Jul 31, 2011

Chaper 18 (Encounters)

Wednesday 5:11 a.m
  Darrell smiled at his reflection, the result of working tirelessly on shining thick wood that made his bar. Customers always said he would do it non-stop. Tidying up his bar, making sure it was presentable to anyone who visited. Although business had been slow recently, it was always good to be prepared for a sudden pick up. The drop in business usually meant one thing, the local vampires were up to something. That meant the Elders that made this city their home. There was no doubt of that, even the fool of a vampire Tony that visited him often stop coming. He wondered what his clan was up to, they never did like the company of the Bonnet's. Marius and Maria had gained their fair share of enemies over the years. Darrell eagerly awaited for the day they would be taken down, both of them but he had no plans of assisting. He enjoyed just being an observer from a far.

  The thudding of footsteps climbing down the stairs made him drop his rag for the moment. He leaned over the counter hoping to get a good idea of who was his visitor at this time of night. Since it was so close to the sun rising the place was empty.

  "Well well well." Darrell started, his voice carrying easily across the room. A grin growing on his face as the guest made himself known. "Travis, where have you been?" Darrell asked as Travis made his way to the bar.
  Travis was the mongoose member that has been absent for some time. Where he was at or who he was with no one knew. He heard the usual rumors that he'd start working for another Elder or clan and quit Mongoose altogether, but he doubted it. Marius and Maria kept a tight ship, and it was rare that people left it without consequence. The rumors he heard in his small lounge never surprised him.

  "Been everywhere. Needed to take a break so I did." his voice always careful and cool yet there was a edginess to it that might put a few people off. Travis had Darrell's attention only for a moment before the lounge owner picked up a glass and began to wipe it clean.
  "So you just decided to disappear? Can't say I blame ya, you never did fit in with the other ones." Darrell thought seeing Travis back in town was a pleasant sight. Out of all the Vampires that worked for Marius and Mongoose he was one of the more rational and nice ones. Easy to get along with and just generally a good guy. At least as good as a Vampire could be.

  "Don't underestimate relaxation. Not like they can't replace me I always get the strangest jobs, Alice has all the fun." Travis joked as he stood across from Darrell. "Must be some crazy things happening if you're happy to see me."

  Darrell shrugged. He heard a lot of things in here but what was true and what wasn't? He had no clue. "Hey man need a drink? It's not actual blood but the other Vampire's don't seem to complain about it."

  "Nah, I've had my fill. My friend always makes sure I am well fed." he said smiling referring to his good friend. Some speculated he was dating the human woman but he always made sure to call her a friend. "Besides I should be heading back now. Before I get more calls and messages demanding where I'm at. Just thought I could stop by see how the place was doing." Travis looked around and saw just how empty it was. Which was expected at this time of day, so it wasn't much use in sticking around. Also his partners were surely waiting on him, they never really explained why they wanted him back though. Jake had bugged him about coming back at first, then he got the news that Jake died and ever since then Lilian had made sure to try and contact him non-stop. Lilian seemed eager and excited of her promotion and she was doing everything she could to prove her worth. Travis would have extended his personal vacation, but when he got the message from Maria he knew it was time to stop fooling around. Something was happening and Travis guessed they needed all the bodies they could get. Which was unfortunate, he hated fighting.

  "Oh yeah." Travis said suddenly before making his leave. "You should see my new car...well actually it's not my car. Just a rental, I'm going right now to return it back to the owner. Maybe I'll get a reward." He winked but Darrell didn't quite understand what he meant by that. Travis led him outside to take a look at the vehicle.

Wednesday 2:57 p.m
   A knock on the door suddenly wakes Brad up. His head popped up and he shouted "Whose there!" as if he were waking from a bad dream. "Come in..." Brad said grumbling. It was hard enough to get sleep and here someone was interrupting what little time he had. There were two murders in the same night, and just when he thought he'd be able to rest at home and get some sleep he had to go to the scene in the morning. The second one was a mirror image of the first, except this time the husband was a victim too. The story was slowly growing, and he had guessed the attacks wouldn't stop if it was indeed a Vampire.
  He wanted to contact Maria, he needed to...but Maria did not like being contacted. She would come and inform him of the situation if he was lucky. He knew it was a matter of time before she did but he was growing impatient. With a full night ahead, how many more people would be killed?

  Lost in his thoughts he barely noticed that the visitor had already taken a seat and now a gentle knock on his desk brought him back to the present. He tilted his head upwards and sighed as he saw the slim figure sitting across from him. "Hollie? What brings you here?"
  "Watching the news." she said, her voice distant. "This killer, I know it is a Vampire. I've seen it."

  That woke up Brad. He shook the cobwebs out of his head and his drooping eyes opened. "What are you talking about? I told you, warned you in fact. Forget about Vampires. Now I have a lot of work to do so if you would plea-"
  "No." her voice soft yet but the word was firm enough to cut off Brad. "I've seen the man. He's filthy and looks like he's homeless."
  "And how did you see this man Hollie?" Brad challenged. He said it in a mocking tone, it was clear he didn't believe it. For if she truly saw the Vampire Brad thought she'd be dead also.

  "My dream. I saw him!" she said assuredly. For Brad she seemed a bit fanatical. He shook his head right away once he heard the word 'dream'.
  "I have dreams about it to. You'll be alright when you wake up I promise."
  "Listen to me!" her voice increased to a demanding tone now. Brad was going to try to shoo her away again but she have it. "It sounds crazy. I know it does really...but just listen. My dream, all I know is the woman he attacked. She was blonde and hefty. From what I can tell. Her son had grabbed a weapon...like a bat! Attacked the man but his attacks didn't seem to harm him in any way. He looked up at me, directly at me...then I woke up." she explained in a frenzy, her words coming out too fast for Brad to catch and he made no efforts to listen.

  "Okay that's nice. Now please, if you would be so kind as to leave me to my wor-"
  "I've never had visions before." her voice distant again, her words directed at no one but herself. "It was always a feeling, but now it is even more than that."
  "Umm...okay then." Brad raised a brow at Hollie. He began to doubt her sanity but he had no time for that. "Everyone has dreams Hollie. Sometimes they seem more than that. It's normal." he said hoping she realized how silly she sounded. He liked Hollie before but now she seemed a bit mental.

  "This one is real." she replied sudden. Her voice didn't waver this time.
  "None of the victims had blonde hair, and all three were in shape. Now please."
  "Fine." she said giving up. She couldn't blame him, no one would believe her. She hardly believed herself. She couldn't help but be frustrated though and terrified. Her intuition only came when she was in danger, so now why was it showing up now and in visions this time? She rose out of her seat and made for the door.

  "Hey Hollie?" Brad said halting her exit. She stopped hoping that he'd at least assure her that he'd be prepared for tonight. "I'll let you know if anything happens alright?"
  "Just be careful."

AN: This chapter is late because of TS3 problems -_- but they are fixed! Any ways if you see something new suddenly put on the site don't be surprised! Also that 'Travis' is not a sim I made! (Maybe i'm getting lazy...) any ways he is located here!

Jul 27, 2011

Chapter 17 (Decisions 3)

Tuesday 10:07 p.m
  Carolyn looks out the window longingly. Wanting to return home, but not in the physical sense as she was used to travel but the mental sense.  '...You are not the same person anymore.' those words echoed somewhere inside her head. It seemed to permeate there, digging down and finding a home of it's own. Originally she imagined it as Ben saying it in that stoic voice of his. Slowly over time though her own voice repeated it. '...I'm not the same person anymore...' she seemed to admit to herself, it became a thought of her own.

  "You should get your things ready Carolyn, we are taking the first flight back. I know you are eager to leave after all" Marius voice returned her back to the here and now. She realized a change in his tone and his general mood since he killed Ben. Was it regret or was it a sort of shame? Carolyn couldn't tell, Marius was difficult to read, especially now when he made it an effort to hide any emotions he had. Carolyn had lost all respect for Marius this night and she could feel that maybe he knew that. Perhaps that is what saddened him now. "Your business with the Elders is not done." he said quietly.

  Carolyn slowly turned back to face him. "What do you mean Marius?" she asked keeping her voice tempered and calm, she knew it was something. It was always something with him. 
  "You are Ben's replacement." he replied. The room fell silent after that until finally Carolyn decided to press.
  "His replacement to what?" she knew, but she hoped it wasn't what she thought.

  "On the council Carolyn. Remember I told you I knew the person that would take his spot. You are that person." Silence hit the room again as Carolyn turned away. Unable to look at Marius she instead turned back to the window and looked out at the sky. Gazing up at the bright spots that spread across the dark sky and hoping to steal a moment just to think. Marius was quiet he knew this was a lot to throw on her suddenly.
  "No." she said. Marius waited for an explanation after such a simple concrete answer but he could tell that she didn't plan on giving him one.

  "Not an option Carolyn." Marius said coolly.
  "What if I refuse? Are you going to kill me? Is that why it isn't an option?" Carolyn said. Her voice sharp and challenging.
  "I've already told another Elder about it before Luisa could. So there is already a meeting being planned. If she reached them first there is no telling how the others would have responded, they wouldn't believe me surely-." 
  "I'm not surprised." Carolyn shot back dryly. Marius ignored it.
  "They will want to kill you if you are not an ally. That is my assumption. Joining the council will make you an ally and ensure to them you're not a renegade Vampire."

  "So." Carolyn turned back to Marius. "Is this something you thought of on the fly since Luisa came to save me or has this been my purpose all along? To be an extra vote for you on the council."Carolyn took a shot in the dark, she figured that would be the only reason Marius would want her on the council. Just like his sister, he was gathering power. 

  "Very good Carolyn." he said in a mocking tone. "You being on the council along with my sister will give me almost complete control over it. No doubt about that. It is also to keep you safe Carolyn. Everyone benefits from this deal."
  "Isn't it called the Elder council for a reason? Most of the vampires on it are extremely old right? How are you sure they will accept it?"
  "Since there would be six of us, it'd take four votes to make you an Elder. Maria will vote, and I'll call in my favor with Luisa. It really depends on if she sticks to her word. She may be hesitant realizing that she's giving me the power of another seat. It's a risk-"

  "Can you not add? That's three votes, where is the fourth?" Carolyn said her voice piercing into his sentence.
  "The old man will vote. He believes that the biggest mistake of the previous Elders has been their neglect and fear of the originals. He thinks originals like Lilith were more good alive than dead. Once I prove to him that you are the only thing that's left of the originals, you and Alice that is...he will vote in our favor. It is all a risk, if I do not win this vote I can not recommend another council member until everyone else has had their turn and you will never be eligible again."

  Carolyn sighed, rolled her eyes, and dropped onto the couch behind her. She just wanted to go back and live her life, how it was before all of this. The last thing she wanted to do was become some Elder, to become like Marius...

  Maria paced back and fourth in front of the four Vampires. Lilian hung back on a couch seemingly disinterested in the impromptu meeting. The turned newborns had awaken, filled with confusion and hunger. As they woke up Maria took to feeding them stocked blood and briefly explaining their situation and their new existence. They all seemed eager to drink, especially Carmella who almost enjoyed it too much for a first timer. Maria considered her to be a bit wild. Not crazy, or not angry...just that she didn't have a care in the world.

  "Names, brief description of yourselves?" Maria said stopping in front of the man who wore glasses.

   "I'm Sonny Hammond. Just the normal type of guy you'd see at an office." he said his voice calm and sure. Lilian knew this one would make it. He was even keel about the situation, he didn't seem to angry about being turned or too happy about it. just ready to drudge onto the next day like any normal person.

  "Carmella." the woman said with a smug smile on her face. She was the second one in the line, standing between the two guys.
  "Well Carmella. What did you do before dying?" Maria asked nicely.
  "Tried to fight back. I wasn't going to go down easy, if someone is going to kill me they are going to earn it." this made Maria smile.
  "The person that did had no problems killing you Carmella. You can die a second time, do not think you are invincible because I'd enjoy proving you wrong." Maria said placing a hand on her shoulder as if she were trying to comfort her. Carmella didn't liked to be touched and slapped Maria's hand away.

  "Me and Carmella were smugglers." the man to Maria's right said, jumping in.
  "And what of you? What is your name?" Maria asked ignoring Carmella for a moment to focus on her partner in crime.
  "My name is Doug. I'm her boyfriend." That made Maria chuckle, she moved back over to Carmella. Lilian made herself comfortable, she knew Maria was going to have fun with these two.

  "Carmella is it? You could do better than him. More importantly, you two left a dead person at the bottom of the lake when Lilian found you. Don't worry she left it there as time was an issue, but it must have been pretty fresh for her to smell it in the water. Who of the two was the murderer? Or was it both?"
  "I was." Carmella said stepping up. She seemed to think that this would gain her favor with Maria.

  "Thieves and murderers make horrible vampires." Lilian stated from her spot, seemingly talking to herself.

  "Exactly. Carmella I'm afraid I'll have to reject you. You've broken no rules yet so I won't kill you, but you are on your own from now own." before Carmella could argue Maria's phone vibrates. Maria held out her hand signaling for Carmella to keep her mouth shut. She whipped out her phone and discovered it was a text from Marius. "It's Marius." She said reading the text. "I've changed my mind about you Carmella. You get to stick around a bit longer, but clean up your attitude and prove that you can be a stable and sane Vampire. You'll enjoy the benefits of it I promise you."
  "Yay..." Carmella celebrated sarcastically. Maria ignored it and walked out of the room to leave them with Lilian.

Jul 23, 2011

Chapter 17 (Decisions 2)

  Ben's hand froze and Carolyn's body stiffened. Ben's hand suddenly jerked away from her neck as they both looked towards the door. The sound of a large man screaming and bones cracking had made a pause of the scene. Ben broke out of the daze first, he pulled out Carolyn's seat quickly and pulled her up to her feet like a child by her arms. Carolyn could see a hint of anger hidden in his features but only for a moment before it washed away.
  "I smell a setup." he said with the sound of a fight playing in the background. The grunts and yells could be sharply heard. "I should kill you now you know." he said solemnly. Carolyn said nothing to that, she just hoped that Marius would come bursting through the door to save her. Ben stood across from her now, he seemed to be waiting for his assassin to confront him. "I understand though this wasn't your idea, besides it looks like I've already ran out of time." Carolyn looked at him curiously wondering what he meant by that, but her ears told the story. The hollering had ceased, the battle was over. His men stood no chance against Marius, even all at one time. This was not surprising to her, Marius always seemed to have confidence and there had to be a reason for that.

  The door to the small warehouse began to lift although deliberately. When it had finally reached the top the person behind it wasn't Marius, it was Luisa. Her fingertips dipped in blood and her face displayed anger. Ben didn't seem so surprised at her arrival, in fact he seemed to expect it and said "Of course..."

  "Your death is all that matters to me." Luisa said softly. Carolyn moved off to the side, she didn't want anything to do with either of them. Luisa hardly noticed Carolyn retreating and so did Ben, they were completely focused on each other.

  "I should have known you had something to do with this, you always held grudges. Your paranoia, your pride, your obsession with me sees no end Luisa." Ben's tone became filled with disappointment and regret. Although he was able to contain his rage and conceal any displeasure.

  "Hush!" Luisa screamed. "I've made you and now I've come to kill you, not to talk. I do not want to hear any more of your lies!" Luisa was the opposite of Ben. She was anything but calm. Even if she were calm she was just waiting for something to set her off. Her body stood anxious across from Ben and her words came out in a high pitched shrill, her insults flying like arrows dipped in poison aimed straight for Ben's head and her finger aimed directly at him.

  Carolyn watched the two trade insults while she huddled off to the side. It became clear what was going on. Ben and Luisa were once lovers, it seemed that Luisa had turned Ben. Loved him as a human a long time ago and decided that they should be 'Together Forever' and something has happened over the years to push the two further apart instead. It looked like Luisa wasn't handling the break up well, Carolyn guessed it was Ben who split ways with her. The reason was never said or maybe it was, it was difficult for Carolyn to comprehend between the name-calling and shouting. Even Ben was angry now, trying to yell over Luisa who was in return trying to yell over him. Carolyn had to get out of here, not only because she didn't know if her life was in danger by being in the middle of their rage but also because this was irritating to watch. Especially since Luisa's voice seemed to edge higher and higher in pitch.
  She tried to zip past the warring lovers at Vampire speed, but all she did was find herself in Marius arms. She must have missed him coming in, forgot about him. He held onto her tightly, his arms wrapped around her waist and not willing to let go.

  "Do not touch me." Carolyn spat once she was able to slither from his grip, but this did not anger Marius he seemed to be focused now on Luisa and Ben who were still arguing.

  "Stay, I will not look for you if you run away." Marius said quietly before stepping making his way over to fighting couple and demanding their attention with his presence. They both stopped immediately upon realizing that Marius was near.

  "Are you part of this Marius? Is Luisa just taking advantage of a situation, or was this an elaborate set up to have my head? I know it is rare for you to speak the truth, but it would please me if you did so now." Carolyn couldn't help but smile from where she stood. Ben sometimes spoke as if he were living in a different period. There was so much bravado in his voice.

  Marius smiled. "Luisa is just being opportunistic. You have my word that this was just a simple date. You are right that I rarely speak the truth, but lie to you? When have I?" as for Marius. His voice was...hard to decipher. There was a consistency to it so it was hard to tell if he was lying or not.
  Luisa's jaw fell open, incredulous she looked over to Marius and yelled as loud as she could. "Right now!" she answered. "He's lying to you right now! This was all his idea!"
  "Marius?" Ben said looking at them both carefully. He knew one was lying, but who? Luisa hated him and it seemed would do anything for what she considered revenge. Marius was known for his dishonesty. "There is no reason Luisa would lie to me here. She already wants to kill me."

  "Oh?" Marius said smirking as he approached Ben. He was in his comfort zone now, Carolyn realized that Marius had a powerful weapon. His mouth. "What do I have to gain from your death Ben? You always side with me on the council, you dying would hurt not help me. Luisa is trying to pit me against you, she cannot beat you alone. She still has feelings for you"
  "That's unfortunate. That woman means nothing to me now." Ben said, not even wanting to speak her name. 

  "That's it!" Luisa shrieked and that was her battle cry. At that moment she hurled herself at Ben. An attack based on blind rage and one not on precision or thought. Her hands clawed at his face aiming for his eyes. Ben was able to raise his knee and hit her in the stomach. Causing her to stumble back for a moment. Long enough so that Ben went for a tackle. But Luisa was too quick, she sidestepped out of the way. Ben had expected her to dodge though, and instead he swirled behind her quickly enough, Luisa was too angry too focus and Ben had the upper hand in this skirmish. Once behind her he quickly wrapped his arms around her neck in a vice grip. Choking would not kill her but it would possibly take her out for a moment.

  "Marius, kill her now!" Ben said as he tightened his grip around Luisa. She didn't make it easy, kicking and squirming against him and trying to wiggle free. Marius nodded and pulled what looked to be a stake from his pants. Carolyn wondered where he hid it, she also wondered whose side he was even on at this point. He walked up and stood to the right of Ben with the stake firmly in his grasp. Carolyn knew it was peculiar for him to be standing to the side.
  "Carolyn....help me!" Luisa suddenly almost voiceless, Carolyn was the only one who could help her at this point. Carolyn didn't move though, she didn't plan on moving either.

  What happened after was even too fast for Carolyn to see. Suddenly the stake was impaled into Ben instead, he grunted and immediately he let go of Luisa, she fell to the ground landing on her bottom. Ben meanwhile tried to pull the stake from his side, but instead it was in so deep that there was nothing to pull at. Just a small wooden stub and it wasn't long before the area around his wound started to turn grey. The stone was spreading out across his body like a ripple in the water as all three Vampires watched silently. "You gave me your word..." Carolyn could hear Ben saying in disbelief. Those were his last words before his transformation into stone was complete.

  "My word does not mean much." Marius said laughing. No laughter followed from the women though as it was difficult to find the joke in this. Even Luisa seemed to be distraught as she looked at the stone version of her past lover with what looked to be admiration. She looked over to Marius who now who reared his leg back preparing for a kick that would send Ben's stone head flying off towards the wall.
  "No don't!" Luisa said, throwing out her arms in a plea. Crawling over in front of Ben to protect his statue.
  "Leaving him like this is risky. Stoned Vampires can be revived." Marius said simply.
  "I know that! It is a risk I am willing to take, besides he's no threat to you." Luisa was desperate just to keep him preserved in some way. She wanted him around in some form. Marius looked at her, observing.
  "Very well, but I'll only agree to this under one condition. You vote on the next thing I propose to the council."

  Luisa paused to think about it before asking. "What are you proposing?" the question only seemed to rise Marius foot again. "Fine I'll do it! I'll do it!"
  "Good. Let's go Carolyn."

Tuesday 9:23 p.m
  Brad shook his head disgusted. He moved out of the house unable to take in the gruesome scene in the house any longer. A middle aged man waited for him outside on the porch. 
  "I don't know what's going on in that mind of yours son." the man said. "They'll be moving the body out, forensics will be here and the news is already on the way." it was Lieutenant Yale. He was the first to report on the scene and he had been checking outside for any footprints or in general any clues.

  "That doesn't need to be shown on television.." Brad mumbled. That was a picture he'd never forget. Although he tried already it stuck in his mind. The blood everywhere, the limbs no longer attached to her body, and for some reason her tongue was...she shuddered trying to get the image out of his head again. Her right arm was torn at the forearm savagely and it almost looked to be snacked on. He couldn't even imagine a Vampire was capable of this but he knew nothing else to blame. Of course it could just be a crazed serial killer on the loose, he'd rather it be that.
  "I don't know if I want this case Sir." Brad said finally, he wasn't even able to turn around and look at the house.

  "You'll be on it though. Captain will demand it, everyone knows that. This looks to be a gruesome murder with no traces of the killer. People will want this maniac off the streets, the media is already interested so it's only going to grow. Besides, you are the only one able to do it so he only has his trust in you."
  That was true. He was the only one capable. If this was a Vampire attack the others would just be walking to their deaths and wouldn't know what hit them.
  "Still...I don't want it." Brad wasn't going to put up a fight about it. He had to do it.

  "Can't get what you want, it's a job. We'll be moving the body for an autopsy so you can go in there without throwing up. I'm going to make sure everything is fine and head home, it's getting late." Lieutenant Yale patted him on the back again with a hard thud and walked off back into the house without a farewell.