Aug 16, 2014

Menoione: The Land Of Gods (1.2)

Who are the actors in this theater? Who is responsible for what has happened to Menoione and the world around it? We continue our look into the past, meeting yet another vital actor in this drama...

  I found myself in one of the sacred gardens that are spread throughout our land. A hand resting upon the old stones that were placed here thousands of years ago. Most of Menoione had been built in a incredible time of peace. The golden age of our people, an era that lasted for one thousand years or ten generations and during that entire time not a single blade was drawn for war. Sure one elf may have killed another in a personal conflict, there was still violence...but there was peace between our people. My parents used to always tell me about such times, by now though they seemed more a myth. A dream. It seemed to all come to an end with the arrival of Greenskins and Men. An abrupt end or so the stories would have you to believe. 
  I stand still, allowing the ever warm wind of Menoione to caress my flesh, the soft breeze demands the decorated bushes to sway under it's gentle command. The waterfall before me ran serenely, capturing my attention completely. Letting my mind drift into the fantasy of the past. Despite how peaceful this scene was, Menoione was in war and in a war that it was rapidly losing. The worst part about it, it seems that I am the only one who realizes this...
  "I knew you'd be here." Aethys familiar smooth voice cuts sharply into my thoughts. I guess I didn't hear him approaching. I left Aethys with my two sisters as Celil was insistent on discussing strategy and I was shooed away. Aethys treats me as if I'm made of glass, ignoring that my father trained the three of us in combat since we were able to walk. 
  "Yes I was just reflecting, you know since you don't want me too involved in the war-"
  "I was thinking about that." Aethys nears, finally standing to my left. Adoring his own hair as he casually runs his fingers through it. "My sister thinks that perhaps you can join the S'Vel Acolytes. Magic is innate and she thinks you could be capable of harnessing it. An offer that you will consider?" 
  "Yes." I reply simply. Aethys never really asked too many questions. They were more like subtle demands. He was used to getting his way after all, most of the high born High-Elves were. "Although I should join the Elven Pact, with my sisters. I'm much better with a blade" 
  "Maybe so, but man is ruthless. They don't fight with the elegance you're accustomed to." Aethys hovered behind me for a moment, adoring my own sandy blonde hair as he did his own earlier. Wrapping me up tightly in his arms, adorning my hair with kisses. Despite his hubris, Aethys was mostly sweet when it came to me. "My sister is more capable than anyone when it comes to sorcery. If she says you have the innate ability for it, then you do. Anyone can pick up a blade and savagely dismember others with it. Magic is an ancient art, something this world is suddenly lacking." 
  "I guess..." he convinced me for now. I at least had to give it a chance, it is better than doing nothing."Still though, I think I'm much better with a sword. I even bet I could beat you-" his laughter interrupts me and he's quick to change the subject.
  "Look, I think I've seen that girl at the temple the other day. I think she's an Acolyte." he says letting go of me and pointing across the garden.
  She did look to be a Acolyte, kneeling with reverence before one of the first rocks it should be said, or at least that was what the S'vel Acolytes believed them to be. It's a lot to explain but put simply we Elves, whether High, Tawny, or like this Ashen elf here all believe in a large pantheon of Gods. Most of the main deities represented a element. Water, wind, earth, and fire. Our Gods are the standard for which all beings follow. The Goddess Enaiye that the people of the north worship and the Sun Goddess that the people south of us worship seem quite similar to our Wind and Fire deities.
  The S'vel Acolytes are our religious figures and mages all wrapped into one intimidating package. They dress in all white or silver and usually keep to themselves. Hoarding spiritual knowledge and dictating morality for all of us. In Menoione I'm sure there is no stronger faction than them.
  As for the rock that the Ashen elf seems to be praying towards, it is a relic of the Earth God Agmar. The ancient story of Agmar the Creator is one of the first to be told to any Elf during their first generation. Long story short, Agmar created the soil, the dirt, the grass, and all things terrestrial. He is worshiped reluctantly by all except the S'vel Acolytes merely because when Greenskins walked the earth, Aggmus is who they worshiped. A god that believed that all of land belonged to him and his children. So Agmar in our pantheon is seen almost as a pariah. A lot of elves believe it was Agmar that created the Greenskins as his children to claim the world and everything in it for him. Personally, I paid little attention to the Gods. Probably because they seemed so far and distant to world now. Maybe there was a time when they cared, but now? I doubt it.
  Although I guess I'll have to start caring a little more about them if I do become a acolyte. A year from now it could be me praying to Agmar.
  "It is strange to see one so openly come to pray before Agmar" I note aloud, bringing both of our attentions back to each other. 
  "The Acolytes revere all deities" Aethys corrects, as if I didn't know that. 
  "Yet still, what is there to pray for concerning Agmar?" Aethys chuckled at my ignorance.
  "Agmar is blamed for the creation of the Greenskins, and even if that is so...they are no more. He is still responsible for creation of all land. Perhaps there is some gift he can bestow upon us that only the Acolytes are aware of. Besides, we are past persecuting others for favoring this God or that one aren't we?" He was right. There was once a time where Menoione was fractured. After the thousand years of peace there was almost an equal amount of time of war. Where our differences were enough to kill over. "She harms no one kneeling before a rock-" he hushes as the Ashen elf approaches. The dark blood red eyes of her race glance at us for only a moment and she passes by with a knowing smirk. 
    She stopped for a moment. Never looking behind as if we did not exist. The Ashen Elves never seem to look as natural as the rest of us. Their skin pale, their hair a cool and solid black and their eyes red as blood. Their ears tilted outward a little more than usual as well. They were also the only Elves whose diet mainly consists of meat. 
  "I'll be looking forward to meeting you properly. Tiyil'il."  It wasn't uncommon for her to know my name, after all I am high born. It would be stranger if she didn't, yet still something about her seemed off and not right...

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Authors Note
First things first...the garden wasn't created by me since I suck at decorating, You can find that here! The only thing I did was remove the house and put down the rock. As some of you know, some sets I create some I don't, sometimes I stumble upon something that is near perfect to what I would have TRIED to do.

Now onto my other Author's note. I wouldn't worry too much about the names of gods and this or that. Although the four gods of the four elements are the main ones to know, and hey...maybe Tiyil/Ro'i is right in that their religion is the standard, that's a mystery for another day. In her arrogant Elven mind it's true... One thing to always always always consider when reading this story (and Annals as well, but it switches POVs) is that it is exclusively from her POV. For example, I call them Orcs and to the humans in their books they are also called Orcs, in my personal index to keep up with this stuff I call them Orcs... to the Elves they are just greenskins. So to Tiyil here and in this story they are called greenskins (since it's from her POV). the only thing is, that this story isn't told in her language. One because the language is just a simple language :P and two...who would know how to read it!?! So in actuality they are speaking their own tongue which they arrogantly call The God's Tongue in Annals. Just a little tidbit for those that were thinking "Hey, I thought they had their own language!? Why aren't they talking in it!?"


  1. I like this pantheistic religion of theirs; it sounds rather... I don't know... romantic!

    And this Acolyte, wow, is she an intriguing girl! And very beautiful too, all dressed in white...

    I look forward to learning more things about this kingdom :-).

    1. You know, I guess it kinda is the more I think about it! You'll learn a lot about religion in this little world I've created and how important it is, especially for the Elves.

      She is! You'll be seeing more of her and more of Menoione of both stories!

      Thank you for commenting Marsar :D

  2. Aethys and Tiyil would make very cute babies! :3 (Autumn is shamefully always thinking of breeding.)
    I can already tell I'm going to adoooore the Ashen Elves~

    1. You know sometimes Autumn, I just take two story sims in create mode and just see how the babies will look. So I too like to think about breeding!

      Also, I'm pretty happy with the Ashen Elves! The Tawny are kinda like wood/nature elves and the High-elves are High-elves and I had thought long and hard if I wanted dark elves are not. So I just gave them a little twist, thinking they'd be pale and kind of look like vampires.

      Thanks for reading :D

  3. Yep, Autumn nailed it, those two would make pretty babies.

    I love all the little details in your world building, you have a knack for bringing the world around your characters to life. I have a feeling Tiyil and the mysterious Ashen elf will have a very interesting relationship, if not contentious.

    1. Awww thanks so much! That means a lot to me! My favorite books are those that take place in some kind of fantasy world, where the author has created lands, races, religions, languages, and all that good stuff! For me it's really fun to imagine my own little universe.

      Sometimes I go overboard and have too much fun with it heh. I think this one works so well because I really limited myself to what was in it and try to take it slowly with introducint different parts of it.

      Thanks! A big reason I created Menoione was to look at the other side of the world, and soon it'll kind of tie into what is happening in the other story, but not so much.


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