Oct 1, 2013

October State Of Blog (2013)

Yep this still remains! Just progress on what I am doing and whatnot! Any ways the blog has had the most views ever! The change back to non-seasonal updates seems to get more views (1,439) than the seasonal. Likely because there are just more releases. Any ways lets get on to the stories!

Larry Stunning is the least viewed story on the blog. That is kind of unfair though since it hasn't been updated in a long time but it is back! I never forgot about it, it's just when I tried to do the seasonal thing it did not really fit into that.

Finishing in 3rd place...yes 3rd! Is Annals Of Simopia! I'm surprised! It is usually my most viewed and commented story. It is not a distant 3rd though....

Because in 2nd place is Kindred Of Sin by a single view. The story was just updated a few days ago so that must have been what knocked Annals Of Simopia down to 3rd in view count. I think that Kindred of Sin has started really slowly, I do think it picks up though and I'm excited about where it is going!

This means in 1st place is Starburst! This surprises me! But with just one update the entire month it has had the most views! Has it replaced Annals as what I consider my best story :O I don't know! I do have some cool things planned for it though.

Overall I am positive that Annals does have the most readers, or that it has the most active readers at least (as in people who comment). With the seasonal update thing gone now, be sure to look out for a lot more Annals of Simopia releases this month, I'll try to get at least 3 of them out this month simply because it does get the most comments and I'm eager to show you all what I've done with it! Any ways this is how the monthly State Of The Blog address will go now!

Also, Alive? Is the most viewed story still! Maybe there is hope that I will get around to doing another story in similar structure to that!
 Thank you everyone and Keep on simming!