Aug 24, 2014

Quintus Vitus

Character NameQuintus Vitus

Age: Twenty Six Years Old

BirthplaceJannisbridge, City located on the northwestern part of Iunia

Race/SpeciesIunia Born Human

Parents/GuardiansWintus Vitus, deceased former King of Iunia. Florens Vitus, ailing mother and former Queen to Iunia.

SiblingsOnly child.

ReligionThe Goddess Enaiye

SummaryQuintus is the only heir to the Vitus family line and thus ruler to all of Iunia, which makes him ruler over most of the northern hemisphere. A young king, he often finds himself in situations that may seem bigger than him or situations he's not yet prepared for. Whether that is choosing a queen or dealing with tricky relationships with the various kingdoms around him.

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