May 28, 2011

Chapter 14 (Plans 2)

Sunday 11:40 p.m 
Brad bent down to get a closer look at the wound on the victim's neck, on first sight he realized this was a bit more than he bargained for. The officer that tagged along with him was his usual partner, they both had known all about the vampire world as they both were dragged into it by Maria Bonnet. Craig had thought it was fascinating underworld. Filled with creatures that are only part of the human imagination like vampires.

  "Can't believe it, they usually are very strict on their no celebrity rule. What do you think has changed?"  Richard Harris said, looking around the room for any other obvious clues.
  Brad had no idea what had changed. He had learned a lot about the Vampire world in his short time covering up activity for them, and one thing he knew was that the elders and their rules were in effect for everyone including the elders themselves.

  "Maria did not do this, it was someone else. Maria's victims come in multiple numbers on calculated and planned dates. Too spontaneous for her." Brad said rising to his feet and brushing himself off. He moved around the kitchen counter and also began to look for other clues. Usually Maria never told him who it was who did the attack, just that it needed to be covered up. Brad was far too curious though not to wonder who the true killer was.

  "I still can't believe that Carolyn Winters is a vampire, wonder how long-" Richards chimed in.
  "Could have been her. This is her boyfriend after all and she came into the station with Maria about a hour ago as you know. She's the only other vampire I can tie into this.  If it is her then she's not very old. Not even a week, look at the hole in the victims neck. For a new vampire it is pretty precise, a little messy but she didn't rip his neck apart. I wonder if Maria has been showing her the ropes?" He said murmuring to himself. Asking questions that he could not find definite answers to, at least not yet.
  "Maybe she's just a natural?" Richard said joking, but Brad found no humor in his attempt. "She always seemed like a good girl any way, always humble and frien-"

  "It shouldn't have happened." Brad blurted out. His sudden burst of emotion on a crime scene shocked his had taken Richard aback.The older manlooked at him and nodded grimly as they both took in the scene silently.
  "So, how are we going to handle this one?" Richard asked finally. Brad had moved back around the kitchen counter. He couldn't keep his gaze off the dead pale body. The once famous and talented ball player didn't look to have a ounce of blood in him. Which was usual but seeing a dead body was something he could not get used to.

  "Burn it. All of it."
  "The entire house? Don't you think Caro-"
  "That's the only thing I can think of right now. Make the fire look like a accident, his body burns first and we get out of here. We'll put him in a room a small room so that by the time the firefighters can find him, it'll be too late and most of his body will be charred. We'll let Maria and Carolyn make up their own excuse as to why Carolyn wasn't in the house. With a burned body on our hands no one should expect anything supernatural."

  "Still though, are you sure you want to anger Carolyn by burning all of her stuff down?"
  Brad shrugged as he looked down, taking a last look at the body he was about to insult. But unless he wanted to end up like Craig, he knew it was his only option. "She didn't say how to do it, just to get it done."

May 24, 2011

Chapter 14 (Plans)

  The car ride on the way to their destination was quiet. The term 'You could hear a pin drop' applied here as Maria sped through the night. Her vehicle was something you'd expect Maria to drive. Sleek, quick, expensive and the engine hummed as the car glided through the streets. It made Carolyn think about her own car, a mystery left unsolved and nearly forgotten. Only because more pressing matters floated around in her head, like most importantly how she killed Craig, her boyfriend. Parts of the scene kept replaying in her mind, over and over again until she began to ignore it.

  "What you did was not bad." Maria said finally breaking the silence. The older vampire knew that Carolyn was letting that gnaw at her conscience, every time she glanced over she thought she had a statue in her passengers seat.
  "I killed someone with my own two hands. You can't justify that." she said grimly drawing a sigh from Maria.
  "You know the circle of life, just see it as that. You are highe-"
  "I'm dead. It's not natural." this time Carolyn's response drew a chuckle from Maria's lips. Which made Carolyn return with a perplexed look. "What is so funny?"
  "You're right. You are dead and in reality are a plague upon this world. you just have to learn to deal with it. In time you will become less sympathetic to it."
  "You make it sound all so easy." Carolyn said giving Maria a sly smirk.
  "My brother and me have dropped all moral codes humans stick by. That is for them, not us. In the end who determines what is right and wrong? You wanted to bring justice to your boyfriend, you decided he was wrong."
  "That's not justice. It was not equal, justice would be me dumping him on national television. Not making a meal of him."
  "Perhaps." Maria said shrugging. "Maybe revenge is a better word then." Maria smiled innocently over to Carolyn as the car came to a stop. "We're here." she said stopping in front of the large police station. There were a few lights on in the building which Carolyn assumed was the graveyard shift.

  They both opened the car doors and stepped out. Making their way through the large double doors and being greeted by a woman working the front desk. Her eyes lit up upon seeing Maria. She waved happily "Greetings Madame Bonnet." she chirped.
  "Here to see Brad Black." Maria stated promptly and the woman pointed in the direction.
  As they walked through the mostly empty room excluding two working cops, Carolyn could smell humans stronger now. Ever since she had the fresh blood she quickly noted how much better she felt. Her vision was crisp, she wasn't sure if it was possible to see any clearer. Her hearing was better, she could hear someone pounding away on the keyboard in a different room.Last but not least her smelling was even improved. Everything had a distinct scent, not only that she could faintly smell the tracks of who walked before her. Although not well enough but it was there. It became a little easier to resist the calling of attacking any of the two cops working in the area. Overall she felt amazing. But even as she searched around the room and noted each of the two, her first thoughts were not 'I wonder what he's doing?' or 'I wonder how late he has to stay up?' general questions like that. Instead it became 'I wonder what he tastes like?' it disturbed her but it was a question she wouldn't mind having answered.

  The two policemen barely paid attention to the women as they strolled by and walked into Brad's personal office. The young man jumped out of his seat once her looked up and saw who it was.
  "Always a pleasure to see you, Madame Bonnet." he said with a wide grin. Carolyn wondered what the whole 'Madame' thing was all about.

  "Pleasure seeing you as well. But lets skip the pleasantries, I have a dead body that needs taking care of." Brad's smiled was replaced with a frown "Yes, death by bite." Maria said answering Brad's next question before he asked. He looked over to Carolyn who was busy being nosy and looking through bookcase.

  "Carolyn Winters!" he said excitedly. "Wow, don't tell me sh-"

  "Yes. She is like me." Maria answered and Brad nodded slowly as the realization kicked in. There was a look of disappointment on his face that Carolyn caught, but he hid it away suddenly before speaking again.
  "Yes Madame, should be no problem as usual. I'm good at what I do, dammit I'm the best. Just tell me where the body is and I'll begin thinking of something." He smiled, seemingly happy to have this job offer. Something Carolyn found a little odd. "Do I get any you know...something in return?"

  "No. Do the job. The body is back at Carolyn's place, you don't have to worry about any fingerprints or anything. It hasn't been moved. Do not fail, not everyone will be convinced of how he died, it just better not look like something unusual did it. As usual, give me a copy of the report and perhaps you'll get something in return. Come on Carolyn, lets go."

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May 14, 2011

Chapter 13 (Casualty 3 remix)

  She let go of her tight grip and watched as Craig's body hit the hard kitchen floor with a lifeless thud. She knew right away he was dead. There were no signs of movements and his eyes lay open calmly. She stood still...shocked. She had murdered him. It was as simple as that. She looked down at the dead body in terror with the realization that she killed him washing over her. The voices had at least stopped singing their tune of destruction in her head and physcially she had never felt much better.

  She could hear light footsteps approaching, her improved sense of smell already revealed who was incoming "It was inevitable." Maria said calmly looking down at Craig. Carolyn looked at Maria, her eyes full of grief.

  "Why didn't you stop me? You could have pulled me off in time!" she accused but Maria shook her head refusing to take any blame.

  "I tried to stop you don't you remember? Blame yourself." she said harshly as she moved past Carolyn and crouched over Craig. She wrapped her hands around his large forearms and squeezed. "Drained him dry...Hopefully we can cover up this death..." she looked back at Carolyn and realized that she was not taking this well "What's done is done Carolyn, don't worry I'll get this covered up." she assured.

  "Covered up? I don't care about that Maria! I just killed a man!" she said hysterical unable to grasp what she has done. "I can't believe it!" she shouted.

  "I'm sure he'll be the first of many." Maria mumbled before speaking up. "Come on, lets go. I have some friends in law enforcement who are pretty good with this whole thing."

  Hollie peaked through the window and was shocked at what she saw. Originally she came to visit Carolyn, after all they had not seen each other and barely talked the past few days. She wanted to find out what the whole mysterious disappearance was about. She had walked up to the house and saw she had a clear view of a scene that was in action. It was Craig and Carolyn, they seemed to be fussing about something, which was a normal couple thing. Especially with all the rumors going around. 
  What wasn't normal was what she saw after that, she was witness to the whole thing and when she saw the blonde slim woman walk in that's when her premonition kicked in and told her to 'Run!'. She never doubted that premonition, after all it was always right. Hollie scurried off quiestly to her car which was down the street. She opened the door and slammed it behind her frantically. Not wasting any time before she was finally speeding down the street.
  She wasn't sure what she just saw, she wasn't even sure if what she saw was real. 'Did Carolyn really just kill Craig by biting the neck?' As she zoomed off in her car she had a lot of questions with no idea how to find the answers.

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May 9, 2011

Chapter 13 (Casualty 2)

Sunday 8:21 pm
  Carolyn rested her head in her palms as she stared at the bright display of the computer screen before her. She had checked all of her email and personal accounts since her disappearance, and nothing alarming was there. Just the usual almost as if she had never left. It always felt that she was gone longer than she actually had been, she guessed dramatic events always seemed to have reserve their own place in time. 
  Just as she was about to get lost in her own boredom the ringing sound of the doorbell jolted her up from her seat as she scrambled to to answer it. Since the sun had fallen she was there and opening the door only a second after it initially rung, which surprised her visitor.

  Craig looked puzzled as he walked in, realizing how quick she answered the door. "Must have been waiting on me." he joked as she returned a pleasant albeit false smile. She stepped aside  as he walked past her but she couldn't help but notice his scent. It was tantalizing, not so much the smell of his skin but what pulsed underneath it. She could also hear the gentle thumping of his heart beneath his chest constantly in the back of her mind. Carolyn watched him carefully as he ventured deeper inside her house, she took a deep breath as she closed the door behind her and locked it.

  "Is something wrong? I was in town, I thought with all that was going on it would be a good idea to see you." he said worried as Carolyn retreated to the kitchen with her back turned to him. She tried to lessen her new and improved senses that had been ignited by his mere presence by moving further away, which would only rub Craig the same way. "If you want me to get out, I'll just go. You can just say so..." he said his emotions awakend just a bit as he paused hoping to give her a chance to jump in and explain herself and for a moment it didn't seem like she would say anything until she finally did.

  "No, I don't want you to go." her voice was conflicted as was she. No matter how much she tried to ignore her new enhanced smell and improved hearing it would not eliminate the violent thoughts that rushed into her mind. 'Attack him....Bite him....Kill him...' echoed in her mind like a mantra that could not be denied. What made it worse is the chant harmonized with the pounding of his heart. She didn't know who those thoughts belonged to, but they were not her own although the voice mimicked hers.

  So lost in her own mind that she did not realize that Craig had moved closer, he was directly in front of her now. "Carolyn? Carolyn?" he asked concerned until she finally focused on him. She did a excellent job of hiding the internal battle she fought with a rather neutral expression placed upon her face, which gave Craig the allusion that things weren't that bad. "The problem is me isn't it?" he pushed on, her reluctance to respond answered his question. "I see." he said disappointed.
  "Look." he continued. "The woman I was seen with isn't anyone special. We just had a chat and left the bar together not really a big deal." his voice increased as he began to lose his patient with her apparent apathy "Those people just assumed what happened after we left, that's it. You are not seriously going to believe gossip and rumors are you? You know how it is Carolyn!" he pleaded his case but his frustration would only grow after he failed to draw any response from her. "Are you even listening to me?" he shouted.

  "Please Craig, remain calm." she said softly, her voice could easily be heard since everything around them was so quiet. She realized that as his emotions grew, so did her urge to attack. The mantra repeated in her head almost as if it had tried to shout him down.
  "Why? You have no trust in me! You believe what you see on the television before me, I have a right to be angry ab-" 

  "Shut up!" her voice was fierce. The pure shrill of it caused even him to stop and back up, it wasn't only that it was also the aggression he saw in her eyes. This was not the same Carolyn he knew. Meanwhile in her mind the chanting lowered to a whisper but still never stopped.
  "Is everything alright?" Craig asked after realizing she had calmed down from her sudden burst of anger. Oblivious with what he was dealing with, with what she was dealing with also. She responded shaking her head. "Whats wrong?" he asked sincerely. He had moved close enough to her to where he was able to wrap his right hand around hers, he realized how cold it was. "Are you...sick?" he paused trying to find the word. He couldn't believe how cold she was, but she quickly snapped her hand away.

  "Yes." she said so softly he could barely hear it. '...Kill him...' the words echoed in her mind over and over. "Yes, very sick." she confirmed again.

  Craig knew without a doubt that something was not right here. He looked at his girlfriend quizzically trying to put all the pieces together. He didn't know much about anything, he wasn't the smartest guy around and knew little about medical but it was human nature to know that Carolyn was ill. It was unfortunate then that he ran out of time, Carolyn wrapped her arms around him in a split second. Her grip alone was tight enough to kill a grown man. She did not hesitate to finish, her sharp teeth sliced easily into his flesh like a newly crafted blade...

May 1, 2011

Chapter 13 (Casualty)

Sunday 5:09 pm 
The double front doors swung open with ferocity as Lilian and Alonzo dragged Alice's limp body and dropped it on the floor in front of a puzzled Marius. The red haired woman coughed up black liquid at least showing she was still alive despite not looking the role. Her skin was very pale of course that was nothing new but along with that it looked like it was turning grey. Alonzo went to close and lock the door behind them.
  Maruis glanced down at the now weak Alice. Just by looking at her anyone could tell what was happening wasn't good. Her body was trembling fervently upon closer inspection, and the rich black blood that dripped from her mouth had a bad odor.  "What happened?" he asked  and Lilian shook her head grimly.
  "After me and Alonzo here took out Ouza she decided to make a meal of him."

  "You mean that guy that floats around Nourbese? You three killed him?" he said failing to hide his surprise. Lilian nodded and Marius laughed. "Alice always loved to take risks, it doesn't surprise me that she would do this. Alonzo, take her upstairs." he said pointing to his right. Alonzo wrapped his arms around her shoulder and dragged her out of the room slowly. "Put her on one of the beds..." he shouted.

  "It was stupid!" Lilian ssaid with a calm frustrated tone. "No one knows for sure about what drinking too much Vampire blood can do yet she takes the risk."
  "Oh well." Marius said as he moved closer to Lilian. "I'd like to keep her here, I want to watch what happens next....what happened to that ambitious leader of yours, Jake?"he said realizing that he was not here. So something had to happen and he guessed he finally went rogue.
  "Jake is forever dead Sir. Which is why we are here, we can guess that Nourbese is out there looking for us. We are safe here Sir." Marius scoffed at Lilian's suggestion.

  "I am not protecting you, I suggest you group up with your other member wherever the hell he is." Lilian nodded although the frown on her face showed her disappointment. "You are the leader now Lilian. Alonzo is too stupid, Travis is too lazy, and Alice is too crazy. You can stay here until the sun falls, but when the night returns you must go." he demanded and she bowed before him respectfully before walking off to the right. Marius was a little worried, if these three could beat someone like Ouza then he had to be a little concerned. Especially if the three remaining members were to team up on him. At least Jake was no more, he had a feeling that Jake was never loyal to him any ways so things were better off now.  Lilian was more loyal and content with what she haves, but she was not to be underestimated...