Jun 1, 2015

HEY Peoples!!

Hey! I checked this blog today and I was so pleasantly surprised to see the nominations for the Liebster awards! It was just so awesome to see!

As for me and where I've been at, I was clinically diagnosed with depression and I guess just sort of disappeared after that. I was not in any sort of mental state to just write for fun I guess...I was going to make a retirement post but I obviously never did because I don't want to say I'm retired until it's 100% sure that I am. I still kept all my folders (despite the damn thing taking up like 40 gbs of space. I just bought more space -_-)  and kept the game on my computer despite never playing it. I know i'm done once I decide to delete that folder.

As for the future of this blog I don't know. The thought of digging back in is honestly daunting at this point. The problem is I have SOOO many stories. Making the post for the liebster award to share the appreciation I've recieved made me realize that. I've probably stretched myself thin?

I mean Larry Stunning, Starburst, Annals, Kindred of Sin...I mean not only that but they are all set in entirely different settings LOL and all require different stuff. I mean Annals and Menoione were created side by side but it was a lot of work.

The idea of opening sims 3 scares me at the moment. Loading hasn't been that bad with my computer updated like last year but still making poses and sets was pretty tedious work. I don't know, with me this could all change tomorrow.

I guess if I do it'd be a one story at a time thing and not taking turns on each story like I used to do.

I have been messing with Daz 3D lately and wondering if it would be better for a fun creative outlet than having to deal with Sims 3 and it's crashing and lagginess. Below are the only two pictures I created for it just for fun.

The idea was like an iron woman kind of thing but yeah...I do still live!