Aug 24, 2014

Quintus Vitus

Character NameQuintus Vitus

Age: Twenty Six Years Old

BirthplaceJannisbridge, City located on the northwestern part of Iunia

Race/SpeciesIunia Born Human

Parents/GuardiansWintus Vitus, deceased former King of Iunia. Florens Vitus, ailing mother and former Queen to Iunia.

SiblingsOnly child.

ReligionThe Goddess Enaiye

SummaryQuintus is the only heir to the Vitus family line and thus ruler to all of Iunia, which makes him ruler over most of the northern hemisphere. A young king, he often finds himself in situations that may seem bigger than him or situations he's not yet prepared for. Whether that is choosing a queen or dealing with tricky relationships with the various kingdoms around him.

Akila Karro

Character NameAkila Karro

AgeTwenty Two Years Old

BirthplaceKarro, eastern shores of the Golden Empires.

Race/SpeciesSouthern born Human.

Parents/GuardiansEnun Karro, Father and overseer of House Karro. Hera Karro, mother and guardian of House Karro.

SiblingsAnnarre Karro, older brother and possible heir to House Karro. Ozaira Karro, younger sister and follower to the Sun Goddess

ReligionWorships the ever benevolent Sun Goddess and fears the God of Death. Believing in both of the two southern Gods.

SummaryAkila Karro is what you'd call a princess, high royalty to one of the wealthiest families in the Southern Empires. Akila is known for her political prowess and strong connections throughout the southern lands. 

Aug 16, 2014

Menoione: The Land Of Gods (1.2)

Who are the actors in this theater? Who is responsible for what has happened to Menoione and the world around it? We continue our look into the past, meeting yet another vital actor in this drama...

Aug 9, 2014

Dire Fates...Sims 4....

I did cancel the Fates series...I know it was my first series and even still it gets the most views. Fact is, I've written myself into a hole in that one lol. It was the first sims 3 story I created and at the time...there was no plan. It was just to go from chapter to chapter and let it roll along. Any ways while I was writing Kindred Sins I always thought "What if..."

What if I did this differently? What if I paced it differently, what if, what if, what if. So I don't know. I don't know how good The Sims 4 will be for picture creating first of all. Posing, building sets, etc etc.

But so far, it does pass the sim test! I've been messing around with CAS and decided to make two of the main characters from that series! Here they are!

Carolyn didn't have freckles because I didn't know how to add them at the time and Mellie has short hair because I was actually going to give her short hair in the story eventually. CAS TS4 is pretty fun!

Anyways, yes this was a random blog post!

Aug 7, 2014

Menoione: The Land of Gods (1.1)

                                                             Clean Chapter!

Aug 1, 2014

The Big...

There are a few theories on how the universe will end. Will it be a the Big Freeze...or will it be the Big Rip? Perhaps some other theory that has yet to be born.... This isn't the end though. This isn't the end of the Metaverse or Aeon and his multiple universes.

It's been a few months since I last posted a update, even a few months where I completely disappeared. All good things must come to an end unfortunately, but fortunately no end is in sight for me. At least I hope (who am I to determine my end after all?)

This is the Big Bang. Annals of Simopia will return, I have to finish it. Starburst will continue...even Larry Stunning will make an appearance once in a while.

But good things must come to an end, and I don't think I can continue Kindred Of Sins...this does not mean that we will never see the characters again...just that version of the story may not return. I'm sorry for those that have liked it and all, but I'm not sure where it is headed at this point or rather I doubt it's destination is worth the journey.

Heh, hopefully my next post will be an update of some kind. Not a poll, not another "I've returned post!" just a story update...

Any ways, if anyone remembers he is!

May 13, 2014

The Results...

Larry Stunning is in last place with one vote...but I know there are some who really appreciated it!

Kindred Of Sin finishes in 3rd place with two votes. Kindred of Sin is my longest running story essentially, it hurts to put it on hiatus but I'm sure it will return in one form or another.

Starburst finished with 3 total votes...and Daijahvu made a really good case for it! I may try to continue it soon, hopefully not too far away. I don't want to end it either because to me it was just getting started!

So that means Annals of Simopia wins with 11 total votes! I'm not surprised it won, in fact I expected it to win.

With that said I'm proud of all of these stories in one way or another and this does not mean that the other three are ending. Just that they are on hold and who knows, they could possibly be on hold forever. Right now I'll focus my attention to Annals of Simopia and maybe I can get a chapter out within the next two weeks! Thank you all for voting and most of all commenting and supporting :D

May 6, 2014

There shall be one....

Alright...I still live! Any ways this message won't be long, but I'm afraid to say that the return just may not happen...for some stories. I just don't have time to continue all of my stories so I've decided to put all of them on a hiatus. Whether they will continue or not is unknown, even for me...but one will continue. With all my computer issues fixed for now one SHALL continue.

And that one will be...entirely left up to you, whoever still reads my stories and still follows this blog.

Of course a poll will decide which of my stories will continue and as always everyone gets two votes. One for the poll and a vote where you leave a comment behind as well. So if you vote for a story in the poll and also decide to simply leave a comment behind that you are voting for that same story then you've cast two votes for your favorite Aeon story!

I'll give it till Monday unless it gets no votes then I'll just cry.

Which Story should definitely Continue? free polls 

Mar 16, 2014

Maybe not...

I was so excited to start again but now my game is having a steady issue of problems. Right now, I can't save. It just freezes every time I try, this was after finally getting it to load and now I'm a bit frustrated with it all.

I'll try to fix it throughout the week, if anyone has any suggestions feel free. Although anything that starts with "You need to remove CC." is not a solution as most of my stories can't be done without CC like Starburst and Annals Of Simopia. I've removed what I thought to be problem CC to get the game loaded and actually be able to get into CAS and the game. Have removed core mods and mods with scripts but's not letting me save.

So my return has been halted, hopefully not for long but until I can actually get the game working again of course.

UPDATE!! (March 17th, 2014) saved! What did I do? Well I used the mod folder for gameplay.

See, I have three Mod folders. One for stories...where all the story mods go and pretty much anything. All my mods go in this folder.

One called Quarantine...where new mods go to prove that they won't break the game. This one gets cleaned out every month.

And one for gameplay. This is just for when I'm playing the game. It is usually devoid of CC objects and clothing...but still skin and hair. Clothing and Objects seem to slow the game down the most so that is why.

I used the gameplay one since it was saving just fine...then I moved all the mods from the Quarantine AND Story folders into it...and I dressed up a sim and it saved! Who knows if this will persist and I have no idea why this folder would work even when I put in all the same mods from the previous story folder...but whatevs, I'll take it.

UPDATE!! (March 18th, 2014)
Well...back to square one kind of. Not sure what went right that last saved and then proceeded to do the same thing. So I'm sure it is some kind of CC problem? I'll figure it out somehow...hope is fading though...maybe the next update will bring better news...

UPDATE!! (March 18th, 2014)
So maybe I've found the issue. I begin to wonder that it was some kind of CC problem and I'm assuming that my CC folder was to large. I figured it was some kind of memory problem either with my computer or the game...and I guess it was the game. Just removing the clothes folder made it play normally! So that's not so bad. I'll try to lighten the CC clothes and see if it will still save, that is my next test. If I pass that then things hsould continue normally. I'll just have to seperate clothing folders...which is a good idea any ways. It would at least stop Starburst sims being randomly dressed in stuff for Annals of Simopia and vice versa lol...any ways it's late! So tomorrow I'll try that for anyone that is reading!

Mar 12, 2014

The Return...

The Return is underway guys! I don't know when exactly but expect something soon, sometime this month :P

After that I don't know what the release schedule will be like. Menoione (The Annals Of Simopia Spinoff) is still being worked on by the way. Any ways I'll try to catch up to all of your stories as I get time too, it may take a while but please be aware that I did not stop reading them or anything or that I'm not commenting. Anything I read I comment on...period. I feel it is the least I can do!

Any ways see you around!

Feb 16, 2014


  So usually I release a update to one of my stories every week and for the past two weeks I have not. I just haven't really wanted to and don't have that much time to really work on them currently. Not really motivated to do them and sometimes worry that I spent too much time working on any one update. So that is why I am just going on a hiatus for Sims 3 stories right now. I don't even know how long it will last or if maybe it will be a retirement...or maybe a retirement for certain stories at least.

Thanks to those who have supported my stories with comments and even the lurkers...if there are any of you out there... You'll see me around at least! Until next time!

Jan 23, 2014

Still around!

Hey! I'm still around! I know Starburst 2.6 did not come out this week but this weekend I will release that and hopefully the next Annals too! So yeah I am still around, thought you could get rid of me huh!?