Sep 29, 2013

Kindred Of Sin 10: Doctor Doctor


Sep 17, 2013

State Of The Blog Address (September 2013)

Okay...lets do this again! Any ways not much to say this month! I released a Tumblr that everyone should follow! It's probably easier to contact me on it if you have any questions about anything (no one ever messages me!) and feel free to follow of course!

Future Releases
So some of you may have noticed that I stopped doing the seasonal thing. It has really helped me out changing back and I really hope the quality of the stories improve as I'm always worried that they are just not that good. Even so there is one thing to note about how they will be released now. There is no order to releasing them, it's more of a feel thing and if I am motivated to do either one of them then I do it. Also if it seems like people are really enjoying a certain story it's more likely that it'll come out more often than the others. I guess that should be noted.

Hmmm I also thought of doing a new story in the model of how I did 'Alive?' which would be a Noir kinda thing. Not sure if I'll do it. I haven't done anything for that right now. It's entirely possible though. I could handle it alongside these much like Alive since the chapters would be much shorter and it wouldn't be a series thing like these other ones...

Some things to look out for is the return of Larry Stunning sometime soon and also a Starmap for Starburst (which oddly seems to be harder to do than the AOS map for some reason...) that thing is way overdue, but it will help to better understand the conflict and what not I think.

Any ways as always Thanks a ton to those who commented and read my stories the past month! It means a lot and always makes the day slightly better so it's greatly appreciated!

Sep 13, 2013

Starburst Season 1 Recap

Aeon goes to space with a new series bursting with exploration, action, romance, and well stars! Starburst, based far far in the future where humans are capable of intergalactic travel. We follow Commander Dalt and four other members of his Elite SU Squad as they traverse through the universe, arrest criminals, solve mysteries, and play hero to billions. Make sure to catch every entry to this epic space saga! The universe is big...really big, yet some how the things that shine the brightest in this dark void are the citizens who inhabit it!

Now that you know all about Starburst, or a little something about you can catch up on it if you don't feel like reading the first season or maybe perhaps you just need a refresher! This is the recap of season 1 of Starburst!

Sep 12, 2013

The Second Aeoverse...

I did it! I mustered up all the energy that the metaverse would allow and created a SECOND Aeoverse. Many said it could not be done, but I knew it was possible. I remained steadfast in reaching this goal and have finally created it...

It's a Simblr! If you have one too feel free to follow so I'll follow back! What I'll post there is likely just things, from preview pictures of my stories and poses, to poses themselves of course. Also there you can ask me questions about anything really. Any ways, it's just something else I guess!

Sep 7, 2013

Annals Of Simopia: Prologue (300)

Some slight nudity!

Annals of Simopia (Season 2 Rundown!)

Season 2
Greetings from me the Author...Aeon! If you are reading this then maybe you know what this story is about but just skipped the first two seasons. Maybe you're interested in reading it...but...don't feel like catching up to it all. Well then first you should read the Season 1 Rundown. Then you should read this one here! If you just want to start from the first chapter then feel free! It starts right here and from there you can just click next to go onto the next chapter! Easy enough! As always you should look at the maps to better understand the story.

Also it is recommended that you do read the first two seasons! It should be fun! But I understand that sometimes you may not feel like catching up OR maybe you just need a reminder as to what has happened. This is for you! The rundown after the break!

Sep 5, 2013

Seasonal releases?

  Actually, I forgot. I wanted to revisit the seasonal release thing. The last poll I did on this was close, I think I pretty much broke the tie on that one any ways but I want to see if people would still like to see these seasonal releases. So back then the options were I believe seasonal or non-seasonal. After doing this for some time I better understand the pros and cons to it. Sorry for the blogger spam but I did feel this needed it's own post. IF you saw my state of the blog were lucky! I saw it had one view but I rescinded the post for now because this would make it irrelevant (it was mostly just me rambling as I love to do)...

Obviously seasonal is what I'm doing now. Kindred Of Sins is mostly finished (although  I do edit it still including the pictures in photoshop...and one time I actually added a bonus scene...) the plus to this is while Kindred of Sin is going on I'm working on Annals of Simopia. It's a plus for me but I come to realize not really? I mean I'm working on it any ways the time is equal. There really is no pro or con for this. I used to say the main pro for me was that the story was done and I could keep my hands out the cookie jar...but I've matured past that point XD my earlier stories I've let comments sway where the story go but I'm past that now.

The Pros for you (the reader) are simple. You get a story more consistently. Back when I didn't have seasons you'd see stories take weeks off before the next update or whatever. I think that's the main pro is that you will always get that story consistently.

The cons for you (the reader!) is well...I think you see the cons with Larry Stunning. When is the last time it's been updated? A year maybe? I don't feel like going through the post to see but close to a year. You'll get a story more consistently while IN season but while out of season could be gone for months. In fact it WILL be gone for months.

Non-seasonal is what I used to do. Just release a chapter when it is ready to be released.

The pros is that a story would never be gone for months. Weeks at most but you won't get that story every week. That's the con for it. (EDIT: It wasn't so bad though, I usually somehow got two stories out per week...)

My Feelings on it..
So yeah how I feel about it is simple. I actually feel like seasonal makes me work more...or rather maybe it feels a lot more like work now with the seasonal release since I'm trying to finish the whole thing and then release it. My leaning on this is to not do it anymore honestly. Just less pressure and Larry Stunning I'd like to bring that back XD 

What that means is that well I know some people would love this but you'd get Annals of Simopia like next week (I could post the prologue right now actually if I feel like proofreading it...wrote it SO long ago) and it would also mean for Kindred of Sin that next Monday would not be a guarantee release...I'd just release the next one whenever. 

For Starburst and Larry Stunning? It would mean they'd get updated within the year lol. Since Annals of Simopia was planned to come out in November (yes...) Starburst would be later around that...meh I feel like you all shouldn't wait that long for the next chapter/update/episode. I mean it's fine for TV and all but this is sims stories and I'm more worried about people forgetting the story. 

Also it would not change the index of the stories. They will still be organized by actual 'Seasons' and what not.

I'm including a poll because I'd like to see what you all think! Although I guess it sounds like my mind is made up either way but still!

Seasonal? free polls