Aug 29, 2011

Alive (8.1)

I am forgetful sometimes and forgot to post this! So umm yeah, this was released earlier this morning but if you haven't read it then it can be found here!

Aug 23, 2011

Alive 7.6

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If you don't read this story then just ignore this post! I just wondered why I didn't update this, the main blog for updates to this story and I guess like many things it just slipped my mind lol. Any ways farewell!

Aug 4, 2011

Chaper 18 (Encounters 2)

  The boy stumbled, crashing onto the hard kitchen floor with a thud. He yelled in part because of the pain that met him when his body hit the ground, but also because he was scared. What else was there left to do but call for help? At this moment though he doubted anyone would and if they decided to they would soon regret it. This was a monster not a man, and he watched as it revealed it's sharp teeth and tore into his mother. He did all he could then, picking up a bat and repeatedly slinging it across his back. Yet it did not harm him, the being never flinched.
  The boy whined and grunted as he began to get back up. He realized that he had cornered himself while trying to escape in panic. The boy buried his face in his hands, he didn't want to look up at the creature. He saw how it looked already. It was dirty. Mussed hair and his flesh was stained with grime. The man had a horrid smell to him also, a stench that could be noticed just by occupying the same room as him. He looked just like one of the men that would run up to their car holding a sign sometimes poorly written begging for money or food.

  "I gonna hear ya beg boy." the man said, he was hovering over the boy now. Cornering his prey with the cruelty of a feared predator. His voice wasn't even pleasant. There was not one redeeming quality to this man. "Don't start gettin shy, start pleading for your life."
  By now the boy had tears running down his face. He knew he would die, he was never stranger to the truth when it looked him right in the eyes. His mother would want him to be strong though, so he wiped the tears from his face. Which didn't matter because the stream never stopped. He wasn't going to beg, the man would kill him any ways and he wasn't going to give him what he wanted.
  "Have it your way then..." the man said, a touch of frustration in his voice...

Wednesday 7:58 p.m
  Carolyn lay back on her bed and gazed up at the bland ceiling. She was back home now, or what had now become her home since her last one was lost to her for good. She would go looking for a new place but that's what normal people did, she was far from being normal now. When they arrived back at Mariuses place she paid no heed to all the other voices she could hear chattering in the house. There seemed to be quite the audience here today. Carolyn though wasn't interested in who was here or why she just wanted a moment to herself. Away from all the Vampire stuff, and Maria had been hospitable since her return. Giving her the entire lower floor which was a basement technically. Yet was large enough to be a guest house and even had it's own kitchen. Things had moved so fast ever since she was turned she hardly had a moment to think to herself about it, and now that she did the whole shock and awe factor of being a Vampire began to wear off.

  Carolyn's nose twitched as she caught the sweet candied fragrance of Maria nearing closer. That was the best way to describe it, a smell Maria owned all her own. "Come in." Carolyn said before Maria could even knock. Carolyn had grown used to her senses now, that was one thing she welcomed. She realized how dull they were before and now each had magnified so much, she wouldn't trade that part back.

  "Carolyn?" Maria said sliding into her room, closing the door behind her. "You are alright aren't you?"
  Carolyn nodded as she moved to get off of the bed. "So whose all here?" 
  "Most of Mongoose, Marius of course, and some others we picked up recently. Actually that's why I'm here. I want you to meet them."
  Carolyn stood up agreeing that she would. Curious at who would be waiting for her. Maria led her though the house briskly, moving through Carolyn's quarters and moving up stair to the main floor. They arrived to a room where three others were, seated and talking to each other rather casually.

  When Carolyn and Maria approached though the two guys stood, but the woman with short hair seemed a bit hesitant to stand until Maria peered at her Then she rose lazily to her feet.

  "Everyone this is Carolyn Winters as you all know. I'd say she's a protege of ours." Maria said proudly and then continued. "Carolyn this is Sonny in the blue, Doug in the red, and Carmella. I'm sure you'll get to know them all intimately in time." Maria said turning back to Carolyn to give her a cloying smile. Carolyn had learned one thing, when a Bonnet smiled it meant they had something planned and it was going in their favor. 
  "Why's that Maria?"

  "Well these three lovely people I am assigning to you." Maria said but no one seemed to grasp what she was saying at all. So she was forced to explain. "Every Elder has Vampire's that serve under them. Usually they already know a few to take with them into their service, but unfortunately for you. You'll be an elder fairly soon, too soon for you to pick your own personnel. I was going to release one of them but I have a feeling that we will need all the bodies we can get soon." Maria said brightly, but their was a clear ominous meaning in that last sentence.

  A small giggle followed after that, of course it belonged to Carmella. Everyone turned to her, Sonny with prying eyes wondering what the woman found so funny and Doug with a look of concern, hoping Carmella could just play good for one day. Carolyn's face was bland and indifferent and Maria peered back at Carmella waiting impatiently for her laughter to die down.
  "You want me to follow her?" Carmella said before giggling again. "Isn't she a model or something, actress or...I've seen her somewhere."

  "Was a model." Carolyn corrected, her tone grim realizing that she used the past-tense. 
  "Not doing it." Carmella said, her laughter dying at that moment.

  Maria only sighed, she wasn't quite sure what to say. She almost seemed disappointed. "Fine." Maria started, her voice somber as if she was prepared to deliver some grim news. "You give me no other option Carmella-" the sound of a car door slamming stopped everyone. Maria flashed to the nearest window in the house which was another room and Carolyn followed.

  "My car!" Carolyn said gasped. It was her car, the one she had completely forgot about until now. A tall man with long black hair and ink covering his arms.
  "It's Travis, I was starting to wonder if he'd ever come back." Maria said stepping from the window and returning to the newborns. Carolyn followed. "One of you go invite him in, bring him here." she demanded, Sonny already left before Doug had a chance.

  Carmella had her arms crossed in front of her chest and she wasn't budging. Maria smirked. "You are like an insolent child seeking attention."
  Carmella rolled her eyes and before she could send an insult back Travis and Sonny had returned. 

  "Why does he have my car Maria?" Carolyn asked, looking over to Travis who smiled back at her.
  "Connect the dots. Everything happens for a reason, one thing Jake was really good at was creative planning-"

  "How could you forget to introduce me Maria?" Travis said stepping forward and in front of Carolyn to command her attention. "I've heard a lot about you Carolyn, I'm Travis by the way. I'm sure you knew that already though. Maria loves to talk about me, I'm her favorite by far." that made Maria chuckle. "Well not really but she-"
  "Alright Travis enough." Maria cut in sharply "I was just telling Carolyn that these three will hopefully make good companions."

  "I doubt it." Carolyn said finally speaking. Her words forcing the attention back to her. "I just don't see or understand how three newborns could protect me if say another Elder decided to target me." she was being honest and truthful after all. It wasn't long ago that Luisa ripped Ben's guards with ease and they had to be older than these three.
  "Me and my brother will help." Maria said but that didn't comfort Carolyn. She had no trust in Marius and while she had grown to like Maria just the fact that she was the sister to Marius was troubling.
  "I am sorry about the car Carolyn. I just do what I am told." Travis said interrupting the conversation to Maria's dismay. Carolyn wasn't even thinking about the car anymore.
  "Yes sometimes you do as you are told." Maria corrected.

  "If I may offer my opinion on this whole Carolyn as a Elder thing." Travis said mocking politeness.
  "You will anyways." Maria muttered.
  "Carolyn is too young to be an Elder. They will never accept it." Travis said stating the obvious and to that Maria scoffed.
  "My brother has thought of this already. I'm sure he has a way otherwise these three wouldn't be here."

  Maria stopped as a long yawn followed after her sentence. It was from Carmella, she seemed a bit bored by the discussion.
  "Whats wrong with this one?" Travis asked, moving over to stand in front of Carmella now. Carmella was never one to have someone speak for her so she spoke up herself. Giving Travis no mind and directing her words to Maria.

  "I'm not following Carolyn, I barely even want to follow Maria. I refuse to obey some dainty, prissy little bit-"

  Carmella shrieked as Travis knuckles smashed into her jaw. It was a visceral strike, the sound of his fist crashing against her jaw could be heard, all the Vampires could hear a shatter and Doug winced. He hoped this was a lesson for Carmella to stop being so catty, but at the same time it hurt to see her hit like that.
  Carolyn though was almost a mirror image of Maria. While Sonny and Doug looked shocked, Carolyn and Maria simply looked nonchalant. Carolyn had seen so much since being turned, a simple punch wasn't going to twist her stomach anymore. She couldn't imagine if anything would now, her wiring was different then before. "That's how you treat people who disrespect you Carolyn." Travis said smiling back at her.
  "Thanks..." she replied quietly.

  "Welp, I'm sure Lilian would love to see me." He walked off, leaving Carmella on the floor. The woman groaned as she curved her fingers around her jaw. She could feel a few teeth slip down her throat but that was no harm to her. She could also notice that her jaw though shattered began to piece itself together and even new teeth began to sprout. The room watched quietly as Travis left, all eyes on him as he disappeared especially Carolyn's. The meet and greet had become awkward, and Carolyn found it hard to imagine that she could depend on these three to protect her...