carolyn and of no surprise to her. She figured one of them would follow.
  "Maria, what are you doing here." she asked turning around to see Maria hanging out in her kitchen. Carolyn was amazed at how fast she was, she just heard her footsteps outside and in within a second she was inside Carolyn's house and chilling in her kitchen as if she had been there for hours. "Besides, how did you even get in here without my permission?"

  Maria smiled sweetly as she always did and closed the distance between the two of them. "The homes of the living, you are dead...never forget that." Carolyn nodded her head after being reminded. Since she lived with no one else, it had officially by way of wacky vampire rules became a house of the dead. No one living had claimed it so any Vampire could stroll on in. "As for why I am here, that should be obvious." the slender woman said walking past Carolyn and inspecting some of her decorations.
  "No. Well it's not obvious to me any ways." Carolyn said watching her carefully. Although she trusted Maria, she didn't trust her enough to let her guard fully down.

  "Why are you here Carolyn, that is the real question." Maria turned back towards Carolyn, letting her eyes meet the younger Vampire's but their gaze didn't connect for long. Carolyn quickly looked away feeling uncomfortable looking into Maria's dark and seemingly soulless eyes.
  "Ummm..." Carolyn thought, she didn't really have a good answer for that. She wanted to see Craig but she didn't know what would happen then. "I've just been homesick." she said suddenly but could see Maria wasn't buying it.
  Carolyn then realized that her powers were suddenly stripped from her. The sun had risen and even inside she couldn't hide from it. She wanted to bolt upstairs but instead she simply walked her way up. The sun made her weaker but not weak enough to function normally. She headed directly to the porch where she was kidnapped and more specifically to where her phone would be. Finding it lying on a chair she swiftly picked it up and begin pressed the necessary buttons to get her to her voice messages...

  *"This is your agent! Where have you be-" Carolyn clicked to the next.
  *"Just calling you, haven't heard from you in a while-"
  *"Me again...is everything alr-"
  *"I'm really starting to worry. I just hope I'm not too la-" Carolyn flicked through all of Hollie's messages and stopped on one in particular.
  *"Hey babe. Checking in, I just wanted to warn you not to believe everything you see on the television. Hope to see you soon."
  Carolyn took a deep breath as she heard a door slam from behind her. She looked back at Maria who had also made her way upstairs and seemed intent on following her. Carolyn brings the phone to her ear, she was going to send a message back. The phone rung and rung until finally she was directed to leave message after the beep..

  "Nice to hear from you!" she said with a kind tone. "I'm back at home so it would be nice if we could spend some time together. I miss you....take care."

  Carolyn looked back at Maria who didn't seem too pleased. The older woman exhaled heavily before speaking again. "You have a future in acting." she said dryly before continuing. "I'm going to be around, so if you need any help with anything, look around." Carolyn nodded quickly before Maria started again. "I just want to warn you. After your first victim everything changes, from then on every life you take you lose less of your humanity. You will eventually either way, but you can take this transition a lot slower than you have." Carolyn nodded again but Maria wasn't convinced. She wasn't going to force a decision on her, she just wanted to persuade her. "Remember...I'm around." The Elder vampire nodded politely before walking off.

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Apr 7, 2011

Chapter 12 (Escape)

  Nari groaned as the voice across from her stirred her recent sleep. "Hey!" it called. "Hey get up!" it repeated as she finally rubbed the blurriness from her eyes and forced herself to get up. Just standing up was difficult, her captors didn't care much about feeding her. Luckily for her it has not been too long so she was only fatigued.

  As the haziness faded from her vision she could see two figures waiting outside of her prison, and she could also see that the gate that locked her in was now swung open waiting for her to escape. "Wait...how?" she asked bemused as she cautiously stepped out of her cell. She recognized both of her rescuers. Of course Sebastian and the smaller one Nourbese. Which surprised her, since Nourbese probably had bigger things to worry about.

  "Why did you come?" Nari asked Nourbese, but really the question was in the air for both to answer. Nari fell backwards onto the cold hard stone wall behind her and took a deep breath.
  "You're welcome!" Nourbese responded with a smug look on her face and her arms firmly crossed as she waited for her proper thanks.
  "Right, thank you." Nari blurted out the words quickly getting it out of the way. "Any ways, if you're not going to answer that you can at least tell me how you managed to get the door open. I could not even touch it." Nari had guessed they used some type of magic, magic that Vampires usually could not get their hands on.

  "Simple!" Nourbese walked over to the gate and wrapped her tiny fingers around one of the bars. "You were compelled to believe it, and you really fell for it!" the small girl started to giggle wildly as she swung the gate back and fourth playfully causing it squeak as she did. A large groan came from Nari, she just wanted to yell at her to shut up but she didn't really have the energy to waste on her.

  "Okay." Nari said but the girls laughter drowned her out. "Alright!" this time her voice echoed throughout the basement and it's ferocity had put a cease to Nourbese's laughter. When it was deathly silent Nari continued. "I was compelled, but I don't remember when that could have happened."
  Nourbese shrugged as she began "Compelling others has always been one of our greatest strengths, not all Vampires have the power to even do it. I would not doubt any of the Mongoose members, they are young Vampires who have run into a lot of power somehow."
  A revelation flashed into Nari's mind. Her being released meant her Mongoose problem was dealt with, at least temporarily.

  "I've defeated Jake, in case you were wondering. He talks soooooo much and in the end that is all he was. All I did was..." Nourbese stopped once she saw Nari and Sebastian flash upstairs and outside. "How rude." she grumbled and then followed them out.

  "She's not here...no one is." Sebastian said finally speaking as he searched the vicinity with his sight.
  "Maybe they are still fighting elsewhere?" Nourbese asked as Sebastian released a disheartened sigh. He was looking forward to get another shot at Alice.

  "Whats this?" Nari asked pointing down next to her foot. Nourbese was over in a flicker and already held the object in her hand. It was a piece of stone, but it had a smooth surface to it and seemed to be sculpted.
  "Someone lost..." she said grimly bringing the stone to her nose and oddly sniffing it. She discovered it had no real distinct smell.

  "There is a larger piece over here!" Sebastian yelled out and Nourbese was over to inspect it within a second. Kneeling down and picking up the larger piece in one hand and this time it was very clear who had lost the fight.
  "T-t-this is not right..." Nourbese stammered as she ran her hand over the smooth stone appreciatively. It was half of Ouza's face rudely shattered. "Where is she!" Nourbese shouted as she turned to Sebastian with clenched fist. He returned her raged look with a grim one. The small girl growled and angrily threw what was once part of Ouza's face into the dirt. Causing it to shatter into many more pieces. "There is no way she could have killed him! No way! No way! No Way!" the girl screamed in denial as she zoomed across the yard looking for more hints.

  "Maybe it was at the help of the others. Isn't there five members?" Nari said turning her attention to Sebastian as Nourbese was frantically searching for more evidence. Nari was just happy that perhaps her Mongoose problem was dealt with. At least she assumed, it was Jake who was the unquestioned leader behind all of them and she began to wonder how far did his powers of compelling go? The others seemed very loyal to him although he didn't seem like the strongest of the bunch. Was it possible he did that to the others? She knew the powers of compelling died once its user did though, but even then to cast a spell that lasted longer than a few minutes was beyond impressive.
  Suddenly a loud banshee like shrill forced Nari to cover her ears and she looked over to Sebastian who just winced instead. It was Nourbese of course, she wasn't taking the loss of her longtime friend very well. In fact Nari could see the tears streaming down her cheeks. That was her confirmation that Mongoose wasn't going to be a problem, Nourbese would rip them apart one by one...

Apr 1, 2011

Chapter 11 (Distress 3)

  Alice wailed as her body crashed against the thick tree trunk it was thrown to. The bark from the tree flew out like shards as her inhuman body made a dent on tree.  "Ughawa.." Alice attempted to say something before rising up to her feet, but as soon as she stood the large man had his large hand gripped around her throat. He lifted her up with one hand and then tossed her to the side with a flick of his wrist.

  Alice body went flying to the right this time until she cruelly hit the ground and rolled lifelessly. When the momentum stopped she laid there, motionless. She was outmatched from the very start, every muscle in her body ached now and the pain was too much for her regeneration to handle. He could have easily finished this now, but he was enjoying it.
  Alice forced her eyes to remain open as she could hear...feel his heavy footsteps approaching her.

  A crazed chuckle could be heard coming from Alice as she forced herself back up to her feet. Alice stood on wobbly legs as her laughter only grew more demented until it suddenly and instantly stopped. The large man across from her scratched his head, confused at what she found so humorous.
   Dirt covered her face along with a bruise or two. Alice spat out blood, but it looked more like rich black oil. She wiped her mouth clearing the remaining blood off her lips as a frenzied smile covered her face.

  "You're good." she said as she stood hunched over clutching her stomach and breathing heavily. Knowing that losing meant death and that was looking quite likely now.

  "I may die-" she violently coughed up more of her own blood interrupting herself. Unfortunately Ouza wasn't one for words and she had spoken too many. Before Alice could even think about dodging, his fist was implanted into her midsection.
  Her body jumped from the impact and then she collapsed to the ground, a area she was getting used to by now. She was knelled over in front of the large man as he now started to laugh. His laughter was had more of a goofy tone to it. Then his large foot crashed into her ribs which sent her body rolling again.
  This time she was not getting up, although she could endure the broken bones and bruises until they healed. It wasn't the pain from the shattered bones that doomed her, it was her damaged spirit. She always thought of herself as one of the strongest, one of the best. One of the feared. The realization slipped into her mind though that there was always someone better, stronger, more ready than her. There was no point in continuing this battle, she could try to wait until Nourbese was defeated but she assumed Jake was already dead by now and that Nourbese was trying to unlock the prison that held Nari.

  Her mind snapped back to reality as she heard the snapping of a large branch along with his clumsy laughter, she briefly looked up and saw that Ouza now held a thick tree branch with a somewhat sharp end. 'A Stake...' she told herself, he was going to finish this by driving the dull end of it through her.
  Suddenly Alice could feel the large man standing over her, he kicked her over so she could look up at her killer as he raised the makeshift stake over his head his awkward laughter continued. Alice closed her eyes, the only preparation one makes when death was sudden and certain...

  "Graaawww!" her eyes flashed open as she heard Ouza screaming in pain. It sounded more like a wounded animal than any kind of human. The large man grunted as he reached behind and pulled out a small wooden stake that found itself settled in its lower back area and tossed it aside. His ancient age and power had built up a immunity from such tiny stakes, that only angered him as he looked for his surprise attacker.

  "Rrraww!" the man made another beastly howl as he found his target. Lilian revealed herself fist pumping in victory behind lush bushes. She hit her mark! She always did, Lilian had a thing for long range weapons.

  Ouza roared again as he disappeared, most likely charging to Lilian's position but instead he found himself being tackled backwards. 'Alonzo...' Alice thought referring to the fourth member of their group. Alice began to stand again, this time her injuries were all healed. It didn't take long for someone like her to regenerate completely.
  Alice watched the fight between Alonzo and Ouza, Alonzo was on top of the ancient, pounding his face in. Which was only possible because it looked like he was laced with other smaller stakes. It was like Lilian were tossing wooden pencils with the accuracy and speed of a sniper rifle.
  Alice's sick smile returned to her face, she wasn't dying again today after all. It was Ouza who would die this night. Suddenly the entire scene changed. Lilian directed Alonzo out of the way as it was her who now held the stake over Alonzo who was paralyzed from all the several small ones. Lilian didn't smile, she didn't laugh, she just held the larger wooden stake firmly in one hand with a determined look on her face. "You've lived long enough!" she said passionately before...

  "Don't!" Alice cried grabbing Lilian's arm and preventing it from driving down into Ouza's chest.
  "Alice? What are you doing!?!" Lilian shouted back as she was just as determined to kill this Vampire for good right here and right now.
  "Go check on Jake!" Alice responded but Lilian shook her head fiercely, all this time Alonzo just sat back and watched the scene baffled. Wondering what the ladies were arguing about.
  "Alonzo can go check on Jake after I-" Alice took the stake from Lilian and shoved her out of the way with enough force to put Lilian seated on the gron. Lilian stared up at her before shaking her head in disbelief. "No...no Alice it's too risky. You've already had too much of it, you'll get stronger as years go by!" she pleaded but she knew her voice fell on death ears.
  Alice was now the one who stood over Ouza who groaned and rolled over in pain, her smile was one of insanity and her stance one of victory. She looked down at her prey as the tip of her tongue slid across her dirty lips.

  "Dammit Alice!" Lilian gathered herself and brushed off her clothes. "Come on Alonzo, lets go help out Jake." the two disappeared leaving Alice to her own fate.

  Alice was glad those two were so clueless. This world was all about power, and she didn't plan on being overpowered ever again. The man who lay underneath her would solve that problem, she could only imagine the power he held and added to her own power she could only tremble at the thought.
  Ouza growled in pain as his body resembled that of a pin cushion filled with wooden stakes. She bent down over him as he was no longer a threat. One of these barely registered to his nervous system...but many of these? One bee sting may not kill you but multiply that twenty or thirty times...

  She tilted his head so she could get a good glimpse at his neck and admired his pulsing veins which she saw clearly now. She was going to drain him, the most humiliating way a Vampire could go was being bit by another and then drained by another. But not many knew the power that could be gained by doing so. Wasting no more time she sank her fangs deep into his flesh. The large being struggled only for a moment but as time went by his activity died down.
  The blood of another Vampire was disgusting, beyond that. Most would not even think of doing what Alice did, but Alice made a habit of doing it. Even though it would make her ill and weak, and there were even stories that consuming too much Vampire blood would bring a Vampire to their final death. But the pros outweighed the cons for her, it meant more power. That was the secret to their power.
  Alice now stood back over the man, coughing violently as the victims of Ouza were now her own. She hoped soon his power would be hers too. But right now she had to fight her own body as the coughing increased. "The Mongoose gets the snake again." she accomplished to say over his body which was now slowly turning to stone, his body now devoid of blood. She hoped one of her teammates would shatter it later because she assumed she wouldn't be in any condition to as her own body collapsed right next to his.

  She didn't know if Lilian was right, if she had made prey of too many predators. The rumor was that feeding on other Vampires was harmless occasionally, you'd get a little sick and get over it maybe even in the same day...but when the blood of the dead overtakes the blood of the living it made you truly dead. 'Only a rumor...' were her last thoughts before her mind blacked out...

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