What is Menoione?
Menoione is a Prequel series to "Annals Of Simopia. Centered around Sayil, celil, and Tiyil as they make their legend known during an old war which spanned across continents and reshaped the world into what eventually is known to you all currently in the story.

Why a Prequel?
To be honest, a prequel wasn't always in the plans. The original plan was to have Celil and Sayil tell the story through flashbacks...but this almost scared me. You see in my mind the world of this story looked a different place then, and I thought "I'd be devoting a lot of time for a few screenshots." I'd have to make a entire new cast of characters, sets, etc etc...all for the flashback. So If igure...why not just make it a seperate story? Lots of !#%* happened back then and it would be fun! Since I've been planning epic battle war scenes for a while now, I figure why not? It also adds more depth to the world and characters

Chapter 1
The Land of Menoione, once a continent separated by aesthetic appearances, now a continent united. Once destroyed, now rebuilt. A continent filled with history, tales of power and victory define it’s greatest heroes…a continent that for the first time stands to face its greatest test…

 Who are the actors in this theater? Who is responsible for what has happened to Menoione and the world around it? We continue our look into the past, meeting yet another vital actor in this drama…

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