Sep 28, 2011

Bloody Fates Character Profile: Mellie Sills

What's this!?!? It's just the first character profile for Bloody Fates I plan to post! Just to give everyone a Idea and usually these will contain spoilers for Dire Fates, this one does not. But I'll still put up the warning. These are just short little info tidbits on characters to spice up the upcoming page for it and you'll see a lot more pop up on the blog after the Epilogue of Dire Fates is posted.
This post may contain spoilers for the story 'Dire Fates'

Sep 27, 2011

It has a name...

  So I'm not going to call it Dire Fates two, Dire Fates season two, or anything like that. It does have a similar name though, which is Bloody Fates. The reason I'm not calling it season two is that it is a bit more edgier. Which also is why if you came to this blog today you were greeted with the warning page which only applies to the upcoming Bloody Fates and not my other story that is posted on this blog 'The Phenomenal Larry Stunning'.

  With that said you will be seeing a new page for this and also a character profile will pop up shortly.

Another random tidbit is that my other story 'Alive?' has reached 2,000 page views! I am happy for it since it did that by itself on a separate blog and I don't know if that is good (it's not counting my views) but I'll pat myself on the back for it I guess. The page views for my blog has got much better recently though so I guess I am doing something right!

Sep 26, 2011

Dire Fates Chapter 20 (Carolyn)

Blah Blah Blah

I may just start posting random tidbits of information about my stories...just because I want to. So today or tomorrow will be the final chapter of Dire Fates. Maybe the Epilogue will be up next week, but Chapter 20 (Carolyn) could be up later today if I'm happy with it...well happy enough with it. I was going to release #8 for Larry Stunning later this week but I'm going to get the Epilogue out after the last part of Chapter 20

With that said I am excited to officially start working in the game on the sequel series to Dire Fates and I hope the readers will be excited for it also. When I go back and read Dire Fates I am sure I could have done things much better though and I hope the sequel series is vastly superior...all I'm going to say for now is that there will be blood...maybe too much of it!

There will be some small little hype things working up towards it though because that's fun to do.

Sep 8, 2011

Sep 5, 2011

The Phenomenal Larry Stunning (Issue #5)

If you don't like the cover then....I don't like it much either lol! But after failed attempts this one shall do I guess.