May 26, 2012


Okay my weekly status update to A) Show that I am still here and B) because I just feel like the blog has to be updated every once in a while with something you know!

With all of that said, for those looking for a update soon you may be in luck! We'll see how the shipping process goes and then I have to transfer files and reinstall all the sims stuff among other games...It depends but hey, next week this time I could be posting an actual update!

Well that's it, just wanted to let everyone know who hasn't seen me on a forum or comment that I'm still around and if all goes according to plan a new update is not too far away.

Thanks everyone who is reading this!

May 19, 2012


Seven thousand views! Yep, i reached 7,000 a few days ago and despite not releasing any new updates the past week I was able to creep along to 7,000! So thanks once again to everyone who reads and comments. I guess I can't say that enough.

With that said the computer front is looking better. I don't think I'll be able to release anything for another week though, but hopefully it will be the last week. You know I had planned on just working ahead, so that all I would have to do is go in, take a few pictures, and pow release a bunch of updates. But I think it's better i just relax and stay in the same rhythm for releasing my stories.

With the 7,000 personal celebration, I'll say that my three stories are doing well. The first, Bloody Fates is nearing a conclusion maybe soon. Depends on how much I want to fit into each chapter.

Larry Stunning goes on. When I am able to it will be the first new update. Larry Stunning will be doing some interesting things! I hope to make the fights more epic and the current series of issues is going to be a lot of fun I hope.

Annals of Simopia...well that's doing great as well and the next episode...107 I think is one of the more ambitious ones I've ever done.

Oh and last time when i made it to 6,000 I mentioned a short sci-fi one shot story. Well that has been cancelled I am afraid! Buuut, I am working on a short story that is sure to amaze! That could appear at any time and I think it will be amazing.

Well thanks everyone for the views, actually this and combined with Alive? I am past 10,000! But this blog separately just 7,000. Thanks once again and I hope to be back soon!

May 12, 2012

Yes again...

computer problems again. I hope they are fixable of course but until then obviously I cannot release any new chapters to any of my stories.The good news is that nearly everything is backed up sims wise. Except the later stuff that I just didn't back up yet and hopefully I'll be able to get to that data in my computer to back it up.

This stuff includes Sylvia from Bloody Fates. she was a newly created sim and i did not back her up. Hopefully I will because I doubt i could ever recreate a sim twice.

The other important thing I did not get a chance to back up would be Setta Onius from Annals of Simopia. Setta is the daughter of Sata Onius (briefly mentioned in the previous chapter) and i wouldn't even mention her except that she was one of if not the best Sim I ever yeah...normally I get some kind of sign that things are not going to go well and can back up any new data I have created but it just all kinda happened instantly and now i'm not sure..I'm really just disappointed in losing Setta and Sylvia though, hopefully I'll be able to get to the date if my computer cooperates for at least a few minutes I could get in there and do that real quick...

.if the computer is done then there is no telling when the next update to any of my stories will be. If you all really  want I could revert to just text updates but I can understand if no one would read them because after all we all read and share sims stories and if you wanted to read just regular stories then I'm guessing you'd be on another site right now.

With that said I plan to still be around and hopefully my computer will pop up for one more go round and this post will have seemed premature. I plan to return whenever I can, I guess that is the important part.

 Thanks to all who have stuck with me though and my stories. The comments you drop by meant a ton and usually pushed me to keep up with it and not just drop the stories and move on. Those same comments is what will motivate me to return when I can and not use this as a excuse to leave the ending of those stories untold! to those who read quietly and decided not to leave any comments, your views were appreciated and if you are looking for some other and better sim stories you can look on the links page for them. I recommend them all (and some of the newer stories I have started reading may not be on there yet.)

Well this rant is about done with I think. i'm looking into new computers because I have lost all faith in this one. When I do return though look for a new larry stunning first, I had just began to plan the photos for that...hopefully it's not too far away!

May 10, 2012

Bloody Fates Chapter 16: Lucid Dreams

This story may contain graphic content including blood and gore, nudity, sexual situations, and language. You have been warned!

May 4, 2012

Annals of Simopia: Touch of Love (106)

The Annals of Simopia tells the tales of sims long remembered and since forgotten. The lands of Simopia were fought over long ago, and won through blood, deceit, peace, and love...
A treaty prevents war and chaos between the Kingdom of Iunia and the Dust Empires, but how long can peace last when both sides are eager to expand their borders?
The World of Simopia
The Territory of Simopia
The People of Simopia

This story may contain graphic content including blood and gore, nudity, and language. You have been warned!