Dec 21, 2011

Bloody Fates Chapter 7: Heads Will Roll

This story may contain graphic content including blood and gore, nudity, and language. You have been warned!

  Carmella rested comfortably on the couch. Watching me pace back and fourth in front of the large television in the room. She had not said much after I told her of our incoming guest and what he was coming here for. I wasn't sure if she was worried by it but I doubted that. Carmella was an interesting creature. Her way of showing fear was by staring it in the face and barking at it. I guess that's the reason we got along so well. Also that she embraced my lifestyle as well, she had quickly become a best friend to me.
  "This think he's really going to try something stupid?" she asked more curious than scared.
  "I doubt it. Al seems to be a smart man, he won't move until I do. He knows he's at a disadvantage, but you need to be prepared should he try something on his own." Carmella nodded her head and looked to be smirking at the same time. "The point is just be prepared for wooden stakes and anything else he may have up his sleeve."
  Inviting Al over was a dangerous thing but I did not take him lightly. If I was going to build trust with him then I had to be open about inviting him to the places I called home. The fact that he was willing to come at night told me he trusted me, either that or he was just eager to see me again. Which was probably the case as well. 
  "I think it is kinda cool that there are vampire hunters roaming about." Carmella said lightly, she didn't really seem threatened by them, but that was to be expected. "Not sure why they would come after me though. You are the one they should be targeting."
  I chuckled. Indeed I was. I was the one who had made a habit out of feeding and enjoying it. I was the one who was acquiring mental powers, I was the very threat they were worried about. "These people think of us as parasites, killers, et cetera et cetera. We can't take them lightly Carmella."
    "I agree." she replied moving out of her seat. Taking weary steps toward me and stretching out her arms as well as yawning. It was quite possible for a vampire to be fatigued, and running the club was doing that to Carmella. It was really her club, I just funded it mainly and also my presence helped with marketing. It was growing fast, especially for a club in a city saturated with clubs. "So why play around with him like this? When he comes in, tie him to a chair and question him." 
  "As much fun as that would be Carmella it would do me no good with Mellie." I shot back. It's not as if I hadn't thought of doing that before, but I still had to turn Mellie. I wasn't going to force her like Alice did to me, I was going to convince Mellie that this is what she wanted. In the end that was the best and only way. I was going to be her friend, I was going to be her big sister. 
  "Right...I still don't understand who this Mellie person is or why you have to turn her." and she never would. Carmella still had uncles and aunts, cousins, and even a older brother. Although she was the black sheep of her family from what I understood, at least she had others to lean on. I had none of that growing up.
  "Just forget about it. Lets just focus on now. So when Al gets here he's expecting that I will distract you some how so that he can make his move. I won't do anything of course, you just insist on leaving right away. Als-" a hard knock on the door interrupted me. "Come in." I shouted as the door came flying open. The lead security man Lucas came in and spoke immediately.
  "Some man named Al is down below saying he is here to meet you." He grunted and looked as if he was just in a argument. He probably gave Al a hard time as he did everyone else when they claimed they came to see me.
  "Let him in this time Lucas." he nodded and walked back through the doors. 
  "Just have my back when I turn to leave Carolyn. If he tries to throw something at me or has any weapons and means to use them against me I will attack. You know that." I nodded and expected nothing less. If she did it would hardly be my fault. 
  The doors to the red room started to creak open and both of us turned to look. Al didn't come rushing in, in fact he slid through the door and closed it quietly behind him.
  "Hello ladies." he said taking the time to look at us both. He looked over to me first, unable to hide his adoring smile. Then he looked over to Carmella with a more neutral expression, the contempt in his eyes was clear for anyone to see. Al hated vampires, but I wondered if that opinion would change if he knew I was one?
  "Oooh Al!" I rushed up to him with open arms and wrapped him up. Taking in the sweet smell of him, but it wasn't the cologne he wore that tickled my nostrils. It was the smell of blood rushing beneath his skin that excited me. If I didn't have better control over myself, or was a newborn Al would be in trouble. Yet still it took a lot to restrain myself and not take a bite out of him.
  "Oh um...Carolyn..." he fumbled through his own greeting, a bit bewildered by my sudden embrace. "Nice seeing you again."
  "I'm so glad you came! I hope you enjoyed the club?" he nodded his head unconvincingly. 
  "Well I'm gonna get going, let you two have some time alone." Carmella said giving me a wink and quickly shuffling towards the door. Al reached into his pocket as if he went to grab something, but I stepped in front of his line of sight and stole his attention long enough to allow Carmella's escape. He was bold, he was really going to try and do something?
  "Well...there goes that chance huh?" he said jokingly as I heard Carmella walk into her own room and shut the door behind her. 
  "Yeah...she has been busy as of late so is probably tired."
  "Isn't that the best time to get her?"
  "No." I blurted out a bit too quickly. "I mean I don't think so, it's not as if she is going to sleep. Most likely just getting some time to herself. I don't even know if vampires sleep!" I lied giggling. He was willing to buy anything I told him. "Please, sit down. There will be other days for hunting I presume?"
  "There are always days for hunting. These bloodsuckers do not give you rest you know? While we are sleeping they are feeding." he said following me to the couch and sitting right next to me. There was just a little space between us but enough so that we weren't constantly brushing against each other. "Your club is very....trendy. I guess it's my first time here. I'm not the type to spend much time going out. Most of my life is spent hunting vampires I have to admit." 
  "Really? You don't ever spend time just enjoying life?"
  "No, maybe one day though. When I am too old to kill the bloody things."
  "So you don't ever plan to you know, have a wife and kids? Start a family?"
  "I rule nothing out. It's just I'd be paranoid for their safety, especially in this city. Los Angeles is crawling with vampires."
   That I knew. I had met many others here, even in my club. It was easy to to find another vampire, they just didn't smell alive. A human smells like dinner and a vampire smells like...well like people smell. Whatever scent had clung to them that day was how they would smell, meanwhile living people always smelled of blood. That scent was stronger than any thing else and was more prominent than any fragrance one wore.
  "What a scary thought, I still can't believe that vampires are a real thing." I said feigning innocence. All the while his eyes glossed over me. I wondered if mind reading was a power that could be attained, I would have liked to hear his thoughts.
  "What about you?" he asked.
  "What about-what do you mean?"
  "Do you plan to settle down? Are you that type that longs to have a husband and kids?"
  I shrugged. Even if I were that was taken from me. I could never have kids now, but I would live on forever. Was it a fair trade? To keep my life instead of creating it? I wondered a bit before answering. "I am definitely open to it. Should I meet the right guy that is." I gave him my faint smile. If I were human he would be my type, physically at least. I had no idea what type of guy he was.
  The door began to swing open very slowly. Both of us looked curiously awaiting the uninvited visitor...
   Of course it was Doug who came through. Dressed in his usual formal attire although no one in the club wore suits and ties. My eyes rolled at the very sight of him, he most likely saw Al come in here and thus came in here to 'save' him. Doug had become the most annoying, worthless person I came to know as a vampire. I remembered Marius telling me that the worse kind of vampire was won who denied they were one. This was Doug. This was why I couldn't turn Mellie unless I convinced her.
  "Are you whoring again Carolyn? Remember I begged of you to stop this? Stop taking advantage of idiots." I simply rolled my eyes again and looked away. His insults did nothing to me but it was all he ever had to offer me. 
  "What did you just call her?" Al said hopping out of his seat so quick I gasped. "Who are you to come barging in here?" I couldn't hide the smile that grew upon my face, things were going to get interesting here. I had to admit, Al standing up for me was something I could get used to. 
  "Little man." Doug scoffed. "You have no idea who or what you are dealing with. I suggest you get the hell out of here while you can or you will regret it. Trust me. She's a looker but she has no interest in your personal health. She's only out for your-"
  "Enough Doug!" I yelled quieting the room and more importantly stopping him from ruining everything. Al's fist were clenched at his sides, but he slid neither into his pocket to grab the mysterious vampire weapon he meant to use on Carmella. He thought he was dealing with a human. I needed to stop this before he did something silly and hurt himself by attacking Doug. Although Doug was a pathetic vampire, he was still stronger than any human.
  I rose from the couch and wrapped my arms around Al's neck loosely. My nose brushed against his cheek as I told him quietly that this is my problem and I'll deal with it. Al calmed down a bit and seemed to agree.
  "Sorry this guy ruined the night. I'll make it up to you somehow." I pursed my lips because I realized I was just about to kiss him then decided I'd save that for another day. 
  "I'll hold you to that." he said before giving his farewell and making his exit. Doug watched him leave but was clearly upset. He made his anger clear with the next words he chose to shout.
  "I will not have this anymore Carolyn. You can't play with peoples lives like this!"
  "You can't butt into my life, I will not have it Doug!" I said mocking his approach. He opened his mouth to say something else but I wasn't very interested in hearing it. "Don't! I'm warning you. Shut the fuck up, turn around, and leave the room. Don't ever come in here again without my permission. Do you understand?"
  He laughed as if this were some trivial matter. He grew bolder everyday, or perhaps he grew more foolish. Maybe he thought I would never harm him since Carmella was his girlfriend. "You think I am joking? I am stronger than you and I will rip your head off...I am not messing around Doug..."
  "That's it. I was afraid it would have to come to this Carolyn. I'm going to force you to respect me a little more."
  " You better not touch me!" I warned. He charged. Foolishly I might add. Hoping to grab me I presumed, what he planned to do if he got his hands on me I would never know.
  I stopped him with a swift backhand slap that sent him falling to his knees with a growl. He reached up at me trying to get a hold of anything he could but instead it was me grabbing hold of him. My hand shot fourth and I stuck my thumb right into his eye. There was a sickening squishing sound as my thumb dug into his socket and spurted out.  My other four fingers gripped around his head, but my hand was too small to get a good grip. So I curled my thumb within his orbital socket to get a better grip and pulled upwards with all my power...
  With a strong rip of my arm I found it easy to do what I promised. His head came off although it was not as clean as I expected. His blood splattered every where and I discovered that vampire's blood was a disgusting thing to taste. Yet the end result was too satisfying not to enjoy. Doug would bother me no longer, I just hoped Carmella understood...


  1. What!!! Carolyn doesn't play around! She warned Doug, but he didn't listen! It was just a matter of time. Now she drank vampire blood too! I don't think Carmella will be too upset over Doug's death.

    I have to say, I hope that Carolyn doesn't hurt Al. I hope that he and Mellie get together since she is so crazy about him. I do love how he stood up for Carolyn though.

    Awesome special effects and pictures, Aeon!

  2. Oh My Fucking GAWD.

    You are THE GAWD when it comes to special effects. Om my fucking unbelievable gawd. This was brilliant Aeon. That last sequence was incredible and if there were sim awards, that closing pic would take the best picture award. Awesome, awesome, awesome. Too good!

    Now I feel embarrssed for my dream effect pics I'm going to post in the next Krisis update. Don't laught at me, please? Lol!

    And about Carolyn, I don't know how she's going to clear up this mess, I doubt Carmella will easily forgive this. Maybe with time she will, but it's something she won't be forgetting in a hurry. And Al, he should have heeded Doug's warnings.

    I bow to thee, well done.

    P.S. tell me the next update has been uploaded and you are ready to press the "publish" button. If not, hurry, hurry, the suspense is killing me!

  3. @Daisy
    No she does not! She also warned him in a previous chapter and she did exactly what she said she would do! I should clear this up though, she didn't really drink the blood but since it splattered everywhere some got into her mouth so she tasted it.

    I think Al+Mellie is possible, if Al could ever get over his crush for Carolyn :P I think if he saw what she just did though he would.

    Thank you for reading Daisies!

  4. @Valpre
    Thank you Valpre! That's why I wanted to do this chapter because of that picture! At first I didn't know if I could ever do a decapitation picture then I realized it wouldn't be too hard. I'm glad you enjoyed it I wonder if it was too much blood just by looking at it.

    I won't laugh, Krisis pics are always great!

    You are right about Carmella, although she didn't have the best of relationship with Doug either she at least liked him to keep him around and she's not as cruel as Carolyn has become. Al should stay away from Carolyn, but sometimes guys are not always thinking with their right mind heh.

    Thank for reading! The next update may not be far away actually since it's a bonus chapter.

  5. I am puzzled how did you get that pharynx/spine in the picture... CC or something else? Oh well, you probably aren't gonna reveal your secrets, but it looks awesome.

  6. @Ubasti
    Not custom content, it's just a spine edited from another picture and put into that picture. I don't hold many secrets heh and thank you!

  7. Ha, Al just got played. So hard. By a bloodsucker. Ha!
    No, really, I like Al, but, oh, the irony.

    Awesome head ripping scene.

  8. Haha yeah he did! Carolyn is pretty cunning!

    Thanks! Head ripping was more fun then I thought it would be...any ways thanks for reading!


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