Aug 24, 2014

Akila Karro

Character NameAkila Karro

AgeTwenty Two Years Old

BirthplaceKarro, eastern shores of the Golden Empires.

Race/SpeciesSouthern born Human.

Parents/GuardiansEnun Karro, Father and overseer of House Karro. Hera Karro, mother and guardian of House Karro.

SiblingsAnnarre Karro, older brother and possible heir to House Karro. Ozaira Karro, younger sister and follower to the Sun Goddess

ReligionWorships the ever benevolent Sun Goddess and fears the God of Death. Believing in both of the two southern Gods.

SummaryAkila Karro is what you'd call a princess, high royalty to one of the wealthiest families in the Southern Empires. Akila is known for her political prowess and strong connections throughout the southern lands. 

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