Feb 2, 2014

Annals Of Simopia: Bury The Past (305)

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  "Today we do not bury the body of Iella Illiard, but the soul. We bury her in this spot so that her spirit may one day return from sea to find rest at home." Emory goes on, his voice slightly cracking and drifting in the soft breeze that accompanied this day. His somber tone was followed by the sobbing of loved ones, but I could begin to tell that he wasn't sure what to say and that this loss had affected him just as much as anyone else here at this private and intimate gathering. As the Bishop he had been given the opportunity to name many children, high-born kids are often named by priests and religious men because their parents think it is the goddess Enaiye naming the children themselves. So he had known Iella about as long as her parents. It was Bishop Emory who thought it would be best to bury her here, on a small hill that looked out to the sea west of Jannisbridge. It wasn't known if Iella had died or not, but she has been missing and seemed impossible to find. It was more likely that she was lost at sea.
  Her parents had known that, especially her mother. She needed all the comfort she could receive from her husband Bryndon of Arldale. "It's all my fault! I pressured her too hard to marry a king! I made it her life!" Wylla mumbled to herself over and over again. Her husband, Mera's father of course...didn't seem to disagree exactly.
  "It's alright. She's in a better place now surely." he would say. If I knew Bryndon Illiard then I knew that he probably placed the blame on his wife. It was true after all, Iella's single purpose in life was to marry a king. It was what she wanted more than anything. When that is taken from her then what does she have left? I took it as a lesson. If I were ever going to have a little princess of my own one day I should never let her think that her sole purpose in life is to marry a king.
  Mera's reaction to it was much more subdued than that of her mother or sister. She cried just as well but she seemed to have come to grips with the loss of her sister. She didn't want to be touched, she just wanted to grieve somewhat to herself. I would allow her that space of course. I knew what it was like to lose someone close to you. It wasn't too long ago that I felt the pain of Hugor's death. My Father died in battle and my mother lay on her death bed still. I had no siblings though, so perhaps I couldn't understand how it feels to lose a sister. I say nothing of comfort to Mera because I know there is not much to say to make one feel better at this time. If I had to say anything it would have been to just let it go. She seemed to restrain her sorrow and save it for her privacy.
  Her sister Becca was the opposite. Letting her tears flow as freely as rain. Wiping her eyes clean every now and then but the tears continued to pour. She was visibly shaking and if anyone needed comfort it was her. Yet she came alone. I wondered to myself what was to be done with Becca Illiard. She seemed to have no interest in being paired with a king...ahh nonetheless she was Mera's sister all the same and thus would be family to me very soon. I felt her grief the most and it reminded me that Iella was not dead, not without doubt. She could have drowned at sea true...but she could still be out there somewhere as well. I'll have someone continue the search for her, for her sisters sake and for the sake of Mera. My Queen to be.
  When all of the words were said and everyone else departs it was Mera who stuck behind. She simply approached the gravestone and placed a single red rose at the base of the headstone. Burying the stem into the dirt so that the breeze doesn't carry it away. "I know you are out there Iella." she whispers with hope. Finally standing up and walking away.
  They had made a fire now and decided to rest. The archer that had targeted Sayil had gotten away, while the man who meant to take us lay dead just a walk away from where they decided to make camp. Ro'i decided not to bury him. She never buried her kills she said. She said she lets nature deal with them and that gave purpose to her kills. She said it is her offering to some earth deity or something. I can't remember the name exactly...
  "Thank you." I say again, I had said it several times now. Ro'i had saved my life after all. She never acknowledged my thanks though and instead just watched the fire crackle and dance into the dark air.  Ro'i had a bottle firmly grasped within her clutches. What was in it? I had no idea. I just noticed that she frequently bought it to her lips to take a sip. Sometimes even sighing as if it relieved her somehow. 
  "We leave early in the morning Iella. You should sleep." That was Sayil. Who I could now confirm was the leader of the two.
  "Who were those guys? Who attacked us?" I asked both of them.
  "Just men. Wild men if you will." Sayil begins. "It's...complicated." she would say as I look at her curiously. Wild men? "These men have no morals and are more like animals. Humanity has been stripped from them. They fight for themselves truly. They are after whatever they can get their hands on. This is why we don't like it when you humans wash upon our shores. Our lands are already in turmoil, you are just a potential addition to the forces of L'ethril-"
  "Who? Whose that?" impatiently I interrupt. This was all fascinating really! I've read about the ancient history of the world, the battles between three epic powers. The blood spilled between Humans, Elves, and Orcs. What kid in Iunia does not know about the rise of Ielos? 
  "L'ethril child is who we live to kill." Ro'i chuckles. I could almost imagine the spark in her eyes as she said that...although I don't even know if she has eyes?
  "Simply put, Aelyn was once our queen. A fair skinned and silver haired high-elf. I'm sure your stories often spoke of them right?" I nod my head, eager to hear more. "Right. Well our ultimate goal is to kill her...but you see she can only be killed by my sword."
  "You mean that plain old sword you carry around now?" shoots from my mouth. As Ro'i cackles at my insult I already begin to regret it. Sayil though takes it all in jest and only smiles.
  "Temporary sword. You see, it was this weapon that helped Ielos conquer and create what is known as Iunia today. Unfortunately it is now lost. It can be found, but only by a certain artifact that our sister Celil has been searching for-"
  "Ro'i..." I say her name reluctantly. I know she didn't like me but I had to ask. "Your daggers are..."
  "Blades of Purity. Yes." her response curt and meant to be the end of it. If she had eyes I am sure they would be piercing.
  "They belonged to a goddess...Liina I believe."
  "She is no closer to it now then when she started." Ro'i chimes in, taking yet another sip of her mystery brew.
  "True, but she is sure the Onius family holds it-" 
  "Wait!" I break in, making both of their heads snap to my direction. "So Ro'i is it? Are those daggers related to Sayil's missing sword? They look just like the weapons that Liina supposedly used."
  "The Blades of Purity. That is what you humans called them. I often joke with Ro'i that she is seen as a Goddess in Iunia. I guess I was right?" Sayil's question seems sincere. I can't really answer it so all I do is shrug. I don't remember reading about a blind elf...
  "Me, a Goddess? I'll believe it when I see it." Ro'i snorts once again. It was ironic that she continued to say that...y'know being blind and all."Is that what they called her? Liina?" Sayil laughs and Ro'i eventually does as well. I look to both confused.
   "You see Iella." Sayil begins to explain. "Ro'i and myself have been around long enough. I'm sure her past adventures in the old wars have made her a goddess to some. She has many names we have learned. I just call her Ro'i...or runt."
  "Yes, her name is runt in the God's tongue. She is the youngest of three and the name her mother gifted her is Tiyil. Although to me she is just runt."
  "Your names...they kind of match? That is a Elven custom for siblings right?"
  "Yes. We have a sister, her name is Celil. We've come up north with her years ago to escape a marriage arrangement." Sayil makes her way closer to the fire. Proving that Elves need the warmth of fire just as we do. Also proving that Elves also have marriage arrangements.
  "You say north...but this is south to me?"
  "Correct, Menoione is large. The northern half of it is more freely ruled."
  "Escape a marriage arrangement?" I might as well ask, Sayil seemed pretty open about answering my questions.
"Elven females are not much different. All three of us were sworn to three princes, kings now as you'd put it-" 
  "I don't see why that's such a big deal! I-I mean, I'd love to have a King to call my own." Ro'i or Tiyil I should say just chuckles to herself at that, knocking back her drink once again as if my comment deserved it.
  "Aye princess. Maybe to you. It is a big decision for us, we live longer than you do...and there is no way out of such a marriage except by death." a bird from elsewhere caws into the night then, causing Sayil to pause. Eventually she could continue. "It was Tiyil who was the most against it. That's when Tiyil had her little accident."
  "Accident? What do you mean?"
  Tiyil rises, she tosses her bottle right into the flames and spits out what I presumed to be an insult in her language. "The past is the past. What he did to me has made me stronger and the day will come when I return that favor." and with that she walks off into the darkness of the forest.
  "She says that but..." Sayil's eyes search for the shadow of her sister. "We've been here for years now. Longer than your line of family most likely. Tiyil seeks revenge but she's too scared to take it. Celil..." her eyes return to me now. The reflection of the fire burns bright in her eyes. "We'll get our revenge...in more ways than one..."        
  You know, Trovo's brother was scum but soon he would be family. Mufo was a easy man to understand. A man who was fortunate to be born so high. He used that status like a leech. Living comfortably, making the most out of pleasure slaves, and eating as much as possible. He hardly ever contributed to his house. By all accounts, he was a disgrace to House Doma. I could see that now...but he was still a man.
  "I do hope you behave yourself at the union tomorrow Mufo." It was more of a demand than anything. While Trovo and Entaya would go easy on him, I didn't plan on it. He mostly disgusted me personally, but again he was family to be now.
  "Akila, I know that look of disdain when I see it.." Mufo said with a smile. As much as I abhor the man I have to admit that he has a bit of charm to him. He seems like a big and lovable guy that just wants to do nothing...but that is part of the problem isn't it? "I just wanted to tell you that today is the start of a new me! I want to be part of this family, I want to help my brother Trovo achieve his goal! That's all I want now."
  "What is it you want to do exactly Mufo? Help how?" his reply was something I could never expect.
  "I want to be the guardian of your baby!" there is nothing said between the either of us after that. What is there to say?
  A guardian is simply a third parent. Should something happen to me or Trovo...then Mufo would be the child's father. It was a crazy idea, something I never considered when it came to him. Entaya was my first choice, but then again her new home was my old home. Honestly, Mufo may be the only option here.
  "I-I'll think about it Mufo." I'll think about it until a better prospect comes along that is.
  "GOOD! That's all I want is a chance!" he said hopping out of his seat and then demanding to see the baby. He gently rubbed my belly, trying to feel the bump that was still barely there. "With the baby on the way and the union of House Karro and House Doma...have there ever been happier times than this?" he was right. I don't think there ever have been, at least not for me...

Author's Note: Okay so a few things. No more polls for my stories! They just seem mostly useless now and people don't really use them I find. Secondly, the campfire pictures are OLD...really old, last year sometime...maybe...man I don't even know...could be as long as august. I'm not even sure...so they are a little blurry and taken at a different resolution. Thirdly! Yes this update is short! But the next one is a lot of work! As you can tell the union is happening next and you can imagine how a large scene like that can be troublesome (I spent this past week just decorating the scene and sims that are attending...) so it should be a lot of fun! Hopefully the game cooperates as much as possible as I try to take the pictures for this thing! Hey guys! Thanks for supporting this story! I know I think everyone likes this story a lot more than my others (and that is perfectly fine with me!) so there is a pretty big announcement right here!
'Menoione' will be a tumblr spinoff series for this story! I thought about it, I was planning on doing numerous flashbacks about the many events you hear about, so why not just make a prequel series about it? Wait...you don't have a tumblr? Reading stories on tumblr sucks too? Well don't worry, I'll gather all the tumblr post and put them all nicely together here. Any ways...Menoione will be my second story that focuses on a single character (My first one being Alive...) and the character that will share this honor is Tiyil. So! Look out for it! You guys continued interest and comments have motivated me to really go into the past! Since Tiyil and her sisters have interacted with so many of the main characters, that this can and should be done.


  1. That burial was deeply touching, "fake" as it was...

    "Menoione" will have its own spinoff? That's so cool! Well, I for one, don't like Tumblr very much, but it doesn't bother me as much as to not read it if that's where you choose to write it :-D. Also, I didn't notice any change in resolution, the pics looked just fine to me -and as great as usual.

    I'm not sure I like Mufo as guardian to Akila's baby, but it's her best option at the moment, I guess...

    1. Awww! Well for them they really do think she is lost or dead. It's time for them to move on and this is what that signifies. If Iella returns then no harm done, but at least if she doesn't there is always a place for her loved ones to grieve for her.

      Yep! I'm super excited for it! I know Prequels don't always get everyone excited, but it is on Tumblr for several reasons. One, I want to try writing a story in Tumblr's format. Using 2-3 pics per post. Making the pictures stand out and making it seem like a mini-story with each post. Also to see if anyone else on tumblr is interested in getting into this story, they could start from the very start!

      It will be on blogger! It is really easy to just take those pictures and post them here too, you guys who just follow this blogger will not even notice that it's been on tumblr. It'll be in the same format.

      Mufo doesn't seem like a responsible parental figure heh, but there aren't many options left.

      Thank you for reading Marsar and thanks so much for the comments!

  2. It's so sad, them having to deal with Iella's disappearance :( Mera and Quintus look different...darker hair? Or just shadow? Quintus oddly seems to be the only one with any hope for her (I guess Mera does too, though), and it's touching that he determines to himself to continue searching for Iella for the sake of her sisters.

    " I'll believe it when I see it." --lol, well that is funny, coming from Ro'i. Hmm, yes I guess if you live a long time, you might have a care about who you marry!

    Gosh yes, dressing sims for big scenes takes forever, doesn't it? I can't wait for the wedding, though.

    1. Nah I did not change anything about those two, the hair must look darker though because of the shading I suppose. Quintus is always ready to take responsibility for these things. I guess it is just in his nature after having been groomed to rule he knows that responsibility will come back to him anways.

      Heh yeah, it's a pretty big deal to them! You'll find out why too when/if I ever release that prequel thingy!

      It is such a pain T_T maybe this weekend I'll get around to taking pictures for that thing!

      Thank you for reading Misty!

  3. Yeah, I'm just as confused as Iella. I suppose things will get better explained eventually though.
    Hm. arranged marriages between elves is a big deal.

    MULO as the guardian? Ugh! I'll believe a "new me" when I see it.

    1. Yeah! Things will be explained eventually and yeah, arranged marriages are a pretty big deal! Elves take it very seriously!

      Heh...seems like a bad idea, not many options left though!

      Thank you for reading mypal!

  4. Man, that opening scene was heartwrenching! I love, love, love that shot where she's placing the roses on the grave. Absolutely stunning.

    Mufo...let's hope he'll take his guardian role more seriously.

    1. I made those poses myself! I meant to release them but they were so specific. I wanted to make a set of graveyard poses, not sure who would be interested in them. Just basically sims placing flowers and grieving around a tombstone. I'll have to get to that, I'm sure people would need use of that! Any ways, your pictures are always so great so I adore any compliment on my pictures!

      I wouldn't put much hope in Mufo heh.

      Thanks for reading and commenting Valpre :D


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