Jun 28, 2011

Chapter 16 (Storm 2)

Tuesday 12:45 a.m 
  Alice, Alonzo, and Lilian found themselves going through a small grove which was recreational. The only reason there were no visitors was probably because of the time of day.  It didn't take long until they found the first victims, they weren't hiding just right in the open for anyone to see.

  "So recently turned, they may wake any moment now. Sebastian was definitely here" Alice said, she was the only one who had experience in turning. She also knew his scent well and was strong enough to smell traces of him since the attack was so recent.
  "We need to move quickly then and worry about getting these bodies off the street before they wake up. Since we made it in time for these two that means we have some time for the others." Lilian said kneeling besides the cold body of Carmella's. Making a closer inspection, she moved the limp woman off of the male and a large gash revealed itself on the right side of her neck. "Sebastian sure wasn't nice about it. Alonzo you take these two back, me and Alice will scout out the other areas." but Alice didn't seem to be paying any attention to the directions Lilian gave.

  "You go, I'll stay here." Alice said looking off into the distance. 
  "What if I run into Nourbese? We need to work as a team." Lilian said trying to convince Alice to follow. Alonzo was already following orders, placing both bodies under his arms, carrying their weight as if they didn't have any. With a nod of Lilian's head Alonzo was off, disappearing into the night as Lilian turned back to Alice with a perturbed look on her face. "I'm the leader now Alice, I think it is best if we do this together." but her words did nothing for Alice.

  "I'll wait here. Better this way, this is the first spot he'll return." Alice insisted, but in a quiet and calm manner. Lilian didn't want to try to force her and Alice saw Lilian as a friend and didn't want to demean her authority. Lilian could only sigh and give in, she couldn't force Alice to do anything. That was usually the case even with their previous leader.
  "Well, just be careful. If you get into trouble stall for time. Also if he doesn't show up in the next hour or so then follow the rest of the trail." Lilian said as she turned to leave, once Alice nodded her head to confirm she also disappeared into the night.

  After a handful of minutes Alice was proven right. Sebastian had showed up, and he stood across from Alice. His posture leaked confidence and perhaps because he was not alone.
  "She will not help you much in this fight." Alice stated pointing to the woman that trailed him, Nari.
  "You're right, she is just tagging along. This will be between me and you." Sebastian said as a smile crept upon Alice's face. Sebastian wanted to wipe her smug look off her face as he sent his body flying through the air hoping to land the first strike.

  He does so, the knuckles of his fist landing firmly into her cheek bone! He put a lot of power into his effort and as the bones of his fist crashed into the bones of her face, he could hear hears shatter and crack. Unfortunately for him all it did was knock Alice back, she wobbled for a moment but it seemed that as soon as he shattered her cheek it immediately began to repair itself. Such instantaneous regeneration was only a gift for those who lived thousands of years. Sebastian was in awe as he witnessed her just standing there...still with a smug grin. In fact her smile was mocking him now.

  Sebastian growled, allowing her look of scorn get to him. He followed up his surprise flying attack with several others. Fists and feet flying in a flurry towards her which she all dodged and parried with comical ease until finally grabbing one of his fist. Once in her iron grip she crushed it as if it were a slice of bread and then twisted his arm into an uncomfortable position. Sebastian howled in pain as he jerked his arm back which effectively separated his shoulder from the rest of his body. But the pain and separation was only temporary. As he pulled himself away from her and began to stall for time to let his arm began to piece itself together.

  "You are much stronger than before." Alice mocked, watching as Sebastian waited for his hand and arm to heal completely. It would take a minute or two, when for Alice it took merely seconds. "Not strong enough thou-"
  Alice's words were interrupted as Sebastian charged towards her again, this time attempting to tackle her to the ground. It was time for plan B, which would go into effect as soon as they both realized that Alice was much too strong to handle. Although he was not fully healed, the only thing that mattered was making sure Alice was an easy target. The two Vampires tumbled, each trying to get a edge over the other. Eventually Alice ended up on top, this time she had her hand tightly clenched ready to pound away but even she knew that would do nothing to Sebastian.

  "Decapitation always works." her voice twisted as Sebastian struggled to break free from underneath her. He didn't understand how she was able to get stronger at such a fast pace, he was sure all he needed was to regain his former strength and he would outclass her. He was wrong, perhaps dead wrong if Nari didn't follow through on the plan. "I always get my target." she said bragging. Sebastian didn't know how Alice planned on decapitating him, the only weapons she had were her bare hands. When she placed her right hand onto his chin and gripped it tightly and the opposite grabbing hold to the back of his head he imagined how she planned to do it. She was going to rip it off with one clean twist and the sadistic smile told him she was going to do it slowly and revel in his pain. Which she did, slowly twisting...

  Unknown to her there was a large wooden projectile zipping through the air. By the time she noticed it, it was impaled through her side. Alice freezes with her mouth a gape in shock, awe at how fast Nari must have thrown the stake were her last thoughts. Her body gave way and crumpled on top of Sebastian.
  Sebastian pushed her off of him as he began to stand up. She snapped and stretched his own neck, it was close to being over. He looked down at the woman and realized her blood a rich and black substance. Which was not the norm for Vampires and something to ponder with Nari later. "Took you a long time." Sebastian said as Nari made her way over. "Almost lost my head."

  "There is a moment where even the best of Vampires are blind, it is always right before the finishing blow." Nari said "The best surprise attacks come when the opponent thinks they've won." Nari said smiling. She was unsure if it would work, but it obviously did. "It is amazing at how powerful she was. We were definitely fortunate this time."

  Sebastian shrugged as he began to dust himself off and walk away. "Yeah, the other one is probably going to clean up the rest of the mess I made. We should finish this off in one night. I doubt she is even close to the beast we just defeated." Nari agreed as she moved towards Alice whose body was still lying there impaled, she cocked her head as she also caught the black substance that leaked from Alice. It was clearly blood, but it was black and looked more like oil. 'What is this woman putting into her body?' Nari contemplated.
  "I'll wait till she turns to stone and try to figure out why her blood is black. Could have something to do with her power. You should go ahead, she should be petrifying soon.." Nari choked on her words as the woman began to move. She rubbed her eyes to make sure she was seeing what she was actually seeing. Alice was getting up, slowly but surely she was standing back up. "Impossible." Nari whispered, and although Sebastian was a comfortable distance from her he could hear the word clearly. By the time he returned and he couldn't help but watch also. Alice was standing now, although wobbly she was on her two feet.
  Alice wrapped her two hands around the stake which weakened her, but Sebastian wasn't going to sit and watch her pull it out. He threw his body at her recklessly and she clubbed him away sending his body rolling behind as if he were a pest. Somehow she still had plenty of strength left.
  "Nari aim for the head!" Sebastian called out as he rose to his feet. But when he looked up he saw that Nari was no longer around..and he also saw the steak tossed to the ground.

  "Nari has always been known for her intelligence." Alice said chuckling. "I wonder what you will be remembered for..." Alice paused and thought about it for a moment before throwing her hands up in frustration. "Ah well! It really doesn't matter!"she shrugged as she moved over to the stake and picked it up. She observed it for a moment and found it's sharp point, then she charged right at Sebastian and going for the kill strike...

Author's note: I hope my 'special effects' were good!

Jun 22, 2011

Chapter 16 (Storm)

Monday 11:03 p.m
  "I need to see Marius." Lilian's words came rushing out of her mouth, interrupting Maria's quiet time. Maria realized that this must be important so she turned around to face her.
  "My brother is not here right now, but I can handle anything that he can." 
  "Yeah of course." Lilian said with the addition of a nod of her head.

  "What's going on and why am I just hearing about it?" Maria seemed a little agitated but she was used to it by now. She was always seen as the right hand of Marius when she had done so much on her own.
  "We have a problem." Lilian started. "We've been hearing from several sources that people are being turned without reason. They are just being turned and then left at the spot."
  "How many?"
  "It's five now."
  "Then stop it." Maria demanded.

  "It's a trap, I mean obviously right? Someone is trying to lure us out, otherwise they would do this differently. I am sure it is Nourbese."
  "Makes sense, she has always had a temper and with recent events I can see her becoming a renegade seeking revenge." Maria added. It was likely to be Nourbese, or at least she had to be involved. It took someone bold to do that.

  "Or it could be Sebastian." a new voice chimed in, a familiar voice. Alice was hanging out on the wall and grabbed both of their attention when she spoke.
  "Alice? You're alive!" Lilian was happy to see Alice doing well and it was a large boost to her confidence if they were going to go out and do this. She looked completely fine too and Lilian guessed probably much stronger than ever before.

  "As alive as a Vampire could be." she said joking but realized that the two others weren't in the mood for cracking a smile. "I've listened to this little conversation. I say we take the bait, we are better than them. We can't lose."
  "No no no." Lilian shook her head. "No, we have to assume Sebastian has been feeding. He's stronger than when you last fought him. Besides Nourbese was an Elder and her power is well noted. I have never witnessed it but I don't think it is something we should underestimate."
  "So?" Alice shrugged carelessly.

  "So Lilian's right." Maria said. "Nourbese, if you've been wondering Alice is an Egyptian name. She is practically a living fossil. I know first hand that she has a lot of tricks up her sleeves. Things you probably couldn't comprehend. Me and Marius will think about a way to deal with her if she is behind this. Personally I hope she has found better things to do."

  "Alright then I'll settle for Sebastian. I have beaten him before." Alice sounded a bit disappointed. She wanted to test out her new power against Nourbese, and even more she wanted to drain her just like she did her partner Ouza. Although in the back of her mind she remembered that if it hadn't been for Lilian and Alonzo than Ouza would have easily beaten her. Nourbese had to be stronger than him.
  "Sounds like a plan, but don't be disappointed Alice if it is not Sebastian or Nourbese setting this up." Lilian said.
  "One other thing, bring back the newborns to me. We can't have them roaming the streets." Maria said sitting back down and grabbing her book.
  "Are you going to kill them?" Lilian asked a bit concerned.
  "I'll have a look at them. I'll decide from there who dies or not." she said opening her book and continued reading as the others walked off.

Jun 18, 2011

Sebastian's Night Out (Destination Bonus)

Monday 8:45 p.m
    The sun had quickly began it's retreat as they both stood there and watched as the water before them rippled. The pond was still that day, probably more so than ever now that a lifeless body rested on the floor of it. All the two of them could do was stare at the surface as the ripples continued outward and eventually vanished. 

  "I can't believe it came to this." said the man, his voice deep and glum in tone. The woman next to him didn't respond. She was so fixated on the pond that he wondered if she even heard him. "From thievery to murder. How did it come to this Carmella?" 

  "It had to be done, either him or us and you know that Doug." Carmella's tone wasn't so grim, it usually burst with with confidence and right now was no different.
  "Yes but now there is no turning back now. You know that right?" Doug was definitely shaken up by this. When him and his girlfriend started doing crime they promised it was always financial. Always stealing but to never harm. Yet here they were tossing a body in the lake. 
  "It is what it is." she said simply, but her simple answer was not enough for Doug.
  "And what is it then?" he said agitated.

  "You know if we didn't go through with this then we would be a large target for the cartel." she said finally turning away from the lake and facing her partner.

  "Should have never got involved with them." Doug said as he began to walk away. Carmella was close behind still trying to rationalize their crime.
  "You must be forgetting all the money that is coming our way for this."
  "We are dealing with people who would rather just kill us than pay us, you are being dangerously optimistic if you thi-" a rustle in a tree interrupted him. Not that he didn't expect wild life out this far, but it sounded like a fairly large animal. When he saw a flock of birds come from that tree he relaxed and continued. "I just think we should focus on just getting out of this, living our life as normal people. When I answer our door I think two things are going to happen. Either the police or a shotgun aimed at my chest. I would like to be able to just expect it to be a friendly visitor."
  "Yet you're still alive and I am too. You worry too much-" she paused and almost like a sixth sense she swiftly about faced. What she saw was a man standing right where they were a few minutes ago.
  "Someone followed us?" Doug asked the obvious question but things started to move too quick for him. Carmella had pulled out her gun and then aimed it right for the mans head. Doug knew she was willing to fire.

  "You have three seconds to say your name and then the following five seconds to explain why you are here. Three..." she started to count but the man just stood there and Doug noticed that now the mysterious man had a smile on his face."...Two..." That's when Doug realized that this just wasn't right. Nothing was right about this man. "...One..."
  "Don't do it!" Doug pleaded but his warning was muted by the sound of explosion from the gun. He saw the man take a shot right in the area where his heart should be and even more shocking to the both of them, he didn't move. He just stood there and then started moving towards them. That's when Carmella began to realize that this was no ordinary man and she was not willing to wait around and ask him more questions. She fled at top speed to her car which was parked at least a half a mile away from where they were. She didn't make it far until the man she was fleeing from blocked her path.

  Doug was trailing only a bit behind her and went to pull out his gun as well. Carmen had dropped hers by accident when she tried to hit the man in the face with it, but it didn't seem to inflict any damage and instead the man grabbed her wrist and twisted violent. Doug in his anger fired off a few bullets but then stopped because he was too worried that he'd hit Carmen. Instead he watched.

  He watched as his girlfriend screamed in agony as she grabbed her now shattered wrist. He watched as her feisty nature would not allow her to go down without a fight, she kicked and punched but each desperate strike did nothing. She aimed her last kick to the man's groin, hoping that would be a weak spot for him but instead he grabbed her foot and twisted that as well. Doug heard the shriek that followed but he could not act, he did not know what to do so he just stood there and watched. Watched the entire scene play out even as the man sunk his fangs into Carmella's neck.

Monday 9:45 p.m
  Sebastian had left Carmella and Doug where he found them. He figured they would wake up with a terrible hunger for blood and he felt truly sorry for their first victims. He almost hoped that another experienced Vampire would find them and helped them out but he hadn't the time for that. The woman seemed to have a real fiery attitude about her, he was sure that perhaps he would see her again...as for the guy Sebastian thought of him as a wimp. In the end what happened to them didn't matter. He just needed to break a major rule in order to get the attention of Mongoose and randomly turning people was something they would find out rather quickly.
   Nari told him they had a lot of eyes on the streets, and he knew someone was watching him. Ever since he followed the couple into the woods he knew someone was trailing him, he never confirmed it but he hoped it was true. He just hoped it was someone that would go and tell them about what had happened. The Elders did not like random turnings, especially when the number of said turnings is past one. They count it as someone trying to incite chaos or perhaps even create a splinter group that knows nothing of the Elders. The Elder Council wanted to know who was turned and they wanted that person to know who was in charge. Leaving bodies in the forest was a surefire way to get on Mongoose's hit list.
  Sebastian exited the forest as quiet as he entered it. He managed to take off his coat which had some blood on it from the previous turnings and quickly cleaned himself up for the next one. He was lucky he wore a thick jacket so that his undershirt was left perfectly untouched. This time the person he planned on turning was just some random guy he saw pull up to his house. He wasn't sure if he deserved it or not but he just chalked it up to life being unfair. 'He lives in a small place any ways, he probably needs someone to shake up his life.' Sebastian thought as he gently knocked on the door. It wasn't long before a man opened the door.

  "Sorry to bother you sir, but my son was playing basketball with some friends earlier and it appears that his ball is in your backyard." The man looked at Sebastian cautiously as he readjusted the glasses on his face. "He is too shy to come over and ask for it himself so he has been waiting for me to get home from work to do so."
  The man shrugged and mumbled 'Sure' as he closed and locked the door behind him leaving Sebastian outside, which was fine for his plan. Sebastian could tell the man didn't trust him and rightfully so, Sebastian realized there weren't any basketball goals towering on this street. So his on the fly story was unlikely. Either way Sebastian plan had worked. He just wanted to get the man outside of his house and he heard the backdoor slam shut as the man walked around looking for a ball.

  "Must have went into the wrong yard..." the man mumbled after quickly searching the area. It was clear it was nowhere in the vicinity.
  "No, I'm sure it was this one." Sebastian said suddenly behind the man. The man froze, instantly he realized that what he was dealing with wasn't normal. He rushed for the door but was too slow and instead he found himself being held tightly before feeling a sharp pain in his neck.

AN: The Sim named 'Carmella' is not a sim I myself created. It is a Sim strolled upon named 'Soleil' located at Jaedub's blog. I planned on making her myself like I do all my sims but seeing that one fit the idea I had for her perfectly!

Jun 14, 2011

Chapter 15 (Destination 3)

  "Whether I like it or not doesn't matter. You said knowing the information would help keep my mother safe? Why is that? What does any of this have to do with her?"
  Marius nodded his head and held his palm out to indicate her to be quiet for a moment as she hit him with her questions. Only after he realized that she had hushed did he continue. "Yes your mother is and has been in constant danger as were you until Alice saved you."
  "Saved me!" Carolyn said agitated and confused. Although she had accepted the reality of being a Vampire she hardly thought of the condition of being saved. That woman attacked her, Carolyn couldn't comprehend how that translated into being saved. "Alright alright, I'll calm down and let you finish." she said recognizing that Marius was like the teacher that refused to say anything in front of a noisy class.

  "Very well then." he said giving her his trademark smile and then moving over the window.  "There was once a person named Lilith Sangria. Lilith was a powerful Vampire. Physically she was faster, stronger, simply better. She even began to master the technique of compulsion. When I mean master I mean she would control minds for over years or even in some rare cases making others completely submit to her will. Her power seemed limitless, and as she continued to age even the basic weaknesses that apply to us today faded away. She became nearly immune to fire and completely immune to stakes."
  "Sounds like she was something special." Carolyn said chiming in but keeping her comment brief so that Marius could continue.

  "She was." he said as he began to envision the woman from long ago. "You see, Lilith was an original. She was a trendsetter, a breakthrough. She was one of the very first of our kind which made her special. You see she was not dead, she was very much alive unlike you and I yet still limited to the night like us. She could could also reproduce, being the only woman Vampire to have this ability since the other originals were males is what made her situation down the road peculiar. The children she birthed were very much human, she had seven actually. Most of them went on to live normal lives."
  "Wait if this Lilith person was so powerful, how did she die?" Carolyn asked leaning forward, fully entangled in his story.
  "Witches." he said frankly. "They were quite envious of her power and of course terrified of it. "
  "Witches...what? Seriously?" Carolyn knew she shouldn't be surprised, she made a note to ask Maria or Marius the list of supernatural beings that roamed the world.

  "Witches are quite powerful dear, do not earn a grudge against one. In fact steer completely clear of them...any ways, that is a story for another day." He said sounding eager to move back to the topic of Lilith. "Some of her children three to be exact, followed her path after her demise. Either by being turned unwillingly or actively seeking out a Vampire to turn them. What the then council had found was that when these children were turned they were similar to Lilith. Their power seemed limitless, and as their victims grew so did their strength and at unusually fast levels just like Lilith. It became a problem, these three especially had thought of the world as their sandbox. Killing at will and breaking the rules. It went so far that humans began digging up graves and staking suspected Vampires or bringing out their flames and torches and burning down their places of rest. Humans are not usually a problem alone, but when they know where you live and what you are then killing you isn't much of a problem for them. Because of the bold nature of Lilith's children, they had bought Vampires to the spotlight and thus the myth of the Vampire was born."

  "Yeah, but I am guessing that it was not easy to just get rid of them?" Marius nodded and turned around to find Carolyn facing him.
  "Correct. It took a collaborative effort to do just that. You can probably guess what that meant for the other four children who had lived their life normally and began to create families of their own right?" he asked rhetorically. "The council knew this could never happen again. Besides at the time that power challenged their own. They would not have it. Ever since then Lilith's family has been hunted down and killed, even to this day. The thought is to get them before they have a chance of turning and going on some psychotic killing spree."
  There was a pause as Carolyn let that information sink it. She shook her head still unsure how this all connected to her. "So, what are you trying to say."

   "As you are related to Alice, both of you are related to Lilith." Marius revealed as Carolyn connected that piece to the rest of the puzzle.  He also stared at the woman before him, he was quietly in awe at how similar that Carolyn looked to Lilith as he remembered her. She had a stronger resemblance to Lilith than Alice did. What was more eerie to him than the visual appearance was the audio. Carolyn's voice was strikingly similar from what he could recall. "That is why members of your family tree are either murdered or have terrible accidents that result in death. That is why Alice is so strong even though in our years she is just a pup. That is also why I am guessing she has turned you, knowing it was the only connection she had left to her family and knowing that you'd be vulnerable as a human."
  "Does she know this? I mean does Alice know about the Lilith thing?" Carolyn asked, her voice a mere whisper. Being related to Alice was one thing. Alice was just another Vampire. Just another monster of the night and a crazy one at that.  But the idea that she was kin to some ancient legendary Vampire was both overwhelming and exciting.

  "No, she knows only that for some reason her family has been hunted down and killed. I told her that you were a possible relative and I'm quite surprised by the actions she took...I believe she has done the right thing in turning you. The other Elders do not know about you or your mother, they believe that most of the branches on the Sangria family tree have been cut off. If they ever do find out about your mother, they will kill her. Even if she is too old to have another child there is still a possibility of her being turned." Marius was talking off into the distance now.
  "How did you find out about this?" that was the one question that lingered in Carolyn's mind more than any other. If Marius knew about her family then why didn't he go ahead and take care of Alice, why did he let this go on.

  "I have access to a lot of information." Marius said instantly. "I knew about Alice a long time ago, kept her identity safe from the other Elders. Winters for example is not even close to being your actual last name. As for why...I was interested in seeing Lilith's bloodline blossom again and Alice has not disappointed. It has taken her longer than expected, but no one doubts her power now."
  "You aren't worried that she will turn on you?"
  "I am afraid of no one." he said and the trademark smile which oozed confidence convinced Carolyn of that.
  "What about me? Am I still a target even as a Vampire?" Carolyn asked worried.

  "Perhaps but I doubt it." he turned and looked back out the window. "None of the seven elders from then are no longer around. The ones today are more revolutionary I should say, I don't think they would be so against having you and Alice around. After all, back then the Elders had so much control over the world. They no longer needed the originals to learn from, they saw them as an obstacle instead of seeing them as a weapon. I think if presented correctly they will accept this."
  "I-I should pack my things and get ready." Carolyn mumbled, she found out she wasn't quite prepared for this information after all. "What was Lilith like?"She was afraid to ask, she imagined that maybe she was much more civilized than the others. That she acted within reason of human expectations since she seemed to be more than just a Vampire.

  "Hmmm." Marius rubbed his chin as her image popped back up into his head. He remembered her perfectly now from her blazing red hair to her playful demeanor. "Lilith was merry, always fun loving to the core. The problem was that what she found entertaining was what others found repulsive. She was the only original I had the pleasure to be around. No one knows exactly where the originals came from, but after the time I spent with Lilith I was sure she came from Hell itself. She did have a sweet side to her though, once you got past her almost daily habit of murder." Marius stopped realizing that maybe at the time this was not what Carolyn should hear. "It may not be what you wanted to hear, but it is the truth. I wanted to tell you this later, when you were more comfortable with what you are now. Now, go get ready. You have the entire trip to dwell on this."

AN: If you are asking yourself a few questions after reading this, don't fear! A part of the mystery of Carolyn's family and how she came to be will be answered in Alice's backstory ;)

Jun 10, 2011

Chapter 15 (Destination 2)

Monday 4:58 p.m
  Carolyn sipped on the straw, each sip bring a rush of slightly cooled blood into her mouth. Carolyn remembered this was the same kind of blood she drank when she first turned, it even had a label on the front of it that read 'Nu Blood!' almost as if you could find it on the shelves of your local grocery store. Carolyn recalled her first time drinking it, she was even indifferent to it then. Even after Alice told her what it was she was putting into her body she still continued. 'I'm not sure what I am becoming.' she thought to herself as she placed the empty drink down on the table. She even admitted to herself that draining Craig was fun. Well once she moved past the initial shock and horror of what she did, but still it was not something she could do regularly at least so she thought. 'Besides, I had something against Craig. I could never do that to a innocent person...'

  "That is your...fourth cup now? Something wrong?" Marius smooth voice sneaked upon her. He must have heard her emptying the blood supply. She learned that Marius heard everything, even for a Vampire she thought his hearing was extra ordinary. "You have quite the appetite Carolyn. It was just last night that you drained your ex-boyfriend and now you are gorging yourself on more blood. Interesting..." Carolyn turned her head just in time to see the confident smile that usually was on his face. He enjoyed this but she wasn't sure why. She never understood what exactly he wanted from her.

  "I admit." Carolyn started, her voice low but it could never drop low enough to be missed by his ears. "This stuff is tasty, even if it isn't fresh and poured into a little cup like this. Plus it's not like I will get fat and it relaxes me and gives life to the day."
  "Like a morning cup of coffee." Marius said nodding. "No you will never gain weight from it. I knew you would adapt to this sooner than most, after all I am very familiar with your family history Carolyn." Marius said with that same confident smile now glued to his face. He moved over the table Carolyn was sitting at and joined her.
  "My family history? What is that supposed to mean?"
  "Lets just say, your family has quite the record with our kind...well your kind-"
  "Explain." Carolyn's voice was firm. She barely knew about her own family and yet this man, this stranger who was happy to take her in had claimed more knowledge than she. "Well..." Carolyn said as Marius seemed reluctant to respond.

  "Well, your family has had contact with our kind since its inception Carolyn. I'm sure you are aware that most of your ancestors deceased at a young age." He said grimly, but Carolyn knew she never had much of a family, just her mother. Her father died mysteriously at an early age and her cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents...she knew nothing of them except that they all died. A lot of them murdered. Her mother always called it coincidence, but now that Marius threw this information out there it made her wonder. Not many knew about her family either, the media thought she was a privileged child who was just unfortunate to lose her father. It was almost as if her family history had been erased from time.

  "Vampire hunters, do I come from a family of hunters or something? Would that explain all the murders and death at young age?" Marius stared at her for maybe five seconds before realizing that she was serious. A burst of laughter then followed. "What? What's so funny!" Carolyn's said shouting over his laughter.
  "A good guess, as any human idiotic enough to take the title of 'Vampire Hunter' deserves a gruesome death. I will tell you about your family history on ONE condition." 
  Carolyn rolled her eyes. "What is the condition?"
  "You simply have to agree to come with me to England."
  "England?" Carolyn said puzzled. It sounded simple but with Marius things were never simple.

  "For a task." He stood from his chair and placed it neatly back under the table. "As you know or maybe you have forgotten. There are exactly seven Elders that make up the council. One of them lives in England, London to be exact."
  "Your point?"
  "The subject I speak of goes by the name Ben Perry. He has become quite the beloved Vampire. I normally am not very competitive. So I care less about his popularity, what I do care about is that the other council members seem to think he's some shining model of what a Elder should be. He's charismatic, has sway on rulings that are made. His seat in the council holds power that I want." Marius turned to her and his black cold eyes met hers only a moment before she looked away. Not wanting to make eye contact with him.
  "So what do you want me to do?"

  "Ben is a ladies man." he continued. "It is perhaps his only weakness. He has realized this with recent assassination attempts on his life." Marius turned away as he briefly thought back on all the failed attempts. Someone else was trying to take him out also but he was not sure who. "My idea is to get someone close enough to him, lure him to become vulnerable and then I finish him off. I can't attack him unless I know that I can do it without alerting the other council members and I could never send Alice to do the job as it would tip my hand and make it obvious to the rest of the council."
  "I don't understand what you want me to do? Butter him up so you can sneak in and kill him? What makes you think he'll fall for me if you've tried this several times already?"
  "You are smarter than you look Carolyn." Marius said smiling again, his grin was was rarely authentic. The more time Carolyn spent with Marius the more she realized he resembled a politician and not the good kind. "Ben has grown quite picky because of these numerous attempts on his life. Humans he will turn away for several reasons. Ben is actually quite the romantic actually, he'd love to find a woman who fits his criteria and quite frankly I think you do."
  Carolyn sighed heavily before responding "How long do I have to play this game with him?"
  "Oh not for long, one date is all I need......will you do it?"

  Carolyn sighed again as the wheels in her brain began to turn. She wanted to, she wanted to know the history of her family or at least get an idea of it. "I can't go out in the public on a date right after Craig has died. Wouldn't that make my image look bad? People think I am grieving his death not immediately looking for a replacement. My agent has already contacted me to do several shows about the house fire, I have to appear that I care that my boyfriend is dead. I can't just go running off right now, I'm sorry."
  "Oh..." the disappointment that leaked from his tone was evident as he sat back down, this time in the chair across from her.
  "Besides what will simply taking him out achieve? How do you know the person filling his spot won't be worse?"

  "Because, I know the person who will fill the seat. Did I mention Carolyn that the sooner you know this information about your family, the sooner you can protect your mother?" He looked back over to Carolyn and she knew by the look on his face that he was very serious about it. "Besides I will make sure the date is private, we won't even be in England long. You won't do the interviews because you want to grieve, sounds like a valid excuse."
  "Alright I'll do it." she said giving up. She wanted to know and now she apparently needed to know. She doubted he was lying about it and she also doubted she had much of a choice. She thought she might as well get something out of this. "But you need to tell me right now." she demanded.

  "Of course dear, but you may not like it..."