Nov 16, 2013

The Phenomenal Larry Stunning (Issue #26)

More Than Thorns

  and Larry wasn't sure where to start. Dr. Rose had some kind of effect on him, he wasn't foolish. He knew that there was some trick here that he hadn't caught. Was it the pills? The white plain basic capsules that she insisted would return his powers? No, that couldn't be it.  He was getting stronger...feeling more like himself. So perhaps the pills were helping. Maybe it was those eyes of hers? Those ever-changing eyes that could go from a deep entrancing violet to a exuberant orange. 
  Either way he was left in his cell wondering. Looking out the small view port and into quiet dark halls. Wondering when he'd get out again. Wondering if this was his new home...  
  Yet freedom from his small room wasn't the only thing on his mind. Rosa still dominated most of his thoughts. Everything about her was simply captivating. Her golden bronze complexion, healthy dark hair, professional attitude that was all wrapped into a svelte package. This infatuation he knew wasn't healthy. He pressed himself back against the hard super enforced wall trying to shake away the thoughts of Dr. Rose in his mind but ultimately failing. Slumping down into a sit, taking a good look around his small room. 
  There wasn't much here. Just a plain hard honest bed and a bed stand that was as plain as the bed. The other object in the room was a toilet, so he had spent a lot of time with the scent that often came with a toilet. Every now and then someone would come by and clean it, a janitor that wouldn't say a word or share even a glance with him.
  Perhaps it was just natural attraction? His thoughts bounce back to Rosa, as always. Larry never considered natural attraction. Likely because he lived by the rule that he couldn't be in a relationship and be the superhero he was. That villains would take advantage of the one connection he had. His mother and her whereabouts were unknown, his father was dead. No siblings. No other family. Except for Flare and Scottie of course. 
  Perhaps his heart was finally aching to connect to another? Larry wouldn't know what to do with an actual girlfriend, the idea was alien and foreign to him. It never hit him that he would die a lonely soul either, he figured he'd retire and then start a family. Perhaps that time had come sooner than he had expected. His powers were still not where they were and who knows if they ever would be? Perhaps this was the end of Larry Stunning.
  Flare had about as much on her mind as her mentor Larry. The subject matter did not differ but either way she had a lot to think about. Since the tracking device Cowan gave her didn't seem to work, she decided to get home and just get some rest. Even superheroes need a break!
  The large building belonged to Cowan, of course. Flare had learned quickly just how much he owned. His name wasn't on everything, but as far as Bridgeport was concerned he had a large share of the pie. A large share that he was willing to well...share. At least giving Flare a place to stay all her own. Although she wondered who else lived in Cowan Tower because it seemed to usually be quiet.
  Flare made her way lazily across the entrance lounge, again it was empty. Only the sound of fabricated waterfalls, soothing elevator music and her own footsteps could be heard.
  "Flare!" the receptionist called out. The receptionist was different every time. Flare didn't think much of it though. This time it was a aging middle aged woman with chocolate brown hair and a warm voice made for greetings. "Mr.Cowan wanted you to know that all services are free to you. That includes a maid, laundry, meals, you know really anything you need just a ring away."
  Flare did not respond verbally, a simple nod of her head was enough. The woman opened her mouth to speak again but Flare had already shuffled past her. 
  She just wanted to rest her legs and freshen up. She had been on her feet out and about for nearly a day now. Just a few hours she had promised herself as she slid into the elevator, happy to be but a few minutes away from what she now called home.
  So this was home now. There were stark differences between her new luxury apartment and the base that Larry had allowed her to reside in for most of her life. The main difference? The silence. 
  Well, silent compared to what she was used to. The only sounds were the hum of electricity which she heard ever so clearly now since that day she attacked her mentor Larry Stunning. It was a soft hum that vibrated with pure power and energy. It seemed since that day she was more in tune with her abilities. At least moreso than previously.
  "I need to take a shower." she often found herself saying things out loud. She was used to living with Larry and Scottie. She was used to living with friends.
  A shower proved to be exactly what Flare needed. Washing off the days grime and relaxing under nice hot water that steamed the air around her. 
  Afterwards she dried off and put on clothes. She ceased being Flare and immediately became Amber. Day by day though Flare and Amber grew closer. It's not like she thinks of Flare as an alter-ego...but Amber was a girl who still wanted to live a semblance of a normal life. Who wondered if it was even possible at this point, not with Cowan involved in her life now.
  "What was I thinking?" again she speaks aloud. Occasionally glancing out across her living room and into the night sky. Just from her couch she could count the stars and the buildings too. "What would Larry do?" that was a frequent question she posed to herself. 
  She was in a bit of a...situation. She wasn't quite sure if Cowan could be trusted. He gave her a device which according to him would have led her to Scottie, her friend who was kidnapped by what seems to be some science experiment. BUT...this is a large led her to Ricky. The same Ricky that bullied her, insulted her, embarrassed her and did so publicly. The biggest surprise is that Ricky liked her. Not liked her, but you know liked her liked her. 
  She was sure that was just a trick. He's waiting until I confess that I like him back so he then could deny me publicly. She was confident of that, but what did Cowan have to do with any of this? He led her to Ricky so that Ricky could confess his attraction? It didn't make sense.
  "I'm wasting time thinking and not resting." slightly agitated at herself she sighs. Part of her liked Ricky, well at least his outward appearance. His personality was still very much in question. 
  "DING! DING! DING!" her doorbell sounds more like a dinner bell.
  Eventually she made her way to the door, seeing a unfamiliar form waiting behind it. A slim man who stood politely, offered a gentle smile, and asked to be let in.  
  The moment she let him in was the moment she regret doing so. As he seemed to be quite the talker. "Hello! My name is Le Daxx Cromwell, but you can just call me Daxx. You may be wondering who I am and fortunately for you I am a man who doesn't like to keep a lady waiting. You see, I like you work for Mr.Cowan."
  "My job is not classified but I am here to pass along a message. Since our employer is currently very occupied with other matters he thought it best that I explain a few things to you." every word of his spoken exact.
  " ahead."
  "Mr.Cowan apologizes for deceiving you. He did not send you out to rescue your friend but to meet Ricky. You see Mr.Cowan is a business man and you and Ricky are his new project! Together-"
  "Uh huh." she cut him off sharply, turning to him. Daxx was a small man, at least frame wise. He was far from intimidating, but the way he presented himself displayed some amount of confidence. "So let me get this straight. Mr.Cowan is more concerned with marketing me and Ricky as some kind of super couple-"
  "Exactly. You see, when superheroes band together into groups popularity as polls will show rise dramatically. As much as 28%..."
  "Well that's too bad, I work better alone." a lie, Daxx grinned knowing it was a lie. Everyone had known of her mistakes. 
  "We all need a shoulder to lean on. Mr.Cowan is sure that Bridgeport will adore you two as a couple! I am sure of it as well!"
  Flare wasn't quite sure what to say to that. Larry never worried about how popular he was, how many action figures he sold, how many billboards his face was plastered on, how many commercials he was begged to do. Those things just happened. Ricky though...
  "It makes sense, that's why he lied then. He's just in this to become some kind of celebrity. He doesn't really like know like me like me." she said softly as if she had known all along. Feeling slightly embarrassed as her cheeks tinted pink. "Well thank you...Daxx was it?" the man nods. "Thanks, but I won't do anything for Cowan until he helps me find my friend."
  "I'm glad you say that, because his location is no longer a mystery..."
   A waft of smoke was all that was seen first, then it materialized into an all too familiar form. The thin feminine shape of Haze rushed through the halls, the alarm going off in a screeching wail alerting to all that a intruder was on the loose...a dangerous intruder at that.
   She bounced through the halls unsure of where to go. Leaping off objects for various style points, at least points she counted in her head. Passing cells here and there but only taking a glance to see if Larry was in one of them. Where could he be? Any where she knew. Perhaps even dead. She wouldn't put it past Cowan, Larry was a threat to whatever it is he planned...and what did he plan exactly? She couldn't know but she had to save Larry!
   It didn't take long for her to run into her first opposition. She knew the private 'soldiers' they hired here didn't amount to much. Just men looking for a check that happened to carry battle rifles. "HALT!" he demands, his voice booming with intimidation and surprisingly with courage. To that Haze smiles and indeed she does stop, for her own amusement. Also for her own curiosity, maybe they would try to capture her too?
  Quickly her curiosity is answered with the explosion of his gun. She expected that so the soldier should have expected her to phase out and turn into a puff of smoke. The bullets moving right through her and into the dense walls behind her.
   "You missed." she said with a giggle.
   Before the man could take another shot she made a move. Performing a wall kick with the greatest of ease. Her opponent cursed, he tried to shoot her but she moved too quick for him to get a good aim. By the time he tracked her, Haze's foot was firmly planted to the side of his head. A kick so hard that it cracked his cranium and sent him to the ground with a thud.
 When she rounds the next corner she is met by another torrent of bullets. Fortunately she dodged them, bending back on one leg as the projectiles whizzed past her breasts and barely missing. "I know you have a core Haze!" he shouts as the bullets continue to fly past her and she disappears into a cloud of greyish black smoke. "You have a core, once it is hit you die!" the man looks for her desperately...
   But she appears on top of him all at once. Dropping onto him and pinning him to the ground as she reappeared back into existence, her fingers going for his neck and tightening once she gets a good grip of it. "Y-You won't get away with this." the man squeaks out. The temperature of her palms increasing. Soon her fingers felt more like hot iron than the delicate fingers one would expect. A simple touch of her would cook your flesh and that is exactly what is happening now. The man squirms violently as it feels like his neck is on fire. Her grip tightens and smoke begins to intelligently dance around the two of them.
   That smoke that was once greyish turned into a grim black. It carried a particular scent to it, as if bodies were burning. Then as if directed it shot into his shrieking mouth, moving quickly into his lungs and corrupting the organs. The man coughed, tried to curse her once, but in the end all he could see was her smiling face as he choked on the thick smoke. Once the smoke was within his lungs he was done for, but Haze didn't have time to revel in her kill count. 
   "Very impressive." an applaud is heard and a ghastly transparent form comes floating down the halls. Haze can feel her power crackle off of the walls. It was pure energy, pure emotional energy reminiscent of Flare's second form.
   "Why thank you." she said lightly, taking in her opponent and not impressed. "You must be-"
  "Dr. Rose." the red form of energy answered. Her voice more of an echo than anything solid. Her tone threatening and angry. "You've come for something that belongs to me?"
  "I have?" Haze genuinely puzzled. "Oh! You must mean Larry. You see, Larry is mines. Not yours-" Dr. Rose wasn't planning on tolerating such a claim. She shrieked and a blast of power surged through the halls...

Will Larry ever be the same?
Can Flare FINALLY save her friend?
What has happened to Dr. Rose?
Make sure you catch the next...

Authors Note!
Okay, fate itself was against me releasing this chapter for whatever reason. Crashes, hang-ups, etc etc...first of all...Sorry for the cover! This is probably the worst one, looking over them all this HAS to be the worst, lets be honest here...but the idea just didn't work out how I thought it would and I'm not going to delay it any more because of the cover.

Second of all! The character Daxx is made by Autumn! Thank you Autumn and I hope he does not disappoint! He will not be seen much in this arc (as it is ending in 3 or so issues.) But I'll make good use of him!

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  1. Larry is really in a bad place. Not only is he living and sleeping in a bathroom (^_^) but he is doubting himself a lot. I hope he does realise that it's probably the pills.... He isn't stronger... I really hope he doesn't think that Rose is his ideal partner. Ick!

    Flare seems that she is in a not so great place as well.

    Haze should have no trouble eliminating Rose. I hope. I am cheering for her.

    Great update :) The pictures were fantastic and the writing very emotional.

    1. XD yeah, sleeping in a bathroom is pretty bad. There is a lot of doubt and uncertainty there. He's not sure if it is the pills or just some other effect going on! Larry is a strong guy mentally though, he'll come to his senses eventually...well..I think!

      She's in the same place as Larry kind of, wondering what is going on and who to trust and who not to trust. Although I think she realizes now that Larry is to be trusted...

      We'll see! They both are pretty strong! It should be a good battle at least!

      Thank you Zhippidy! I'm glad you enjoyed the pictures and the writing! Thank you for reading and commenting :D

  2. A-ha! So now Ricky's full intentions have been revealed. It's never black and white with him. He acts more like a villain than anything else with his underhanded tactics. Constantly manipulating people to get what he wants is NOT a trait of a superhero. I hope Flare goes back and slaps the taste from his mouth. Even if he MIGHT have had some shred of honesty about wanting to be with her it's tainted knowing that Cowan wants this because of some popularity polls! And Ricky knew it, had to have being friends with Cowan (does Cowan even have friends?) But yeah, knowing what he's really after is a major mindfuck for poor Flare :(

    So happy to see Haze going for it. These soldiers really are after a paycheck if they thought for a second they stood a chance against Haze (or any of them for that matter...what happens in the case of a riot?) I would NOT want to be working there if that ever happened, that's for sure! Fun! Seeing Dr. Rose in her "true form". I'm super curious about what powers she possesses. I know it has to deal with or work from her emotions since her eyes are a mood ring. I just hope whatever it is, Haze can handle it. (What am I saying? OF COURSE she can!) She really has incited the woman though, making claims on Larry. Let's hope she makes it out of there with Larry in tow!

    And by the way I like the cover, now knowing the red mist is Dr. Rose. It's like they are fighting in their smoke forms and it's kinda cool! Haze of course is winning :P she's on top! WOOT! Go Haze! WHOOP DAT TRICK! WHOOP DAT TRICK!

    1. Yeah, Ricky is a shady guy. He seems to be more of a problem than a solution. There probably is some part of him that really really likes Flare too, but if you recall his whole appearance in Bridgeport is more about being in the spotlight than being a superhero. Cowan is a guy who likes to make money, so their partnership makes a lot of sense! Flare isn't really sure what to think about all this, her first goal is to get Scottie back!

      XD you are right, a riot would be a bad bad thing...and you have to know that holding all those villains is a difficult task heh...ANY WAYS before I spoil a future event! Yep, you are close to it, it is about her emotions. Haze is really really powerful though (or at least portrayed that way) and it should be a interesting clash! Larry is being claimed by these women and they are ready to fight over him.

      I guess it isn't so bad! I just liked the past two covers better I suppose. Yeah that was the idea, to show the two fighting in their forms.

      Thank you for reading Daijahvu!


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