Dec 29, 2013

Welcome Back...

Haha...Well it has been awhile since I poked my head up on any sims sites but here I am! It has been two weeks about since my last release...and will be three weeks before my next one. (No release this week...) and I am VERY behind on the sims stories I read so I'll be getting caught up on those this week I hope!

I hope no one missed me too much and had a great...whatever they celebrate!

Dec 1, 2013

Starburst 2.4: Ace Of Spades

Just Language!

December State of The Blog (2013)

Yes! I still live! Any ways this state of the blog address will be short and will not include the little rankings of my stories that I do monthly because I only released two updates the past month. Hopefully December will be better but I don't know! I do know that Starburst 2.4 will be out before Tuesday though so there is that! Any ways if anyone missed me or my stories from my short hiatus then they will be back! Hopefully better than ever!