Aug 7, 2014

Menoione: The Land of Gods (1.1)

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    There she stood, boldly among the ashes. The Icon, the dragonslayer NaKassa. A paragon in our great pantheon of deities. A symbol of hope, courage, and most importantly victory. NaKassa was no dragonslayer, that would be impossible. There are no dragons in Menoione or in the Lands of Men. There aren't dragons any where actually, but we Elves do admire a fantastical story here and there. Not to say that magic isn't real. Where the Icon Of NaKassa stands is proof of magic. A rock from the sky once hit this area, leaving a charred scar on the earth. Yet still nature conquers and innovates. Bringing to life the Ember Flower, something queer to even our ancient eyes. A seedling that can only bloom in ruined soil. 
  This was a perfect spot to put NaKassa at. When our nation was ruined by war, when Tawny Elves once fought High Elves who once subjugated the Ashen get the picture. When we sought the blood of our own kind, it was NaKassa who destroyed Menoione only to rebuild it.
  "If only you had better technique Sayil." His voice brings me back to the present. The sound of battle played loud on such a clear day.
  The ringing of metal clashing against metal I always found to be a delight. Especially when mixed in with the the cool breeze of wind and the chirping of birds. Elven ears were far more precise, so when my sister brings her blade downward to his not only do I hear the clank but the vibration of the hit could almost be felt. Sayil's blade had made contact with the thick face of his, and once again Aethys had blocked what looked to be a brilliant move from Sayil. Laughing as he did so. 
  This dance had been performed for some time now. I say dance because the art of swordplay can certainly resemble more of a dance than a fight when it's participants are as skilled as these two. One was Aethys Vaeri, brother to Aelyn Vaeri. A member to a high elven family so rich in history that they were history itself. A line that descends back to the first of creation, and a line he represented well. Aethys was the model high elf, his silver hair seemed almost enchanted on a bright sunny day. His features were sculpted by Visali himself. As in he was crafted by the very hands of God. He was the the messiah for many in Menoione. Not only for High-Elves but for the rest of us as well.
  His partner in this dance was my sister, Sayil. Our family was just as prestigious as his own, the first of the Tawnies as we were called. A legacy that was once glorious but now fading for a variety of reasons. Our line was now mainly represented by me and my two sisters. The aforementioned Sayil'il and of course Celil'il, both older than me. We Tawnies do not take last names like Ashen or High-Elves do. We simply use the commonalities of our given name as a suffix, so Sayil's full name is simply Sayil'il. 
  "It's almost as if he controls the entire battle isn't it?" Celil comments as the blades continue their song. Ringing and clinging, every now and then Sayil would grunt and Aethys would laugh and add to the melody of battle. "Every move she makes, he knows." Celil observed quietly, as was always the case. She was no good with swords, or at least wasn't good enough for it to be her main weapon of choice. That would be the bow. 
  "It's how she fights. She swings a long sword around with one hand and it makes her moves all the more predictable." I chime in, Celil simply nods her head knowingly. She watched the fight as if there would be some test on it later. "She's too aggressive, she may think she's on the offensive but not really. You see his back foot?" I point.
  "It's firmly planted in the ground, if she were truly a threat she'd have put him off balance. She's losing, if this fight were for blood he'd have hers on his blade by now."
  The blades continued their theme, but now Aethys begin to push back. A confident smirk on his lips as he swung his blade with precision. Every swipe he made was a display in technique and perfection...
  ...while Sayil seemingly hopeless blocked each slice clumsily. Still handling her heavy blade with one hand but somehow repelling his attack. Her blade cried sharply in what could only be inevitable defeat. Each move he made towards her forced her back, forced her to lose her balance and curse. I wondered how much longer she could persist on defense. Aethys was just playing with her now I knew, he knew his attacks would be blocked and he found some amusement in the dance. Even as his partner grew tired and weary.
  "Aethys is one arrogant prince. He could have ended this the moment he started." Celil also chuckles, finding her sisters failure amusing. There was always a friendly rivalry between my two older sisters. Sayil was the oldest, which made Celil the middle child and me the runt. Or Ro'i to them, Royil, it seemed I collected various names. The one my mother gifted to me is Tiyil, the name my parents often use.
  "You underestimate our dear big sister. He would have had her blood to be sure, but she would still fight on."
  Sayil begin to fight back as expected, right when it seemed she had lost the fight and found herself on the ground she rolled away from a downward strike that would have hit her shoulder cruelly. When she found her feet again Aethys did not give her a moment to breath, forcing her back on defense. But now her parries seemed more offensive, his next strike she angled her blade so that his would rebound off of hers and leave him off balance for just a moment. A moment was all she needed to thrust her blade forward and aim for his guts, a hit he thankfully prevented. Leaving their blades locked.
  "Sayil may not be as graceful as she should with her blade, but her will is unlike any other. Someone as tactful as you may not see the value in just having will." I explain, all the while the teeth of their blades grind and grit for dominance over each other. 
  "She's slippery, she's tough, she's of our blood. I expect her to put up a fight against anyone."
  "But surely, Aethys will win." I add smugly.
  "Oh, and whose side are you on? That of your sister or that of your consort?" Celil finally lost interest in the fight and turned it towards me. 
  "They are only sparring, nothing is on the line." That doesn't satisfy her, of course it wouldn't. Celil loves to dive into the minds of others.
  "There is pride on the line, the pride of two races...of two species...of two families. Even if it is only sparring, every victory counts. Even if the reward is only pride, it is a victory and it gives you another weapon to use against your opponent should you fight again with more on the line."
  "You take these things far too seriously."
  "Maybe so."
  I think we both lost track of the fight. Next thing I knew Aethys was disarming Sayil. "You lose, expectantly." his voice mild and polished. Sayil's posture slumped and she sighed.
  "Next time." she sighed once again, looking up at the statue of NaKassa in pure admiration. If I knew my sister I knew how disappointed she must be in herself, that she wasn't good enough to live up to those standards, at least not yet....

Authors Note
YEP, I never did forget about this prequel series! So yeah, the chapters are shorter as I mentioned earlier. It takes place WAY in the past, the past that is always spoken of during Annals Of Simopia. For the people that are only reading this, the prequel. Probably avoid the comments because there may be spoilers there and I welcome that! For those that have read Annals and are making connections from the past to the present of the story, I love you. There are plenty of secrets and things revealed here!


  1. This was brilliant, loved the swordplay and the immediate depth of the characters, I shall be following this indeed :D

    1. Thanks so much Ivory! This made my night! I hope you enjoy the rest of the story as well!

  2. I have soooooo much Annals Of Simopia to catch up on but I decided not to fall behind in the Prequel either.
    I adore the physical contrast between these two families - the Vaeris seem light and fair while the Tawnies seem rougher. I can't wait to see how everyone develops! :D

    1. Heeey! The prequel chapters will be really short but may release more frequently! Annals Chapters may get a little long sometimes heh!

      Yeah! The Tawnies are like wood elves...kinda... and the others are like high-elves! But really the difference is physical! Just wait till you see the 3rd kind!

      Thanks for commenting Autumn :D

  3. Welcome back Aeon, it's great to see you writing again!

    It will take me a few updates to get used to all the characters' names but this was an interesting glimpse into the past, however brief it was.

    At this point I'm not sure what to make of the characters, but I found Celil the most fascinating of the lot. There's something chillingly calculating about her. Maybe it was the way she took the whole sparring match so seriously, but her thirst for power and desire to always win scares me a little. She seems very driven and ambitious...maybe too ambitious and I'm not sure if that's a good thing.

    P.S. teach me! Teach me how to write fight scenes! Enjoyed their dance very much.

  4. Thank you so much Valpre! I'm happy to be back and hope to write with a lot more energy!

    You be honest...I'm not even use to their names. I mix them up a lot, the elven names that is because they are supposed to sound similar. I actually had a typo in there at first where I called Aethys his sister Aelyn and when I reread it for editing I always find that I misnamed this elf or that one. So it's a process for us all, but these characters well some of them at least are in Annals too! For those that haven't appeared in Annals yet like Aethys you have to wonder what happened to him!

    I'll be redoing the character profiles I think, because this story could use them and some characters will have a profile for the prequel and the current timeline.

    Yes! Well in Annals we often wonder what is Celil's end game too. If you remember she is the one that leads a group that patrols the forest south of south of the Gideon and the one that has given Ollo some problems, the one that killed Quintus ex-wife, and kidnapped Relia for a while. Later in Annals her sisters mention that they are searching for a weapon and that she is helping in doing that but even they have their doubts about Celil and they have known her for hundreds of years!

    Oooh if you teach me how to write romance! I guess the thing with fighting is to imagine it best in your head. Every fight has a mood and tone to it and not to get too detailed like explaining every movement. Sometimes people do that and it's like "She bends her knee at a 90 degree angle, extends it parallel to his..." and it sounds so technical when you explain it like that. With this story I guess it helps to envision how they fight. Aethys is technical, Sayil is clumsy like a drunken warrior, or in Annals where Hugor fought with power and Aeron seemed to fight with a desperation that's unique to to him ( I feel) so I do think alot about the fights and envision in my head "If Ro'i fought Aeron how would that fight go..." and I just get excited about writing it...

    That is until I have to make the poses for it! It also helps for me to do that too I guess for sims story, I can make specific poses and if anyone ever wants those I'll probably get around to releasing them.

    Oh! Thanks for commenting Valpre! Hope you enjoy the rest of the story!

  5. First off, sorry for being so late commenting. Summertime makes me unbearably lazy... or something...

    This prequel looks good! I like it already. That dance, I mean... swordplay! was awesome. And I've actually taken notes of your advice on how to write fight scenes. Who knows, it might prove helpful to know these things... ;-)

    I'm very curious to learn more things about these characters, and see how they will evolve... So I'll stay tuned! :-D

    1. No worries! I'm just happy that you did! That goes for anyone if they happen to read this. Even if you are commenting on the first chapter that was posted a year or so again. I will see it and I will reply to it and adore it all the same! Any ways yeah I don't mind how late you comment!

      Thanks! I have a lot of fun imagining them in my head lol, then it comes time to actually shooting action scenes and that's where the main issue lies. I'm glad that people enjoyed it though because it is what I expect that's how a lot of 1v1 fights in Annals and This story will go.

      Thanks! There are some very curious characters in this story with curious connections to the sequel series! Thanks for commenting Marsar!


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