May 13, 2014

The Results...

Larry Stunning is in last place with one vote...but I know there are some who really appreciated it!

Kindred Of Sin finishes in 3rd place with two votes. Kindred of Sin is my longest running story essentially, it hurts to put it on hiatus but I'm sure it will return in one form or another.

Starburst finished with 3 total votes...and Daijahvu made a really good case for it! I may try to continue it soon, hopefully not too far away. I don't want to end it either because to me it was just getting started!

So that means Annals of Simopia wins with 11 total votes! I'm not surprised it won, in fact I expected it to win.

With that said I'm proud of all of these stories in one way or another and this does not mean that the other three are ending. Just that they are on hold and who knows, they could possibly be on hold forever. Right now I'll focus my attention to Annals of Simopia and maybe I can get a chapter out within the next two weeks! Thank you all for voting and most of all commenting and supporting :D

May 6, 2014

There shall be one....

Alright...I still live! Any ways this message won't be long, but I'm afraid to say that the return just may not happen...for some stories. I just don't have time to continue all of my stories so I've decided to put all of them on a hiatus. Whether they will continue or not is unknown, even for me...but one will continue. With all my computer issues fixed for now one SHALL continue.

And that one will be...entirely left up to you, whoever still reads my stories and still follows this blog.

Of course a poll will decide which of my stories will continue and as always everyone gets two votes. One for the poll and a vote where you leave a comment behind as well. So if you vote for a story in the poll and also decide to simply leave a comment behind that you are voting for that same story then you've cast two votes for your favorite Aeon story!

I'll give it till Monday unless it gets no votes then I'll just cry.

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