Apr 26, 2013

No Starburst this week!

I know! It didn't come out on Thursday, I wasn't around and have not been around much...but I would just release it today instead but I'm going to alter this chapter just a bit so next week instead! Sorry for that, it will return next week! I've been so behind on everything though including all the other sims stories I read so sorry!

Apr 3, 2013

State Of The Blog: April 2013

April 2013
So my state of the blog continues! March has been a good month, with the introduction of a legacy, Starburst, the return of Bloody Fates, and the ending of Annals Of Simopia Season 2. Thank you everyone that left a comment and/or voted on a poll. For those that don't know, the polls are kind of for me like someone just simply raising their hand and saying "Yep! I read this!" because I just like to have a idea of how many people are reading! Any ways thanks for any feedback you've given me and read more about what's to come in April and beyond below!

Apr 1, 2013

Bloody Fates 30: Alliances

This story may contain graphic content including blood and gore, nudity, sexual situations, and language. You have been warned!