Mar 16, 2014

Maybe not...

I was so excited to start again but now my game is having a steady issue of problems. Right now, I can't save. It just freezes every time I try, this was after finally getting it to load and now I'm a bit frustrated with it all.

I'll try to fix it throughout the week, if anyone has any suggestions feel free. Although anything that starts with "You need to remove CC." is not a solution as most of my stories can't be done without CC like Starburst and Annals Of Simopia. I've removed what I thought to be problem CC to get the game loaded and actually be able to get into CAS and the game. Have removed core mods and mods with scripts but's not letting me save.

So my return has been halted, hopefully not for long but until I can actually get the game working again of course.

UPDATE!! (March 17th, 2014) saved! What did I do? Well I used the mod folder for gameplay.

See, I have three Mod folders. One for stories...where all the story mods go and pretty much anything. All my mods go in this folder.

One called Quarantine...where new mods go to prove that they won't break the game. This one gets cleaned out every month.

And one for gameplay. This is just for when I'm playing the game. It is usually devoid of CC objects and clothing...but still skin and hair. Clothing and Objects seem to slow the game down the most so that is why.

I used the gameplay one since it was saving just fine...then I moved all the mods from the Quarantine AND Story folders into it...and I dressed up a sim and it saved! Who knows if this will persist and I have no idea why this folder would work even when I put in all the same mods from the previous story folder...but whatevs, I'll take it.

UPDATE!! (March 18th, 2014)
Well...back to square one kind of. Not sure what went right that last saved and then proceeded to do the same thing. So I'm sure it is some kind of CC problem? I'll figure it out somehow...hope is fading though...maybe the next update will bring better news...

UPDATE!! (March 18th, 2014)
So maybe I've found the issue. I begin to wonder that it was some kind of CC problem and I'm assuming that my CC folder was to large. I figured it was some kind of memory problem either with my computer or the game...and I guess it was the game. Just removing the clothes folder made it play normally! So that's not so bad. I'll try to lighten the CC clothes and see if it will still save, that is my next test. If I pass that then things hsould continue normally. I'll just have to seperate clothing folders...which is a good idea any ways. It would at least stop Starburst sims being randomly dressed in stuff for Annals of Simopia and vice versa lol...any ways it's late! So tomorrow I'll try that for anyone that is reading!

Mar 12, 2014

The Return...

The Return is underway guys! I don't know when exactly but expect something soon, sometime this month :P

After that I don't know what the release schedule will be like. Menoione (The Annals Of Simopia Spinoff) is still being worked on by the way. Any ways I'll try to catch up to all of your stories as I get time too, it may take a while but please be aware that I did not stop reading them or anything or that I'm not commenting. Anything I read I comment on...period. I feel it is the least I can do!

Any ways see you around!