Jun 30, 2013

Kindred Of Sin...Coming Soon!

The next post I make about this story will be it's first update! Very exciting I know! So I'm not really sure when, I'm shooting for July 15th at the latest but meh we'll see. Either way I hope you all enjoy the return of this story! I know It's been fun making it and I believe it's pretty good myself, at least parts of it heh! So Thank you for your patience and hope July 15th is the latest for this one!

Jun 13, 2013

Poll Decision and Larry Stunning!

So after a week of letting the poll stay up I've decided...to do the seasonal thing! I was leaning that way any ways and it was going to take overwhelming results to change my mind...but it seems people don't mind the seasonal thing and may prefer it so I'll stick with that. Thanks to those who voted and especially those who left their thoughts about it in the comments! It was greatly appreciated!

Now, a quick status update! Last time I said I would update Larry Stunning monthy...but I really wanted to do this more because I felt like Laryr hasn't been updated in so long I'd just do that. But nope, I'll do the seasonal thing for that as well but instead of arcs. So this may prove great news for Larry fans since it means you may get a lot more Larry Stunning just in shorter burts. Since a season to me is usually 10 chapters (but Kindred of Sins is 15 and counting...) and Larry Stunning arc is usually going to be under 10 (but some are major arcs like the current one that is half way through any ways) with that said...I've started working on Larry Stunning again! I'm looking forward to finishing off the Dr.Rose/Cowan arc that's going on and even introducing a new character that was submitted to me by a fan! Thanks for that as well!

Jun 7, 2013

Which Release Schedule do you prefer?!

Okay, This blog still gets a lot of views although I've not released something in well awhile. So I was wondering, it doesn't make a huge difference to me but what release schedule do you prefer? So I'll let you weigh in on this!

Right Away!
Sporadic releases. One week may have two chapters for a story and then maybe it will not appear for a while...Chapters are just released when I'm done with them.

Updates in seasons. So a story could be gone for months but when it does return it will come out weekly. Like a TV show.

Release schedule!?
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Jun 1, 2013

State Of The Blog: June 2013

June 2013
Okay so I am still alive. A whole month without a update! I'm no entirely sure if any of my stories will return in June either. (Well Larry Stunning, read below) It sucks but...I just want them to be the best that they can be and they will be done when they are done I suppose. I hope you all remember them and are willing to be patient! If not then I could always go back to the old way of releasing stories. Doing chapters one by one. The good thing is that when something releases it'll be around for a while. I will say though I am EXTREMELY excited about releasing these stories. I really think these are the best sim stories I've written and shot for. I'm sure they can be better, they can always be better but I just hope everyone gives them a try!