Nov 3, 2013

November State Of The Blog (2013)

 More progress on what I am up to! Also where my stories rank in terms of views and what not! As you may (or may not) know but views and general interest is how I decide on what to release next! So Annals has had two releases the past month and Starburst has had two as well! Every now and then though I break the habit and return to something that (seemingly) has less interest. I gauge interest by views, comments, poll votes and what not! Any ways here is how my stories rank!

The Phenomenal Larry Stunning!
Of course this brings up the rear once again for the second month in a row! Don't worry Larry Stunning fans, Issue 26 is not far away! The current arc is nearing an end so who knows what will happen next!

Kindred Of Sin
Dropped down to third this month, most likely because it hasn't had a update last month. I'm not sure when the next one will come, but the first season (or part of it) is finishing up as well. So hopefully the next few chapters are really fun and exciting! At least I think they will be heh.

Drops down one place to 2nd! Also hopefully I will release (2.3?) very soon, a day or three...guess we will see. The first two updates for season two were just a refresher! I can't wait to release 2.3! I mean I really can't wait to! Still has a little work that needs to be done though...but good for Starburst making it into the top two once again! I guess we'll be seeing more of it this November too!

Annals Of Simopia
Yep, Annals is #1 I feel. It gets a lot of comments, views, and a few people vote on the polls so it seems clear to me that it is #1. I know I've said it like every month but I'm really excited about this season, I think 203 will show you why! Although 203 may be a while away but still! Yay for Annals!

Side Projects
As for my side projects not much has changed. The legacy rolls on, you can find that mostly on my tumblr or the blog for it. Nothing serious about it. 

As for poses, I've been lazy and have not released them. I have a set err...I forget what it is even about...but I should get to releasing that.

ALSO I have a story...a short story...called 'Sway' that I'm working on...who knows if it will see the light of day as I've just made sims for it and did a little writing for it. It is a noir kinda thing...maybe one day I'll get to actually taking pictures for it...